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Physics Wallah Academic Expert
March 07, 2024

GATE books include a set of books that are crucial for an in-depth understanding of all the topics. Additionally, these are easily comprehensible books designed to enhance every candidate’s GATE exam preparation. The GATE is a highly competitive exam with an extensive syllabus encompassing numerous topics in each field. In order to qualify for GATE with a high score, candidates must study with the best GATE exam books. However, selecting the best GATE book is a huge task for aspirants.

To know which GATE preparation books are essential for performing better in the exam, aspirants must conduct thorough research on the GATE book available in the market. Furthermore, they must know the reviews of other students before purchasing a GATE book. Furthermore, they should always consider going for the latest edition as it follows the revised syllabus. However, all the steps involved in choosing the best books for GATE may be overwhelming to students. Therefore, we have provided a list of subject-wise GATE books that students must study to secure an excellent score on the exam. 


Table of Content

  • GATE Books for Exam Preparation
  • GATE Books for Mechanical Engineering
  • GATE Books for CSE
  • GATE Books for Electronics and Communication
  • GATE Books for Electrical Engineering
  • GATE Books for Civil Engineering
  • Feature of GATE Book Offered by PW Store
  • GATE Book Frequently Asked Questions


GATE Books for Exam Preparation


Gate book comprises a compilation of vital resources recommended by the best faculties in India to cover the entire GATE syllabus comprehensively. We have meticulously curated this list, featuring books authored by experts that have been trusted and followed by top performers over the years.

Aspirants must refer to the sections below for a comprehensive breakdown of the best GATE preparation books specific to each paper. Before making a purchase, aspirants must click the links provided for each GATE book to get detailed information about the book and its content.


GATE Books for Mechanical Engineering


GATE books for ME or Mechanical Engineering cover all four sections of the syllabus, namely, Engineering mathematics, mechanics and design, thermal sciences & fluid mechanics, and materials, manufacturing, and industrial engineering. Additionally, our master faculties aim to provide a comprehensive explanation of every topic through the solutions to the previous year’s questions. Additionally, GATE preparation books offered by PW Store include a video solution, which is crucial for gaining an in-depth understanding of the revised syllabus topics.


In the table below, we have included the Physics Wallah GATE book names. Candidates must click the links for all the details relating to these GATE 2024 books:


GATE Books for Mechanical Engineering


  1. GATE PYQs Mechanical Engineering
  2. GATE PYQs Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude


GATE Books for CSE


The GATE book for CSE or Computer Science is a crucial study material for gaining detailed knowledge of every syllabus topic. Additionally, it is a highly demanded subject, which is why people from many backgrounds continue to study it. Therefore, finding GATE books for CSE is a challenging task. 

To help students prepare efficiently for the exam, PW Store provides meticulously designed GATE books for CSE, which is crucial study material for improving GATE 2024 preparation. The CSE GATE book is a compilation of PYQs and their detailed solutions, which efficiently explains every concept to improve aspirants’ knowledge and preparedness for the exam. 

The following table provides a list of GATE books for CSE available at PW Store:


GATE Books for CSE


  1. GATE PYQs Computer Science and IT
  2. GATE PYQs Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude


GATE Books for Electronics and Communication


The GATE book for ECE constitutes eight main categories, according to the recent syllabus. These include Engineering Mathematics, Digital Circuits, Signals and Systems, Networks, Communications Electronic Devices, Analog Circuits, Control Systems, and Electromagnetics. The latest edition of GATE exam books available at the PW Store thoroughly covers all of these topics.

In order to perform well in the Electronics and Communication paper, candidates must master all the topics included in the syllabus. For this, they should refer to the best GATE 2024 books provided by PW Store. These books clearly explain all the important topics with the help of detailed solutions to past year GATE questions. Additionally, candidates get the benefit of referring to a video solution for these questions where our master faculties comprehensive analysis of important topics.  

To know the details of the GATE book for ECE subjects, students must click the links provided in the following table:


GATE Books for Electronics and Communication


  1. GATE PYQs Electronics and Communication
  2. GATE PYQs Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude


GATE Books for Electrical Engineering


The GATE book for Electrical Engineering covers ten main sections of the GATE Syllabus. All the questions asked in GATE are from the following topics:

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Signals and Systems
  • Electrical Machines
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Power Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Electrical and Electronic Measurements
  • Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Power Electronics


While selecting books for GATE preparation online, candidates must ensure that the study materials include thorough coverage of these ten sections.

