CBSE 2023 Exam: How to Study from the NCERT Textbook to Score Excellent Marks?

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October 19, 2023

CBSE 2023 Exam: How to Study from the NCERT Textbook to Score Excellent Marks?

Class 10th math NCERT textbooks serve as the cornerstone of your success on exams. Learn the tactics for acing the CBSE Board Exam in 2023.

Class 10th math’s NCERT textbooks: CBSE students looking for the best study resources will find the NCERT textbooks for Class 10th and 12th maths a good choice. These textbooks should be easy for students to understand. It is strongly recommended that CBSE students utilize the NCERT textbooks for Class 10th Maths because they cover the entire curriculum. Students preparing for CBSE board exams will find these textbooks beneficial.

Understanding the Importance of NCERT Textbooks

Selecting appropriate study materials is crucial for board examinations. Several students need to be made aware of the importance of using the resources that the CBSE recommends. The CBSE board offers study guides, test patterns, and blueprints in addition to updating its syllabus annually. The National Council of Education, Research, and Training (NCERT) developed these resources for CBSE students in primary and secondary education.

These study guides are known as NCERT Books, and CBSE strongly advises using them to prepare for the board exams. The greatest thing about NCERT Books is that they align with the most recent CBSE syllabus by emphasizing the fundamental concepts of each topic. This helps students make sense of the fundamentals and remove any uncertainty.

In addition, NCERT offers secondary and higher-secondary students "Exemplar Problems" in math and science. These topics help students save time and are essential for test preparation because they typically include questions like those on final exams.

Advantages of NCERT Books for Board Exams:

NCERT study material books provide several important benefits for preparing for board and other exams. 

  • Reliable Information: Subjects covered by in-depth study and accomplished writing.
  • Understandable: Complex ideas are explained in straightforward words.
  • Fully CBSE Compliant: Adheres to the latest curriculum and exam formats.
  • Covers the Fundamentals: Explains the underlying ideas in each discipline.
  • Practice: Provides many illustrative test questions.
  • Widely Accepted: Unquestionably accepted by many academic institutions and competitive exams.
  • Accessibility: Reasonably priced and available to students from all backgrounds.
  • Exemplar Problems: "Exemplar Problems" are extra resources that offer practice addressing more complex problems.
  • Strengthens Critical Thinking: Encourages the analytical abilities required for success in school and other endeavors.
  • Peer and Teacher Support: This frequently used tool simplifies asking teachers and other students for assistance and clarification.
  • Building a Strong Foundation for Competitive Exams: This course builds a solid foundation useful for various competitive exams, including those required for admission to engineering and medical institutions.

Effective Strategies for Excelling in CBSE Exams with NCERT Textbooks

To score well in CBSE exams using competitive exam books like NCERT, follow these simple and effective tips:

  1. Organize your study materials

First, assemble all your study materials, such as your NCERT textbooks, lecture notes, and reference books. By doing this, you can maintain your attention and avoid distractions.

  1. Know the CBSE Syllabus 

Keep the CBSE curriculum available. Knowing the subjects that are included in your curriculum is crucial. Understanding the curriculum will help you prioritize what to study when you have little time to prepare.

  1. Comprehend Ideas

When studying your NCERT textbooks, focus more on conceptual comprehension than memorizing facts. You will do better on tests if you understand the material.

  1. Examine Previous Papers

After reading the first section, review the test questions from prior years. You will understand the frequently asked test questions by doing this. It's a valuable tool for determining what matters and where to focus.

  1. Take brief notes. 

When you re-read the textbooks, take quick, concise notes. To make complex subjects easier to understand, emphasize key points and, where applicable, use tables and diagrams. These revisions will aid a quick edit. 

  1. Practice Exercises

After each chapter, work on the exercises. These problems improve your ability to solve problems, apply mathematics, and make concepts more straightforward. Exam performance is primarily dependent on practice.

  1. Fast revisions

Your notes and the highlighted passages in your textbooks are your best resources for adequate review. Making quick revisions can help you remember what you've learned.

  1. Examine Yourself

After completing a specific topic take your memory test by taking practice exams or mock quizzes regularly to know the areas where you need to put more effort to improve. This self-evaluation is essential to tracking your development.

  1. Eliminate Any Doubts

For clarification about doubts don’t hesitate to ask your teachers, tutors, friends, or use internet resources if you need help. Make sure all questions are answered.

  1. Make use of sticky notes and highlighters.

Attaching sticky notes with clarifications to key textbook passages is beneficial to facilitate quick review.

Comprehensive Study Materials for Class 10th (2023 Edition)

In keeping with the most recent curriculum and exam trends, Comprehensive Class 10th Study Materials, 2023 Edition, and updated tools prepare students for success. Parents, educators, and students must utilize these reliable teaching resources to ensure academic success. Below is a list of books that are included in this edition.

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