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May 01, 2024

CA Intermediate Taxation is one of the crucial subjects for qualifying for the second round of the CA course. Additionally, its curriculum aims to provide intermediate-level students with a structured study plan to solve taxation questions related to business entities. CA aspirants must cover all the chapters of CA inter Taxation to gain a thorough understanding of various provisions associated with the Goods and Services Tax or GST and learn how to appropriately handle each account.

Since CA is considered an extremely challenging course, it is vital that students diligently prepare themselves. This entails knowing the syllabus and exam pattern and utilizing the best ICAI material, such as comprehensive study notes, mock test papers, sample papers with MCQs, and previous question papers.

Table of Content

  • CA Intermediate Taxation Syllabus
  • CA Intermediate Taxation Chapter-wise Weightage
  • CA Intermediate Taxation Exam Pattern
  • CA Intermediate Taxation Study Material
  • Benefits PW CA Intermediate Taxation Study Material
  • CA Intermediate Taxation FAQs

CA Intermediate Taxation Syllabus

The ICAI periodically revises the CA inter Taxation syllabus. Therefore, CA aspirants are advised to download the latest taxation syllabus before starting their preparation. This way, they can focus on understanding the most crucial topics for the exam. Additionally, the syllabus includes all the guidelines that help students set an effective study plan to qualify for the CA inter Taxation exam. 

The syllabus of Taxation CA Inter is grouped into two parts, namely, Section A, carrying 60 marks, and Section B carrying 40 marks. Both parts contain a number of chapters that explain the details of various types of taxes. 

CA Intermediate Taxation Chapter-wise Weightage

Though the CA Intermediate Taxation syllabus informs students about all the topics they need to cover during their preparation, knowing the high-yielding chapters is crucial to perform well in the exam. Additionally, chapter-wise weightage helps students strategize their preparation and pay attention to the most essential topics. This way, students can effectively prepare for the CA Inter exam.

CA Intermediate Taxation Exam Pattern

The CA Intermediate Taxation paper carries a total of 100 marks. Additionally, the segregation of marks for objective and descriptive type questions follows a 30:70 pattern, meaning 30 marks are allocated to MCQs and 70 marks to the descriptive questions. The marking scheme for the CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting exam in 2023 is outlined as follows:

  • The question paper constitutes two parts: Part I and Part II. 
  • Part I contains CA inter Taxation syllabus based MCQs of 30 marks. On the other hand, Part II comprises descriptive questions of 70 marks. 
  • To mark the correct option for MCQs, candidates must use the OMR sheet. However, to answer Part II, they must use the answer sheet. 
  • Additionally, Part II questions are grouped into Section A, and Section B. While Section A focuses on Income Tax topics, Section B covers GST. 
  • Furthermore, each section includes four questions, and students are required to answer any three. 
  • The examination duration is 3 hours, and candidates must efficiently utilize their time to solve all the questions within the allotted time.

CA Intermediate Taxation Study Material

When it comes to resources for CA Inter Taxation, the Board of Studies of ICAI serves as the ultimate resource for CA Intermediate aspirants. The ICAI's website offers modules and a selection of vast online resources for every Intermediate paper. Therefore, candidates must start their preparation by referring to these materials. However, to strengthen their grasp of important taxation topics, students must refer to reliable resources. For this, they should select books that are authored by well-known CAs. Additionally, CA aspirants must ensure to purchase only the latest edition as they follow the latest CA Intermediate syllabus.

The following table includes the best ICAI material available on the PW Store:

CA Study Material:

Benefits PW CA Intermediate Taxation Study Material

CA Intermediate Taxation books available on the PW Store are meticulously designed to include all the syllabus topics. Additionally, they focus on enhancing their exam preparation by elaborately explaining every detail of taxation and GST. Additionally, they contain chapter-wise practice questions to improve students’ problem-solving skills.

Notable benefits of preparing with CA Intermediate Taxation books available on the PW Store are:

  • Comprehensive understanding of syllabus topics through detailed explanations of every chapter.
  • Exam-based MTP and RTP questions help improve speed and accuracy.
  • Short notes on every topic ensure quick revision before the exam.
  • Advanced-level questions for taxation topics increase students' ability to solve tricky questions in the exam.
  • Solved examples educate students about the correct way to solve descriptive questions during the exam. 

CA Intermediate Taxation FAQs

Q1. What is the most effective way to begin preparation for CA Intermediate Taxation? 

Ans. Aspirants must review the latest Taxation syllabus to effectively begin their preparation. Next, they should develop a study plan and strictly follow it to cover all the topics. 

Q2. When will ICAI conduct the CA Intermediate Examination in 2023? 

Ans. ICAI holds the CA Inter examination twice every year. Phase 1 of the CA Inter exam was conducted from 3-18 May. However, for Phase 2, candidates need to take the CA Intermediate exam from 2-17 November.

Q3. How many subjects are there in the CA Intermediate exam? 

Ans. CA Intermediate consists of a total of 8 subjects, divided into 2 groups. Group 1 includes the following papers:

  • Accounting
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Corporate and Other Laws
  • Taxation. Additionally

Group 2 includes the following papers:

  • Auditing and Assurance
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management
  • Financial Management and Economics for Finance.

Q4. Is the CA Intermediate exam easy? 

Ans. CA Inter is an extremely challenging exam. It requires students to follow a rigorous preparation habit to master all the subjects. Additionally, they must utilize all the ICAI Intermediate study materials to effectively strategize their study routine and improve their problem-solving skills.

Q5. What is the eligibility requirement for CA Inter? 

Ans. Candidates who have qualified for the CA Foundation exam are eligible to register and apply for the CA Intermediate course.

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