CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 Class 10 With Solutions

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November 05, 2023

CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 Class 10: The CBSE has released the CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 Class 10 with solutions on its official website Those who are interested can access the PDFs of these sample question papers from the official site. Every year, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) releases these sample question papers along with the associated marking scheme for each subject. This practice is aimed at helping students better understand the nature of the upcoming question papers.

For the academic year 2023-24, CBSE has already made the sample papers for Class 10 board exams available. These CBSE sample papers for the year 2023-24 can be downloaded from the official website Students can use these sample papers to familiarise themselves with the various types of questions that will be presented in the examination. This article provides comprehensive information about CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 Class 10 with solutions.

CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 Class 10 With Solutions Overview

The CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 Class 10 with solutions are provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as model papers intended to assist students in their preparations for the upcoming board exams. These sample papers are designed in accordance with CBSE's latest curriculum and examination format for the academic session 2023-24. They encompass a comprehensive range of subjects for Class 10, including Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, and more. In addition, the sample papers come complete with marking schemes and answer keys.

These CBSE Class 10th Sample Question Papers 2023 serve as valuable resources for students by offering insights into the types and complexity of questions that may appear in the board exams. Furthermore, they aid students in honing their time management and writing skills. Through solving these sample papers, students can gauge their strengths and weaknesses and make efforts to enhance their performance. Additionally, the sample papers facilitate comprehensive revision of the entire syllabus and allow students to assess their level of preparedness. For access to specific question banks and sample papers, you can refer to the provided table, which is available on PhysicsWallah.

CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 Class 10 With Solutions

Combo Sample Paper and PYQs

Single Sample Paper

CBSE Question Bank 2023-2024 Class 10 With Solutions

CBSE Class 10th Mathematics Question & Concept Bank

CBSE Class 10th Science Question & Concept Bank

CBSE Class 10th Science Question & Concept Bank

CBSE Class 10th Social Science Question & Concept Bank

CBSE Class 10th Hindi-A Question & Concept Bank

CBSE Class 10th - Past 10 Years' Solved Papers (2023-2014)

CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 10th With Solutions Download Links

Students should be aware that the CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for the year 2023-2024 serves as a reference only, and the board will formulate questions independently of it. CBSE advises students to carefully examine the sample question paper and use it as a guide for their exam preparations. These sample papers are practice tests designed to closely mirror the actual examination, making them a valuable resource for exam readiness. Explore the key features of the CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for the year 2023-2024. Check the table below for more details:

Subject  --------------------Sample Question Paper -----------------Marking Scheme

Science                                                                    SQP                                                       MS

Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancy     SQP                                                       MS

Elements of Business                                           SQP                                                       MS

English (Language & Literature)                           SQP                                                       MS

English (Communicative)                                      SQP                                                       MS

Hindi A                                                                    SQP                                                       MS

Hindi B                                                                    SQP                                                       MS

Home Science                                                        SQP                                                      MS

Computer Application                                           SQP                                                      MS

Mathematics (Basic)                                              SQP                                                      MS

Mathematics (Standard)                                       SQP                                                       MS

Social Science                                                        SQP                                                       MS

NCC                                                                       SQP                                                        MS

Hindustani Music (Melodic)                                  SQP                                                       MS

Hindustani Music (Percussion)                              SQP                                                       MS

Hindustani Music (Vocal)                                        SQP                                                        MS

Carnatic Music-Melodic Instruments                    SQP                                                        MS

Carnatic Music-Percussion Instruments            SQP                                                       MS

Carnatic Music-Vocal                                              SQP                                                        MS

Painting                                                                   SQP                                                         MS

Arabic                                                                      SQP                                                          MS

Bengali                                                                    SQP                                                          MS

Assamese                                                               SQP                                                          MS

Bahasa Melayu                                                       SQP                                                        MS

Bhutia                                                                     SQP                                                           MS

Bodo                                                                       SQP                                                            MS

French                                                                    SQP                                                            MS

German                                                                  SQP                                                            MS

Gujarati                                                                  SQP                                                             MS

Gurung                                                                  SQP                                                              MS

Japanese                                                               SQP                                                              MS

Kannada                                                                SQP                                                           MS

Kashmiri                                                                SQP                                                           MS

Kokborok                                                                SQP                                                           MS

Lepcha                                                                   SQP                                                           MS

Limboo                                                                   SQP                                                           MS

Malayalam                                                             SQP                                                           MS

Manipuri                                                                SQP                                                          MS

