Best Books For CUET Exam Preparation 2024

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March 07, 2024

CUET Preparation Books are one of the best ways to understand the core concepts and help the candidates to learn problem-solving skills. Hence, it is important to pick up the right CUET preparation books


Since several books are available in the market, finding the right CUET Exam Preparation Books would be confusing. Therefore, we have listed the best CUET preparation books to help the candidates. Follow this blog to learn more about the CUET Preparation Books. 


CUET Preparation Books


Every year lakhs of students appear for the CUET exam, competing on a merit basis to secure a seat under various Doctorate, Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Integrated Postgraduate, Diploma, Certification courses, and Research programs. 


Therefore, students should prepare from the best CUET exam preparation books. Moreover, candidates should choose CUET exam preparation books with the previous year's papers and solutions. So that it will be helpful in their practice and analysis. 


Best Books for CUET Preparation 2024


Selecting the CUET exam preparation books plays an important role in the CUET exam preparation. Hence, reviews and ratings posted by fellow CUET aspirants are important. However, doing this would be time-consuming as many resources are available. 


Hence, we have listed the best subject-wise and combo CUET exam preparation books for candidates, which are available in the PW store. Click the link below to learn more about these CUET Preparation books. 


CUET Preparation Books - General Test

  1. CUET UG General Test Book (Common University Entrance Test 2023)


CUET Preparation Books - English

  1. CUET UG English Book (Common University Entrance Test 2023)


CUET Preparation Books - Hindi

  1. CUET UG Hindi (हिन्दी) Book (Common University Entrance Test 2023)


CUET Preparation Books - Physics

  1. CUET UG Physics Book (Common University Entrance Test 2023)


CUET Preparation Books - Chemistry

  1. CUET UG Chemistry Book (Common University Entrance Test 2023)


CUET Preparation Books - Economics

  1. CUET UG Economics Book (Common University Entrance Test 2023)


CUET Preparation Bools - History

  1. CUET UG History Book (Common University Entrance Test 2023)


CUET Preparation Books - Mathematics

  1. CUET UG Mathematics Book (Common University Entrance Test 2023)


CUET Preparation Books - Biology

  1. CUET UG Biology Book (Common University Entrance Test 2023)


Benefits of CUET Preparation Books


The following are some of the benefits of CUET Preparation Books. 


Important Current Affairs


This CUET book consists of the important current affairs for the general test section. Moreover, it contains a QR code for the current affairs of upcoming months. Therefore, the current affairs will be updated regularly. 


Good For Revision


It contains appropriate theories and questions to prepare and revise every chapter. Hence, candidates won't miss out on any chapters. Moreover, memory-based questions for each chapter are covered in this CUET book. 


Mock Test Papers


CUET mock test papers are attached for candidates to practice to get the exam feel. Also answer keys for the mock tests are also attached for analysis purposes. 5 NTA based practice test papers are also attached with answer keys and QR codes for online explanations. 


Different Question Types


Different question types, such as NCERT-based topic-wise MCQs, matching type MCQs, assertion & reason type MCQs, statement-based MCQs, and case-based & comprehension-based MCQs, are provided in these CUET exam books. 


Previous Year Papers


These CUET books contain the previous year's papers with answers and solutions. Hence, it will be best for candidates to understand the question types and the exam pattern. Also, they can use this for analysis purposes. 


Preparation Tips for CUET Exam


The following are the tips to prepare for the CUET exam. 


Understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern


The National Testing Agency (NTA) has already released the CUET syllabus. Hence, candidates should first understand the CUET syllabus and exam pattern. 


Marking Scheme


Understand the marking scheme of the CUET exam. For every correct answer, 5 marks will be given, and 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. Hence, candidates should be very careful while answering. 


Study Plan


Prepare a study plan and stick to it. Stay consistent during your CUET Preparation journey, and stay motivated. 


Figure Out the Learning Strategy


Every candidate will have a unique strategy. Hence, it is important to create your own strategy. Some candidates would like to study in the early morning. Therefore, a timetable should be made according to their preference. 


Give Proper Time to Each Subject


Every subject is very important in your preparation. Hence, allocate proper time for all the subjects. If you are already strong in that subject, give time for revision. Allocate the rest of the time to the weaker topics.  


Read from the Best CUET Preparation Books


Selecting the best resource material is very important in CUET preparation. Hence, candidates should choose the best CUET books. To help the candidates in the selection, we have provided the list of CUET UG books. 




Keep revising the topics that you find very difficult. Take handwritten notes and revise them before the exam day. 


Practice Previous Year CUET Papers


Take mock tests and practice the previous year's CUET papers. Moreover, it is important to analyze the mistakes made in the test. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses by practicing the mock tests and the previous year's papers. 


CUET Preparation Books FAQs


Q1. Where can I get the subject-wise CUET entrance exam books?

Ans. Candidates can get the subject-wise CUET entrance exam books in the PW store


Q2. Do these CUET entrance exam books have previous year papers?

Ans. Yes, previous years' papers are included in these CUET entrance exam books. 


Q3. Does the PW store have combo CUET exam books?

Ans. Yes, the PW store has combo CUET exam books for preparation and the previous year's papers. 


Q4. What is the number of attempts in the CUET 2024 exam?

Ans. There is no limit on the number of attempts in the CUET exam.  


Q5. What is the difficulty level of the CUET exam?

Ans. For an average student, the difficulty level of the CUET exam would be moderate.

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