15 Stationery Essentials That Every Student Must-Have

Physics Wallah Academic Expert
March 12, 2024

Stationery items are basic utilitarian items for any student. They are important in managing different information. Sometimes, they help in noting a specific information while sometimes they help in storing them. Moreover, they also help in emphasising the information very well. In this blog, we will explore 15 must-have stationery items that can help in all of the above stated activities.


All of these stationery items are chosen on the basis of their importance, purpose, budget and features. So, read ahead to explore their requirements and uses in depth.



Table of content: 


  • Highlighters
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Sharpeners
  • Notebooks
  • Paper clips
  • Pencil case
  • Sticky notes
  • Binders
  • Art supplies
  • A water bottle 
  • A school bag
  • A ruler
  • A geometry box
  • Timer
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs




A stationery item like highlighter is important in emphasising important information. It is a pen-like structure made of plastic with a slanted tip. Available in a wide range of colours like neon yellow, blue, pink and green, this is a perfect item to represent the valuable information. It helps in revising crucial points and sentences during examinations. More than that, this is a highly affordable item with each priced at just 20 to 50 INR. 




A pen is a stationary item that helps in jotting down notes. Available in a wide range of colours like blue, black, red and more, different colours are used for different reasons. A red pen can be used by a teacher to correct the mistakes made by students whereas a blue pen can be used by a student to write down any given information. The price of a pen can range anywhere between just 5 INR to 50 and even 100 INR. 


Trigonal Ball Pen Pack of 20 (Black Body)




No matter what grade you are in, a stationary item like a pencil is always important. Easily erasable, a pencil helps in drawings to a huge extent. It also helps in writing any information while being free from the fear of making mistakes as the pencil trail can be erased anytime. Available in a wide range of colours too, grey or black coloured pencils are the most commonly used pencils. Furthermore, the price of a single pencil can range from 1 INR to 100 INR as well. 





An eraser is a supportive companion of a pencil. It is a basic rule to buy an eraser if you buy a pencil. This is simply because an eraser helps you rub off the pencil trail quickly. Available in different colours like blue, pink, green, orange and so on; the most used colour of an eraser has been white all over the world. Additionally, it is highly affordable ranging from INR 1 to INR 10. 




A sharpener is another dependable companion of a pencil. This is because pencils are sharpened and given an edgy structure with the help of a sharpener. It is a highly used stationary item to polish the tip of the pencil. With a small blade inside, a sharpener can range into different colours too. This can be orange, pink, yellow, green or blue. Lastly, it has an affordable pricing of just 5 INR to 20 or 30 INR. 




Notebooks for students are indispensable essentials. Stationery items like notebooks are highly in use because of their space for recording information. Bound with several pages together, a notebook can help a student revise information during the time of examination. Different types of notebooks are made for different purposes. Some can help in writing formulas and solving sums while some can help in writing details of a client and so on. In terms of pricing, a notebook can range from 20 INR to 100 INR generally.


PW Practice Notebook Set of 3


Paper clips


A paper clip is a stationary item that is bent wire in a form that can hold papers together. Made of metal, professionals use it to organise documents whereas students use it to keep their notes handy. Assignments are also brought together with the help of paper clips. In terms of colours, essentials’ stationery like paper clips can come in a wide variety of them. For instance, blue, pink, red, yellow or black and more. A single paper clip has a pricing of 1 INR to 5 INR on a general basis. 


Pencil case


A pencil case is used to store pencils and other similar items together at one place. This helps in avoiding the loss of a stationary item and carrying them at different locations. In a pencil case, you can store a pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler and more. It comes in different patterns and designs. In terms of colours, it can also range in several colours. Speaking of price, a pencil case can be of 50 INR to 500 INR generally. 


Sticky notes


Sticky notes are essentials’ stationery that help in organising, communicating, brainstorming and revising. They can be temporary labels for different items like boxes and folders. Additionally, they can also help in planning something with tiny reminders. For instance, remembering to read chapter one this evening and chapter two tomorrow. They can be event reminders while being the quickest note writing items too. They usually come in four main colours: orange, neon yellow, green and pink. A pack of sticky notes can range from 100 INR to 200 INR. 


PW Sticky Squares 3x3 Inch




Binders are versatile stationery items. They can help you keep a letter to even A4 sheets. They can help you organise different materials effectively. Moreover, they can help in protecting these materials from damage too. Students buy differently shaped binders for different purposes. They claim to manage projects well with these binders. In terms of colours, a binder can be of any colour and in any shape. Usually, it has a rectangular shape. Furthermore, in terms of pricing, it can have 50 INR to 200 INR of range. 


Art supplies


Art supplies are important for students to bring out their creative side. They include drawing tools like pencils, pastel colours, markers as well as paints, brushes, canvas, papers and more. They help in reflecting thoughts and visions in a beautiful manner. They help in channelizing the emotions well which keeps a student’s mind active and healthy. In terms of pricing, a good pack of art supplies can range from 500 INR to 1000 INR. 


A water bottle 


Hydration is important for human beings as it helps in maintaining bodily functions, regulating various temperatures and aiding digestion. It also helps in supporting overall health and in the performance of cognitive function. A water bottle simply aids in carrying water to any venue. This brings hydration at any place for an individual. An individual stays hydrated and active throughout the day because of a water bottle. In terms of colours, a water bottle can be of any colour while in terms of price range, it can have 200 INR to 1000 INR. 


750 ML Stainless Steel Water Bottle


A school bag


A school bag is a carrier that safeguards books, supplies and other similar materials greatly. It offers organisation, comfort and management at any venue. A school bag with several features can enhance a student’s experience of learning. In terms of colours and patterns, there can be several alternatives. In terms of pricing, it can range from 500 INR to 1000 INR. 


A ruler


A ruler is a stationary item that helps in measuring different shapes and sizes. It helps in dividing the portion of a page effectively. Made of plastic, the most popular ones are transparent in colour. They can even be made from steel. Depending on the material and size, the price can have a range from 10 INR to 100 INR. 


A geometry box


A geometry box contains important tools like a pencil, divider, ruler, eraser and more to craft different things out of it. They give accuracy and precision to a human being. They also provide great support in subjects like mathematics and arts. It is a portable learning tool that can be available in any colour despite the colour of the interior materials. And in pricing, they can have a range from 50 INR to 200 INR.




Any stationary item like a timer can help a person develop a certain pace in a short time of practice. It can also help in noting the time of writing one to several sums. It can come in different colours and sizes. The range of these timers can depend on their quality and hence, it can be available anywhere from 100 INR to 1000 INR.  




All the above stated tools are a must-have for any student in remaining effective, practical, accountable and manageable in learning. With an understanding of their usage and importance, a student can ace at learning very easily. It is important to note that the pricing of these tools are written in general terms and can always have a much higher or lesser range in reality. 


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What falls under top 5 important stationery items?


Top 5 important stationery items include pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners and rulers. Each of them help in the basic noting down of an information. 


Which is the most popular stationary item?


Pens are the most popular stationery items as they are used by a large number of students across the world. They are also used by teachers and invigilators. 


Which are the most bought stationery items?


The most bought stationery items include notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers and other similar items.


Which is the country with the best stationery items? 


Japan is the best country with quality stationery items. The supplies are highly appealing, useful and cute. 


Which stationary item is used to stick different materials?


Glue is the stationary item that is used to stick different materials and substances. It can be helpful in keeping notes together and creating beautiful art.

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