Mizo                                                                       SQP                                                          MS

Marathi                                                                   SQP                                                          MS

Nepali                                                                     SQP                                                           MS

Odia                                                                       SQP                                                            MS

Persian                                                                   SQP                                                            MS

Punjabi                                                                   SQP                                                              MS

Rai Language                                                         SQP                                                             MS

Russian                                                                  SQP                                                              MS

Sanskrit                                                                  SQP                                                               MS

Sanskrit Communicative                                       SQP                                                               MS

Sherpa                                                                   SQP                                                               MS

Sindhi                                                                    SQP                                                                MS

Spanish                                                                  SQP                                                               MS

Tamil                                                                      SQP                                                               MS

Tamang                                                                 SQP                                                               MS

Tangkhul                                                               SQP                                                              MS

Telugu AP                                                              SQP                                                               MS

Telugu Telangana                                                 SQP                                                              MS

Thai                                                                       SQP                                                              MS

Tibetan                                                                  SQP                                                             MS

Urdu A                                                                  SQP                                                              MS

Urdu B                                                                   SQP                                                              MS

CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 Science 2023-2024 With Solutions

CBSE has released The CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper for the academic year 2023-24, complete with the marking scheme and answer key, has been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Students in the 10th grade can utilize these official sample papers to enhance their exam preparations. These newly published sample papers have been meticulously designed to align with the updated examination patterns and marking criteria.

You can find a direct link to download the CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24 for Class 10 Science here on PW. These papers are provided in PDF format, enabling students to download them for offline study, even without an internet connection. For more information, please refer to the table below:

CBSE 15 Sample Question Papers Class 10 Science

CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 Maths 2023-2024 With Solutions

The CBSE board has released the Class 10 Mathematics sample papers for the 2023-24 academic year, and they are available for download here. Students preparing for their Mathematics exam are advised to examine the officially provided CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24 for Class 10 Mathematics. For further information, please refer to the table below:

CBSE 15 Sample Question Papers Class 10 Mathematics

CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 English 2023-2024 With Solutions

CBSE has published sample papers for CBSE Class 10 English: Language and Literature (L&L) and Communicative on its official website. To make it easier for you to access them, we have included direct links for free PDF downloads. It's essential to understand that these CBSE Class 10 English sample papers are designed as templates for the real board exam question papers. Therefore, the marking scheme and question paper format provided in the CBSE Class 10 English Sample Papers PDF here will closely resemble what you can anticipate in the upcoming board examination. For additional information, please refer to the table below:

CBSE 15 Sample Question Papers Class 10 English

CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 Hindi 2023-2024 With Solutions

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A and Hindi B sample papers for the 2023-24 academic year are accessible on PhysicsWallah. The link provided in this section directs you to the PDF document containing these sample papers. These Hindi sample papers are designed to serve all CBSE Class 10 students. The utilization of and solution to questions from these papers will aid students in assessing their readiness for the upcoming Hindi examination. To obtain further information, please refer to the table below.

CBSE 15 Sample Question Papers Class 10 Hindi

CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 Social Science 2023-2024 With Solutions

The PDF for the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2023-24, along with the marking scheme, is available on the official website at You can download these materials for your future reference. For your convenience, we have included the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Paper 2023-24 PDF below.

CBSE 15 Sample Question Papers Class 10 Social Science

How to Download CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 Class 10 With Solutions?

To obtain CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers for the 2023-2024 academic year, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official CBSE website by going to
  2. Navigate to the academic section on the website.
  3. Look for the drop-down menu that provides access to Sample Question Papers.
  4. Choose the Sample Question Paper (SQP) designed for the academic year 2023-2024.
  5. Select the specific option for Class 10.
  6. You will be redirected to a page where you'll find an extensive list of Sample Question Papers and Marking Schemes, categorized by subject.
  7. Click on the relevant option that corresponds to the subject for which you need the Sample Question Paper and Marking Scheme.
  8. The Sample Paper and the Marking Scheme will be downloaded as distinct PDF files.

What Are the Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers?