In order to enhance Electrical Engineering preparation, PW Store provides compiled solutions to previous year's papers. By referring to these solutions, aspirants can gain an in-depth understanding of every concept. Additionally, they can practise solving the PYPs within a deadline to improve their time management and problem-solving skills. All these preparation approaches are helpful for enhancing exam preparation and qualifying with an excellent score. 

The table below includes names of Electrical Engineering best books for GATE:


GATE Books for Electrical Engineering


  1. GATE PYQs Electrical Engineering
  2. GATE PYQs Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude


GATE Books for Civil Engineering


The GATE book for Civil Engineering includes each syllabus topic with thorough explanations provided by expert faculty of Physics Wallah. By preparing with the GATE 2024 books available on the PW Store, candidates can master the following sections that are extremely crucial for scoring well:

  • Surveying
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Design Of Steel Structures
  • Structural Analysis
  • Highway Engineering 
  • Fluid Mechanics Fluid Machines
  • R.C.C. Designs 
  • Engineering Hydrology
  • Soil Mechanics Foundation Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Aptitude


Besides covering the concepts of syllabus chapters, the GATE exam books developed by the PW team help improve the problem-solving skills of aspirants. The PYP questions covered in these books include answer keys, which facilitate self-evaluation. This way, GATE aspirants can determine their strong and weak sections. Further, they can make changes to their study plan to strengthen their command of difficult topics.

The table below includes the best books for GATE Civil Engineering offered by PW Store:


GATE Books for Civil Engineering


  1. GATE PYQs Civil Engineering
  2. GATE PYQs Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude


Feature of GATE Book Offered by PW Store


While developing the GATE book, our expert faculties focus on adding value to the aspirant’s preparation. For this, we consider certain aspects like the learning requirements of candidates, the GATE revised syllabus, the weightage of topics, etc. Therefore, we excel in providing the best books for GATE, which are sufficient for cracking the exam with a high rank. 

Here are some key features offered by PW GATE 2024 books:


  1. Simplicity and Comprehensibility: Our GATE preparation books are written in a manner that is easily understandable for the candidates. Our faculties present technical topics and chapters in straightforward and simple language without excessive use of technical jargon.
  2. Clear and Concise Explanations: Considering the exam's inclusion of numerous challenging chapters, we aim to explain each concept in a clear, concise manner. This way, candidates can comprehend the content thoroughly.
  3. Accuracy of Content: It is crucial that the GATE books accurately describe the chapters and subjects that are included in the GATE 2024 curriculum. Therefore, we carefully review the GATE book during the development phase in order to provide accurate information.


GATE Book Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Does the validity of the GATE score extend for a lifetime? 


Ans. No, the validity of a GATE scorecard lasts for three years from the issue date. However, candidates can choose to reappear in the GATE exam in the following years to improve their scores.


Q2. Will relying solely on GATE books be sufficient to clear the GATE Exam? 


Ans. GATE is an extremely challenging exam. Therefore, candidates must follow an effective preparation strategy. Though GATE books are an essential part of covering the syllabus topics effectively, it is equally important to join a GATE preparation online or offline course to get expert guidance throughout the preparation. Additionally, aspirants should practice with the previous year's GATE papers and attempt GATE mock test series for comprehensive and effective preparation.


Q3. How should I select books for GATE preparation? 


Ans. Firstly, candidates should thoroughly understand the GATE syllabus and identify the specific topics they need to study based on the exam's requirements. Then, they can refer to the list for the GATE book available in this article and PW Store.


Q4. Who is responsible for setting the GATE 2024 question paper? 


Ans. Every year a specific educational institution prepares the question paper for GATE. Similarly, for 2024, IISc Bangalore is responsible for developing the GATE question paper.   


Q5. Can I crack GATE within 5 months without coaching?


Ans. It is possible to achieve a good rank in GATE if you start preparing at least 5-6 months in advance. In fact, dedicating half a year to GATE preparation is considered sufficient time to cover the syllabus thoroughly. However, for students in their final year of a 4-year program, it can be more challenging as they must balance university exams, campus placements, and GATE preparation simultaneously. In this case, it is recommended to join coaching so that the expert faculties can provide the necessary guidance to enhance GATE preparation while managing other activities.


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