CUET (UG) Geography Previous Year Question Paper (Available)

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July 01, 2023

CUET previous year's question papers and Sample Paper for Geography are suggested to be solved by aspirants to gain insight into the CUET Geography exam pattern, key themes, question type, and difficulty level of the questions asked in the test.

Candidates nationwide will take the CUET (Common University Entrance Test), a centralized exam, to get admission to one of the participating universities. There is a lot of competition, so putting up the most effort possible to enhance your chances of victory is essential, so it is important to follow the CUET's previous year's question papers. Understanding the syllabus, developing a practical preparation strategy, and looking for CUET's previous year's question papers and mock tests should be the initial steps in any preparation.

CUET's previous year's question papers, sample papers, and CUET mock test NTA was created using CUET's recommended Syllabus. 

Table of Content

  • CUET Previous Year’s Question Paper for Geography
  • CUET Study Material for Geography
  • CUET Geography Syllabus and Exam Pattern
  • How to Prepare Geography for CUET
  • Knowledge of the Syllabus
  • Maintaining the Schedule
  • Regularity and Punctuality
  • Revision and Practice
  • Prioritizing Your Health
  • CUET previous year's question papers FAQS

CUET Previous Year’s Question Paper for Geography

The study of geography examines the varied physical characteristics of the Earth's surface and the distribution of human habitation across it. Thorough preparation is required to perform well on the CUET by practicing CUET previous year's question papers and obtaining admission to the best universities.

Candidates must begin solving the CUET previous year's question papers and other sample papers once they have finished all the syllabus-required concepts. All candidates must complete sample tests and CUET previous year's question papers before they may gain insight into the frequently posed questions. They can also correct their errors by solving CUET previous year's question papers and other study material.

Position yourself for success to maximize your chances of success in intense competition.

CUET Study Material for Geography 

Candidates taking the CUET entrance exam in Geography need to achieve high scores. They must adhere to a detailed study schedule and can use PW’s CUET Geography Study Material and CUET previous year's question papers for geography to succeed in the exam.

To develop a solid approach for the Geography Exam, one must access essential study resources like the CUET mock test NTA and CUET last year's paper. The Geography syllabus, sample paper, revision notes, Geography practice exam PDF, CUET mock exam NTA, CUET's previous year's question papers, MCQ test, etc., are crucial study aids.

Here are some study materials from the PW store that can assist your preparation for the CUET Geography subject. 



CUET Geography Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Geography is a discipline that investigates the physical characteristics of the Earth's surface and the distribution of human settlements. Thorough preparation is required to perform well on the CUET and obtain admission to the best universities. Two primary topics make up the Geography syllabus for CUET.

  • Fundamentals of Human Geography.
  • India: People and Economy

(Refer to the CUET Geography syllabus in detail to understand the geography portions for the CUET examination)

The CUET previous year's question papers for geography have a set format so all applicants can be evaluated equally. According to the CUET 2023 Exam Structure for Geography, two sessions are available for the exam: morning and afternoon. 

How to prepare geography for CUET is the next important step after knowing the syllabus and reading it. Reading through and comprehending the exam pattern before creating a preparation plan and going through CUET previous year's question papers is advisable. It facilitates better strategy formulation and simple implementation. Below is a description of the geography exam's specific format:

  • According to NTA's official statement, the geography syllabus for the CUET would only cover the NCERT syllabus for class 12th grade.
  • There will be a single-question paper with 50 questions, of which 40 must be answered.
  • One mark will be subtracted from 200 for each incorrect response.
  • There will be 45 minutes allotted for the objective (MCQs) questions.

How To Prepare Geography For Cuet

Knowledge of the Syllabus

First, carefully read the syllabus and pay attention to specific questions. This will help you understand the syllabus's substance and significance. A thorough understanding of the material and an improved strategy will enhance your performance during the exam. You may easily design your preparation timeline based on these variables.

Maintaining the Schedule

Use good time management to stay on schedule. One of the fundamental skills that every aspirant needs to possess is time management. Only by closely adhering to your schedule can you manage your time effectively. 

Create a plan allowing you to cover all the material on time and provide additional time for practice and review after assessing your strengths and shortcomings.

Regularity and Punctuality

Maintaining a disciplined approach is essential throughout your Geography (CUET) preparation phase. Not only does creating the perfect routine require implementation but punctuality is also required. A routine only yields results when it is consistently followed. Both are interrelated in this case. A good routine also minimizes pointless work and guarantees that you stay concentrated and goal-oriented. It serves as direction for your journey of preparation.

Revision and Practice

Revision is required because it double-checks that you didn't forget anything. Practice always aims to improve you, especially CUET's previous year's question papers and mock papers. Remember to revise your paper and take the practice exam. You will be prepared for the exam by taking practice tests and solving CUET previous year's question papers. It will also provide insight into managing your time on test day. A practice test is the best technique to simulate an exam before the real thing. So, this is a need.

Prioritizing Your Health

Maintaining a healthy diet and a fit lifestyle over this entire period is another crucial goal that you must keep in mind. You can't afford to be sick when you're getting ready. When your body isn't feeling well, concentration is also hampered. Therefore, having a healthy body and mind is very important. If you can ensure these three things and adhere to the strategic plan outlined above, success will be within your grasp. These three things are clarity (of the syllabus), attention, and consistency (with your work).

Cuet Previous Year's Question Papers Faqs

Q1. How should I study for the geography CUET?

Ans. According to experts, one of the best ways to improve your preparation level is to take mock exams and solve CUET previous year's question papers. Additionally, taking CUET mock tests after finishing each course will help you assess your level of preparation and concentrate on strengthening your weak areas.

Q2. What are the total marks of CUET geography?

Ans. Out of 50 questions, candidates may choose any 40 to respond to. Every geography question is an MCQ of the objective variety. The test carries a 200-mark maximum.

Q3. What are the subjects' topics in geography and geology?

Ans. Topics covered in geography and geology classes include common property resources, important crops, agricultural development and issues, general land use, and agricultural land use.

Q4. Can I pass the CUET without preparing?

Ans. To pass the admission exam, evaluating your degree of preparedness is essential. You must practice the concepts, construct topic tests based on the exam structure and solve CUET previous year's question papers and other sample and mock papers to understand your strengths and limitations and pinpoint improvement areas. Additionally, try to answer as many MCQs from the topics covered on your board exam.

Q5. Is a CUET challenging to crack?

Ans. The Central Universities Entrance Test typically has an easy-moderate difficulty level. So long as you have a basic understanding of courses like English, reasoning, and general awareness and have enough practice with CUET's previous year's question papers and other mock papers, you should be able to pass the exam with flying colors.

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