Best Books for BPSC 2024, Subject Wise Books for 70th BPSC

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May 01, 2024

As we approach the 70th BPSC exam in 2024, it's crucial for candidates to get their preparation right, and that begins with choosing the right study materials or books for BPSC 2024 exam. There are plenty of BPSC CCE books out there, in stores, libraries, and online, making it important for candidates to pick the ones that suit their needs. Our list of recommended best books for BPSC 2024 is designed to match the official BPSC CCE syllabus, giving candidates a solid foundation for the 70th BPSC exam. Important things to keep in mind include making sure the books cover all the topics, doing some research before buying, selecting books that can help improve scores, and staying updated on current affairs. Thus, candidates are advised to go through the article properly for some best and affordable books for BPSC 2024.

Best Books for 70th BPSC 2024

The Bihar Public Service Exam offers a chance for candidates aiming to secure important jobs in the Bihar State Government. The exam has three parts: Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Choosing the right books for the Prelims and Mains stages can really make a difference between success and failure. This article is here to help candidates with that. It lists books that are great for the BPSC Exam in 2024. It's also a good idea for candidates to choose books from trusted publishers that have answers to questions from past years. By thinking about these things, candidates can make their preparation better for the 70th BPSC exam and improve their chances of doing well.

BPSC 70th Exam Pattern for Prelims

Candidates can go through the BPSC 70th Exam Pattern for Prelims details from the below table:- 

BPSC Prelims Exam Pattern 2024

Name of Exam

Combined Competitive Exam

Conducting Body

Bihar Public Service Commission ( BPSC )

No of Papers

1 (General Studies of 150 marks)

Mode of Exam


Exam Duration

2 hours

No. of Questions


Negative Marking

⅓ mark

BPSC Prelims Syllabus

  1. General Science

  2. Events of national and international importance

  3. History of Bihar and Indian History

  4. Geography(mainly Geography of Bihar)

  5. Indian Polity and Economy

  6. Changes in the economy of Bihar post-independence

  7. Indian National Movement and the Role of Bihar

  8. General Mental Ability

BPSC 70th Exam Pattern for Mains

Candidates can go through the BPSC 70th Exam Pattern for Mains details from the below table:- 

BPSC Mains Exam Pattern 2024

Stage of Exam

Name of Paper

Total Marks


Main Exam (Subjective)

General Hindi (Qualifying)


3 Hours

General Studies Paper 1


3 Hours

General Studies Paper 2


3 Hours

Optional Paper


3 Hours

NCERT Books for BPSC 2024

To get ready for the BPSC Prelims and Mains exam, the best books to use are the NCERT Books. They help build a strong foundation. Check out the Subject-wise List of NCERT Books for BPSC in the table below. These books are really helpful for doing well in the BPSC exam.

NCERT Books for BPSC 2024


Best NCERT Books For BPSC 2024


  • Ancient Indian History: India's Ancient Past by RS Sharma (Old NCERT)

  • Medieval Indian History: A History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra (Old NCERT)

  • NCERT History Books of Classes 6th to 12th


  • Geography NCERT books of Class 6th to 12th


  • NCERT books of Classes 9th to 12th


  • New Economy NCERTs

General Science

  • NCERT textbooks for Classes 6 to 12

Subject Wise Best Books for BPSC 2024

Candidates can go through the Subject Wise Best Books for BPSC 2024 from the below tables.

BPSC Indian History Books:

The Indian History and Culture part of the BPSC exam is divided into three sections: Ancient History, Medieval History, and Modern History. Look at the list of books for each section below. These are the books candidates can use to get ready.

BPSC Indian History Books

Name of the Books


India’s Ancient Past

R.S. Sharma

History of Medieval India

Satish Chandra

History of Modern India

Bipin Chandra

Indian Art and culture

Nitin Singhania

The Wonder that was India

A.L. Bhasham

India’s struggle for Independence

Bipin Chandra

A brief history of Modern India


BPSC Geography Books

The Indian Geography and World Geography part can help candidates get good marks. But to prepare for this section, candidates need to use the right books. Check out the books listed below to get ready for this part.

BPSC Geography Books

Name of the Books




Geography of India

Majid Hussain

World and Physical Geography


World Geography

Majid Hussain

Certificate Physical and Human Geography

Goh Cheng Leong

BPSC Indian Polity Books

Understanding the Indian Polity and Constitution part might be a bit tricky for candidates getting ready for the BPSC exam. But don't worry! The books listed below can really help candidates. They cover all the important stuff from the syllabus and have practice sets to make learning easier. Check the table below to know which books to use.

BPSC Indian Polity Books

Name of the Books


Indian Polity for Civil Service examinations


Introduction to the Constitution of India


BPSC Indian Economy Books

To understand the Indian Economy part, it's good for candidates to pick books that have clear pictures and charts. There are many books in the market, but we've listed some that toppers really like and find easy to understand.