Benefiting from CBSE Class 10 sample papers can be advantageous for students preparing for their board exams in several ways. Below are some of the benefits:

  1. Understanding Exam Structure: Sample papers are crafted to resemble the actual CBSE Class 10 board exam in terms of format. By solving them, students get acquainted with the question paper structure, including the allocation of marks, question types (objective, short answer, long answer), and the overall layout. This familiarity helps reduce stress on the day of the exam.
  2. Time Management Practice: Solving sample papers enables students to practice effective time management. They can gauge how much time they should allocate to different sections or questions, ensuring they can complete the paper within the allotted time.
  3. Enhanced Speed and Accuracy: Regularly working through sample papers can improve a student's speed in responding to questions and accuracy in providing the correct answers. This is particularly crucial in a time-constrained exam like the board exams.
  4. Confidence Boost: As students consistently tackle sample papers and perform well, their confidence in their preparation grows. Confidence is a key factor for effective performance in exams.
  5. Revision and Practice: Sample papers offer students an opportunity to revise the entire syllabus. They serve as a comprehensive practice session where students can apply what they have learned.
  6. Realistic Exam Experience: Attempting sample papers provides students with a realistic experience of sitting for the board exams. It helps them become more comfortable with the exam environment and reduces the fear of the unknown.
  7. Identification of Important Topics: While working through sample papers, students may observe that certain topics or chapters are frequently featured in the exams. This assists them in prioritizing their study efforts on the most important areas.
  8. Coping with Exam Pressure: Board exams can be anxiety-inducing. Solving sample papers can help students adapt to the pressure and anxiety associated with exams, making them mentally better prepared.
  9. Feedback and Improvement: Students can review their answers in sample papers and learn from their mistakes. They can also seek guidance from teachers or tutors to enhance their performance in areas where they face challenges.
  10. Predicting Trends: Analysing multiple sample papers from different years can help students identify patterns in the types of questions asked or the emphasis on certain topics. This insight can aid in a more focused and strategic approach to their preparation.

How to Make the Most Out of CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 Class 10?

Utilizing CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) sample papers for Class 10 is a crucial component of getting ready for your board exams. These sample papers are specifically designed to assist students in becoming acquainted with the examination structure, grading scheme, and the types of queries that may surface in the actual board exams. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to effectively make use of CBSE Class 10 sample papers:

  1. Acquiring the Sample Papers: Begin by obtaining a set of CBSE sample papers for Class 10. You can usually locate these on the official CBSE website, at bookstores, or through your school.
  2. Comprehend the Syllabus: Prior to commencing, ensure that you have a comprehensive grasp of the entire Class 10 CBSE syllabus. This will aid in recognizing which topics hold greater significance and necessitate more focused attention.
  3. Establish a Study Timetable: Construct a study timetable that designates specific periods for practising with the sample papers. Consistency is crucial, so strategically plan your study hours.
  4. Simulate Examination Conditions: When tackling the sample papers, make an effort to replicate examination conditions as closely as possible. Sit in a noise-free environment, set a timer, and eliminate distractions.
  5. Time Management: Efficient time management during the examination is imperative. Sample papers generally come with fixed time constraints, so practise resolving questions within the assigned time frame. This will provide you with a sense of how to manage your time during the actual examination.
  6. Begin with Previous Year Papers: Start with sample papers from previous years. This will offer valuable insight into the examination structure and the kinds of questions that CBSE typically presents.
  7. Evaluate Your Performance: After completing a sample paper, assess your performance. Recognize areas where errors were made and grasp the concepts or topics that require additional review.
  8. Seek Assistance if Necessary: Should you encounter difficulties with particular questions or subjects, do not hesitate to seek guidance from your instructors, peers, or online resources.
  9. Repeat the Process: Persist in practicing with diverse sample papers. As your confidence grows, advance to sample papers from earlier years and other sources to broaden your knowledge.

CBSE Sample Papers 2023-2024 Class 10 With Solutions FAQs

  • Question 1: Is the CBSE sample paper released for 2023-24?

Answer: Yes, the CBSE sample paper for 2023-24 has been released.

  • Question 2: Will there be board exams in 2023-24 for Class 10?

Answer: Yes, there will be board exams in 2023-24 for Class 10.

  • Question 3: How can I get 90% in the board exam 2023?

Answer: Study hard and practice regularly. Focus on understanding the concepts and solving past year's question papers.

  • Question 4: How to get 95 percent in Class 10 2023?

Answer: Study hard and practice regularly. Focus on understanding the concepts and solving past year's question papers. Additionally, take mock tests and get your papers evaluated by a teacher or mentor to identify your weak areas and work on them.

  • Question 5: Will 2024 boards be easy for Class 10?

Answer: It is difficult to say whether the 2024 boards will be easy or difficult for Class 10. However, if you study hard and practice regularly, you will be able to do well in the exams regardless of the difficulty level.

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