Best Books for GATE Exam, Overview, and Study Material

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March 07, 2024

Best Books for GATE Exam, Overview, and Study Material


Enhance your preparation for the GATE exam with these must-read Gate books. Explore a selection of top-rated books to hone your knowledge of the core topics that are included in the upcoming GATE 2024 Exam.


Gate Books: GATE is a highly competitive examination for which many candidates apply. Given the competitive nature of the exam, it is imperative to achieve a high score. To assist in the preparation of the GATE exam these GATE Books have been compiled to provide a comprehensive range of books that are easy to understand. The GATE exam has a comprehensive syllabus with hundreds of topics across each branch. Candidates can find the most suitable GATE Books that cover important topics effectively, allowing them to study for the exam without any difficulty. Prepare for GATE exams with the best books available and get ready for academic success.


GATE Exams: Overview


The GATE test is a national exam that helps to select engineers to get an M.Tech degree from IITs and NITs.  It's also used for PSU recruitment. Some of the top public sector units like ONGC and NTPC, as well as GAIL and HPCL, have been using GATE-qualified candidates for their entry-level roles. In order to register for the GATE exam, candidates must submit scanned documents. The documents must be uploaded in accordance with the instructions provided by the GATE Organization Institute. GATE 2024 is scheduled to be conducted by IISc, Bangalore. It is conducted annually by one of the seven (IITs) and IISc Bangalore on a rotation basis. GATE 2024 will be held in various cities (219) across India.


The GATE exam is conducted online in a computer-generated format for a total of 30 papers. Applicants must complete 65 questions in a total of 180 minutes (approximately 3 hours). The GATE 2024 syllabus is structured on the basis of the 15% weightage and 85% weightage attributed to General Aptitude and Core discipline respectively.



List of Best GATE Books


The GATE books are a selection of Study material books that are important and recommended by previous year’s GATE toppers to cover the entirety of the GATE curriculum.


To help you prepare for the GATE exam, here is a list of the top GATE books.


  1. GATE Wallah Topic wise PYQ Combo: Mechanical Engineering + Engineering Mathematics & Aptitude - by PW Store.
  2. GATE Wallah Topic Wise Previous Year Questions-Electrical Engineering- by PW Store.
  3. GATE Computer Science and Information Technology - by Pearson.
  4. GATE 2023 - Mechanical Engineering - by Made Easy Publications.
  5. A  Detailed Handbook on Mechanical Engineering - by Made Easy Publications.
  6. Computer Science and Information Technology GATE 2023 - by Trishna Knowledge Systems.
  7. GATE - 2023: Civil Engineering - Guide - by RPH Editorial Board.


Recommended Books for GATE Exams:


GATE Wallah Topicwise PYQ Combo: Computer Science & IT Engineering + Engineering Mathematics & Aptitude.
GATE Wallah Topicwise PYQ Combo: Mechanical Engineering + Engineering Mathematics & Aptitude.
GATE Wallah Topicwise PYQ Combo: Electronics & Communication Engineering + Engineering Mathematics & Aptitude.
GATE Wallah Topicwise PYQ Combo: Electrical Engineering + Engineering Mathematics & Aptitude.


GATE Books for Mechanical Engineering


If you're a mechanical engineering student looking to ace the GATE Mechanical Engineering here is the list of best GATE books for Mechanical Engineering. It's one of the most competitive exams out there, so it's important to have the right study materials. Here are some of the top GATE study material books for mechanical engineering that will be your go-to resources for success.


Topic-wise GATE Mechanical Engineering Books 2024


Here is the list of top GATE Books for Mechanical Engineering:




GATE Books for Civil Engineering

GATE civil engineering books are essential sources of knowledge and information about the principles, theories, and practices of civil engineering. With the growing competition for the civil engineering exam, it is essential for candidates to read the best civil engineering books to learn about a wide variety of topics. 


Topic-wise GATE Civil Engineering Books 2024

Here is the list of best GATE Books for Civil Engineering:



GATE Books for Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering study material books cover the whole syllabus, explain everything in detail, and give you a huge number of practice questions & solved papers. These books are designed to give you a thorough understanding of the subject and improve your problem-solving skills.


Topic-wise GATE Books for Electrical Engineering 2024

Here is the list of all the top best GATE Books for Electrical Engineering 2024:



GATE Books for CSE

The GATE CSE stands for "Computer Science Engineering" and it's the exam you need to pass to get into the GATE program. It covers all the basics of computer science and IT, like programming, algorithms, data structures, how to organize and structure computers, how to think about computing, operating systems, databases, how to use computer networks, how to write software and more.


Topic-wise GATE CSE Books 2024

Here is the list of best GATE CSE books:



GATE Books for ECE

GATE 2024 has an electronics and communication engineering syllabus that breaks it down into sections. According to the official website, the syllabus has eight sections: engineering math, network signals and systems, electronic devices, analogue circuits, digital circuits, control systems, communications, and electromagnetics.


Topic-wise GATE ECE Books 2024


Here is the list of top best GATE ECE Book 2024:




GATE Instrumentation Engineering Books


GATE Instrumentation Engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on setting up automated systems in electrical and pneumatic fields. It's responsible for the design, development, installation, and management of equipment that monitors and controls machinery. It also focuses on the principles and functioning of measuring instruments used in design fields.


Topic-wise GATE ECE Books 2024

Here is the list of best GATE ECE Books 2024:



GATE Preparation Books for All GATE Papers

There are a lot of things that go into choosing the best GATE books. Knowing the best GATE 2024 books will help you prepare for the GATE exam by studying and understanding the syllabus, GATE topics, and GATE chapters in a way that will help you excel in the test.


Additionally, candidates can consult the GATE books provided for all the papers in the examination. These books are the preferred choices of GATE 2024 toppers and GATE educators in India. 


Best Books for All GATE Papers


The following is a list of GATE books recommended for GATE 2024:



Benefits of GATE Books


When selecting the best GATE books based on their strengths, applicants should take into account a few key considerations when making their selection. When selecting GATE prep books, it is important to consider the following beneficial points:


  1. Simple language textbooks are the most effective for students to learn. The use of complex language in the GATE 2024 prep books would lead to confusion and would not be effective in assisting applicants to understand essential concepts.
  2. There are lots of GATE books that have tons of helpful practice questions and exercises that you can use to test your knowledge, figure out how to use concepts in practice, and get better at problem-solving.
  3. Some GATE books give tips on how to take exams, like how to manage your time and pick the right questions, which can be really helpful.
  4. GATE books give students a way to stick to a plan and practice with questions that are relevant to the exam, so they can stay focused on what's important.




The success of the GATE exam relies on carefully picking your study materials. The books that are suggested provide applicants with extensive knowledge and study tools that are invaluable. To succeed in the GATE exam and advance you’re engineering and technical career ambitions, choose the right study material. .


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is the GATE 2024 syllabus out?

The GATE 2024 syllabus has been released and there are lots of other GATE 2024 dates and updates on the official site.


  • Is the GATE 2024 Exam challenging?

Given the difficulty of the GATE 2024 exam and its very low success rate, students should dedicate their whole study schedule to GATE preparation.


  • Which institution will be in charge of preparing the GATE 2024 exam paper?

The GATE 2024 paper will be set by IISc Bangalore.


  • How many hours do you need to study per day to be ready for the GATE Exam?

You must study for six to eight hours every day in order to be exam-ready.


  • Are there any subject-specific books designed for GATE Examination? 

Yes, GATE books are available for specific subjects such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and more.




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