How to Crack NEET 2024 – Ultimate NEET Preparation tips & tricks

Physics Wallah Academic Expert
August 04, 2023

arjuna for jee main and advanced Candidates can follow the NEET preparation tips shared by the toppers to prepare for the NEET exam. By following these NEET preparation tips, candidates can get a good score in the NEET exam. 

Moreover, selecting the best NEET Study Materials is important in NEET preparation. Hence, we have listed the best NEET materials for candidates, which can be found in the PW store. Follow the blog to learn the 10 ultimate NEET preparation tips to crack the NEET exam. 

NEET Preparation

Candidates should have a good NEET preparation strategy to crack the NEET exam. The NEET preparation journey is like a roller coaster ride where candidates will experience all the ups and downs in life. 

Best NEET exam books are important for NEET exam preparation. With these NEET exam books, candidates can better understand and solve the previous year's papers. Hence, selecting the NEET exam books with the last year's papers is very important for NEET exam preparation. 

NEET Preparation Tips

The following are the 10 ultimate tips for NEET preparation. 

1. Understand the Exam Pattern

Before starting the NEET preparation, the candidates must know the NEET exam pattern. By knowing the NEET exam pattern, candidates will understand how much weight is given to each section. 

2. Know the NEET Syllabus

After knowing the exam pattern, candidates should know the NEET exam syllabus for each section. Since the NEET exam syllabus is vast, candidates should also find the important topics to concentrate on first. 

3. Prepare a Study Plan

This is one of the important tips in NEET preparation. Candidates should prepare a study plan according to their schedule. School-going students and NEET droppers should create a plan that will be comfortable for them. Moreover, they should stick to the study plan. 

4. Collect the NEET Study Materials

Collecting the best NEET resource study materials for NEET preparation is important. Since the internet is overflowing with many resources, candidates should rely on the best NEET study materials instead of sticking to random ones. 

5. Take Notes

Handwritten notes are always best when it comes to NEET preparation. Candidates can use them for their weekly revision and last-minute revision. 

6. Prepare Mnemonics

Some candidates would forget the necessary formulas and techniques. Hence, these candidates can take Mnemonics to remember the concepts. It will be very useful in the Chemistry section as it will help the candidates remember the chemical names. 

7. Take Mock Tests

In the initial stage of NEET preparation, candidates can take subject-wise mock tests. By taking the subject-wise mock tests, they can concentrate more. In the middle of the preparation, candidates should take mock tests to analyze their whole preparation. 

8. Practice the Previous Year's Papers

Simultaneously, candidates should give importance to the previous year's papers in the NEET preparation. The last year's papers will provide more confidence to candidates. Hence, candidates should practice the last year's papers and analyze them. 

9. Take Care of Your Health

Since the candidates are preparing for the NEET exam, they will often forget about their health. Taking care of their health to perform well in the exam is important. Hence, toppers have recommended candidates take breaks and do something they enjoy. 

10. Revision

The final tip in the NEET preparation strategy is revision. Candidates should spend their last month for revision. In the last month, it is not advisable to learn new topics. Candidates should use this for their last-minute revision. 

Best NEET Exam Books

Candidates should prepare from the best NEET exam books for the NEET preparation. Therefore, they should look for NEET exam books with detailed solutions, previous year papers, etc. Moreover, they should check the reviews and ratings posted by their fellow NEET aspirants. 

To help candidates with their search, we have listed the best NEET exam books which are available in the PW store. Click the link below to learn more about the NEET exam books. 

Dropper NEET Study Material

  1. Yakeen for Dropper NEET Study Material (2023 Edition)


  1. Objective NCERT Punch Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Competitive Exams (NEET and CUET) | Includes A&R and Statement Type Questions Combo Set of 3 Books Edition 2023

CBSE Class 11th NEET Study Material

  1. Arjuna for 11th NEET Study Material (2023 Edition)

CBSE Class 12th NEET Study Material

  1. Lakshya for 12th NEET Study Material (2023 Edition)

NEET 2.0 Test Series

  1. RANKERS NEET 2.0 Test Series

NEET Crash Course

  1. Sprint for NEET in 60 Days (Crash Course)

NEET 36 Years Papers

  1. NEET 36 Years Physics + Chemistry + Biology Combo - Previous Years Solved Papers (Chapter & Topic-Wise with Solutions) (2023-1988)

NEET 11 Years Papers

  1. NEET 11 Years Solved Papers (2023-2013)

Mind Maps NEET Books

  1. MIND MAPS FOR NEET 11th and 12th Set of 2 Books Combo Pack Physics, Chemistry, & Biology

Benefits of NEET Exam Books

The following are the benefits of NEET exam books. 

Detailed Explanation

During the NEET preparation, candidates should pay more importance to the concepts. All the concepts in these NEET books are explained clearly so that candidates can understand them better. 

Latest NEET Syllabus

All the chapters in these NEET exam books are prepared according to the latest exam pattern. Moreover, the concepts and explanations are prepared by expert faculty members in that field. 

NEET Study Plan

These NEET books contain 60 study plans for last-minute revision. It provides a complete revision for candidates who want to revise the whole NEET syllabus. 

Different Question Types

It contains question types like matching type and correct, assertion & reason, and statement-based questions. Moreover, questions are segregated into levels like levels 1 and 2. 

Previous Year Papers

Previous year NEET papers are included in these NEET books for candidates' practice. Also, accurate solutions and answer keys are provided. Therefore, candidates can refer them for analysis. 

NEET Preparation FAQs

Q1. Where can I get the best NEET study materials?

Ans. Candidates can get the best NEET study materials in the PW store. 

Q2. Does the NEET exam include the Mathematics section?

Ans. No, the NEET exam doesn't contain a Mathematics section. 

Q3. What are the top 3 NEET preparation tips? 

Ans. The top 3 NEET preparation tips are knowing the exam pattern and syllabus, creating a study plan, and practicing mock tests. 

Q4. Can students prepare for the NEET exam at home?

Ans. Students with a stronghold in the NCERT syllabus can prepare for the NEET exam at home. 

Q5. How can I improve my problem-solving skills for the Physics section?

Ans. Candidates can improve their problem-solving skills by practicing more questions.

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