BPSC Indian Economy Books

Name of the Books


Indian Economy, performances and policies

Uma Kapila

Indian Economy

Ramesh Singh

Indian Economy (in-depth analysis)

Mishra and Puri

BPSC Science and Technology Books

The Science and Technology part in the BPSC syllabus might be a bit tough, especially if candidates are not into science. But if candidates understand the topics well, they can do really well in this part and get high marks. Here are some good sources to help candidates understand better and score well.

BPSC Science and Technology Books

Book Title


General Science

Lucent Publications

Science and Technology

Ravi Agrahari

Science and Technology in India

Kalpana Rajaram

Science and Technology in India

Spectrum Publications

Science and Technology for Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations

Ashok Singh

BPSC Environment Books

In the BPSC Exam, learning about the environment is not too hard if candidates use the right study materials. The questions in this part are usually not too tricky. So, it's a good idea for candidates to pick a book that explains the subject well.

BPSC Environment Books

Book Title


"Environment and Ecology"

Majid Husain

"Environmental Studies: From Crisis to Cure"

R. Rajagopalan

"Environmental Science"

G. Tyler Miller and Scott E. Spoolman

"Environment for Civil Services Prelims and Mains"

D.R. Khullar

BPSC Current Affairs Books

If candidates are getting ready for the BPSC exam, it's important for them to know what's happening in their state and the country. Besides their study books, reading newspapers is the best way for candidates to stay updated. Toppers suggest candidates read newspapers and other study materials every day to know about news from both our country and around the world. Thus, here are some of the best sources for BPSC Current Affairs:-

  • Manorama yearbook

  • Yojana Magazine

  • Kurukshetra Magazine

  • Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine

  • Economic and Political Weekly

  • Science reporter

  • The Hindu

  • The Indian Express

  • Any Local Bihar newspaper for current state affairs

  • RSTV

  • Press Information Bureau.

Best Books for BPSC 2024

As mentioned earlier, the market is flooded with numerous books, leaving candidates in a dilemma about which ones to choose. Buying individual books for each subject can become a costly affair for candidates. Understanding this concern, we, the Physics Wala team, have curated a combo of the Best Books for BPSC 2024, available in both English and Hindi languages. This combo is designed to be affordable for every candidate. For direct purchases from the PW Store, click on the link below.

Preparation Tips for 70th BPSC Exam

  1. Know the Exam Format: Understand how the BPSC exam is structured, the types of questions, and how they are scored.
  2. Study the Syllabus: Read through the BPSC exam syllabus, categorize topics, and prioritize areas that need more attention.
  3. Make a Study Schedule: Create a study plan with daily, weekly, and monthly goals, ensuring a balance between subjects.
  4. Choose Good Books: Candidates should pick study materials that match the BPSC syllabus, including textbooks and online resources.
  5. Review Regularly: Schedule regular revision sessions and make concise notes for quick reviews.
  6. Practice with Past Papers: Solve previous years' papers to understand the exam pattern and identify common topics.
  7. Take Mock Tests: Candidates should do mock tests to practice under exam conditions, analyze their performance, and improve.
  8. Stay Updated: Follow current affairs, especially those related to Bihar, through newspapers and online sources.
  9. Stay Healthy: Maintain a healthy lifestyle with enough sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced diet.
  10. Study with Others: Join study groups or online forums for discussions and shared learning.
  11. Stay Positive: Keep a positive mindset, stay focused, and believe in candidates' abilities.
  12. Review and Adjust: Regularly review the study plan, be flexible, and make adjustments based on candidates' progress.

Best Books for BPSC 2024 FAQs

Q1. Is NCERT is enough for BPSC?

Ans. Yes, NCERT books are sufficient for general exam preparation as a significant portion of the questions, especially in Math and Science, is derived from NCERT material. But at the same time it’s important to have an idea of advanced book.

Q2: Are there affordable book options for BPSC 2024 preparation?

Ans. Yes, there are affordable options available. For instance, the Physics Wala team offers a combo of Best Books for BPSC 2024 in both English and Hindi languages at an affordable price.

Q3. Is staying updated on current affairs important for BPSC preparation?

Ans. Yes, staying updated on current affairs, especially related to Bihar, is crucial. Reading newspapers and following reliable online sources are recommended.

Q4. What are the essential tips for preparing for the 70th BPSC Exam?

Ans. Tips include understanding the exam pattern, creating a realistic study schedule, using quality study material, regular revision, and practicing with mock tests.

Q5. How much time should candidates spend studying daily for BPSC CCE 2024?

Ans. Ideally, candidates should dedicate 7-8 hours each day for six months to enhance their chances of successfully clearing the BPSC Exam 2023 with the necessary marks.

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