Best Physics Books for NEET 2024

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December 26, 2023

Best Physics Books For NEET 2024: The candidates preparing for the NEET (National Entrance cum Eligibility Test) have to go through the books of 11th and 12th class. The questions are asked from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. So, they have to determine the best Physics books for NEET preparation. In this article, we have provided insights regarding the best Physics books for NEET 2024. The candidates can go through this article to determine the best Physics MCQ book for NEET.

Best Books for NEET Physics 2024, An Overview:

NEET exam allows the candidates to appear for medical courses like BDS, MBBS, AYUSH courses, and more. It is a country-wide accepted entrance test and therefore, thousands of students appear for it every year. Some of the key details of this exam have been shared below: 



NEET Full Form 

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test 

NEET 2024 Exam Date 

May 5th 2024

Conducting Body 

NTA (National Testing Agency)


Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Question Type 

MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Total Marks 


Official Website 

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Importance Of Best Physics Books For NEET 2024

It is important to get knowledge about the best Physics books for NEET preparation because:

  • The best books set the right perspective of the syllabus. They also cover difficult concepts and topics in lucid language. 

  • You get to solve many difficult questions in these books. It helps to prepare your mindset and improves your question-solving ability and speed. 

  • The conceptual understanding of theories and concepts can only be developed by reading the best books. 

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Best Physics Books For NEET 2024 

Physics is one of the most difficult subjects when it comes to NEET. So, the students must only rely on the best reference books and study materials. The below table contains details of the best Physics books for NEET 2024: 

Book Name 



Physics Med Easy | Notes, Formulas, Mnemonics, Tips & Tricks for NEET/JEE & Board Exams

Dr. Manish Raj, Published by Physics Wallah 

This book is ideal for students preparing for NEET, JEE, and board exams. It provides students with a strong grip over the complex concepts of Physics. 

Arjuna for 11th NEET Study Material (2023 Edition)

Physics Wallah

The students searching for the best Physics book for NEET class 11 can refer to this book. It contains practice questions, concise summaries, detailed theory, and practical learning lessons. 

Lakshya for 12th NEET Study Material (2023 Edition)

Physics Wallah

The students looking for the best Physics practice book for NEET in 12th class should refer to this book. It contains extensive practice questions, varied question types, and concise summaries of all the key topics. 

NCERT Physics Class 11 & Class 12 textbooks


All the fundamental concepts of Physics taught in 11th and 12th class can be covered by the NCERT textbooks. 

Objective Physics 

D. C. Pandey

The advanced concepts in Physics can be covered by going through this book. 

Concepts of Physics 

H. C. Verma 

The fundamental concepts of Physics can be learnt by reading this book. 

Problems in General Physics 

I. E. Irodov

The modern and complex concepts in Physics have been explained along with numerical problems in this book. So, it is one of the best numerical Physics books for NCERT. 

40 Days of Physics for NEET

S. B. Tripathi

It is ideal for the students looking to grasp all the key topics in Physics in a short time. 

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How to choose the best Physics Book for NEET?

Here are some tips for students searching for the best Physics book for NEET 2024:

  • The students can contact their friends or seniors who have already cleared the NEET. They can take their advice while choosing the best Physics books for NEET preparation. 

  • The students can also ask the professors to provide insights into the best Physics books. 

  • One must review the content of the books before getting it. If the content of the book does not provide enough depth or insights, they must search for other reference books. 

  • The students must always pick the latest edition books as they are revised with updated syllabus and question papers. 

  • It is wise to go for the books that come with practice questions and study materials. 

  • The students must clear their basic concepts first by going through the NCERT textbooks. They must get the reference books only after a detailed study of the textbooks. 

  • The language of the book should be simple and easy to understand. Complex concepts must be explained with the help of graphics, illustrations, and diagrams. 

  • Don’t refer to books that contain very basic information and easy questions. 

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Preparation Tips After Getting the Best Physics Books for NEET

Here are some tips that you can utilize after getting the best Physics books for NEET 2024: 

  • Read one book at a time. Don’t refer to multiple books at a time as it can confuse you. 

  • You can complete all the theory concepts first and then focus on the numericals. 

  • Do not skip the important topics given in the syllabus. Try to go through each chapter and topic multiple times to revise them well. 

  • Go through the easy questions first and build your confidence. Also, practicing only difficult questions can shatter your confidence. So, the students must try to practice a mixed set of questions on a daily basis. 

  • A timetable or study plan is a must to cover all the essential topics explained in the best Physics books for NEET. While a certain amount of time can be devoted to each subject, some time must be allocated for revising the topics that are already covered. 

  • Textbooks might not always provide a complete picture of the concepts and theories. To gain more knowledge and sense of the difficult topics, you can also refer to online resources. 

  • Practicing previous years question papers is a great way to get acquainted with the type of questions that are asked in the exams. So, the students must try to solve as many question papers as they can. Solving question papers also improves your speed. Mock tests and practice tests can also help them prepare well for the NEET exam. 

  • Identifying the topics that you are weak in is also important. You can mark such sections or topics and devote extra time to understand them properly. You can reach out to your professors or friends who can explain such topics or solve your doubts. 

  • Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is also essential. Take proper rest and eat healthy food to remain focussed while studying. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid junk food that can make you feel lethargic. 

  • Watch motivational videos if you do not feel motivated to study. Listen to what previous years NEET toppers have to say via podcasts and interviews. Gain from their perspectives and design a study plan accordingly. 

  • Managing stress while studying is also equally important. So, devote some time to mingle with your friends or indulge in an outdoor sport to keep yourself fresh and energetic. 

  • Be consistent while studying the key concepts and topics covered in Physics. Do not ignore difficult topics but you can dedicate some time from your timetable every day to study the topics that you find confusing. 

These were some of the best Physics books for NEET preparation. If you want handwritten notes along with tips and tricks for clearing NEET, you must get a Physics Med Easy book. If you want to enroll in an online class that covers the important topics of all the NEET subjects, you can join the Lakshya NEET 3.0 2024 online class. 

Many such classes are available for NEET droppers as well. The idea is to develop a positive attitude while appearing for competitive exams while grasping all the contents covered in the NEET syllabus. 

FAQs for Best Physics Books For NEET 

1. How many reference books should I refer to prepare for NEET?

Ans. You must refer to at least two to three reference books for each subject after going through the NCERT textbooks. It will develop your perspective by making you aware of the different types of questions and problems that are asked in the NEET exam. 

2. Can I omit a certain part of the syllabus while preparing for NEET Physics?

Ans. No, it is advisable to cover all the parts and sections of the syllabus to obtain good scores in each subject. 

3. Which is the best place to buy the best Physics books for NEET preparation?

Ans. You can buy from an online store like PW Store. It will reduce your time and give you exposure to a wide range of books. 

4. Which is the No. 1 book for NEET Physics?

Ans. Physics Med Easy is one of the most trending books for NEET Physics. Other than that, the students can also refer to the books authored by H. C. Verma and D. C. Pandey. 

5. What is the difficulty level of NEET Physics?

Ans. Physics is one of the most difficult subjects in NEET. So, you must prepare this subject thoroughly to clear the exam with good scores.

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