How to Prepare for MPSC Exam without Coaching? Get a Detailed Study Plan to Ace Your Exam Here!

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May 01, 2024

Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) is a governmental organization of the Government of Maharashtra. It conducts examinations each year to recruit candidates for different governmental departments. Thousands of candidates take this examination each year. As a result, the competition among them is intense. Most aspirants of the exam, especially those who are desirous of securing a higher number of marks, believe that joining coaching is necessary to perform well in it. 


While joining coaching for the MPSC examination has its advantages, it is not mandatory to do well in the exam. Some aspirants have also performed well in it through self-study. If you also wish to do the same, you must prepare for the examination systematically. This article will shed light on some tried and tested tips on how to prepare for MPSC exam without coaching.


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Table of content


  • How to prepare for the exam without coaching
  • Winning strategies to ace MPSC exam with self-study
  • Do a SWOT analysis
  • Follow the MPSC Pomodoro Method
  • Prepare yourself with the exam pattern and syllabus in mind
  • Study a variety of reference books and solve mock tests
  • Monitor your MPSC preparation and keep yourself up-to-date
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


How to prepare for the MPSC exam without coaching?


More than coaching, the result of any examination depends on how well you prepare for it. If you wish to do well in the MPSC exam through self-study, you need a systematic plan and the strong willpower to implement it. Besides, bearing a few points in mind will also be necessary for you. Keeping the following points in mind will give you a headstart:


  • The MPSC exam is just like other competitive examinations with a syllabus. If you are its aspirant, knowing its syllabus will help you formulate a plan to ace it.


  • From the unit-wise weightage, you could get an idea of those concepts that need more attention. Being attentive to them will help you work out a solid plan to prepare for the exam. 


  • With a fair idea of the different sections of your question paper, you will be able to decide on how to answer questions in the question paper. It is of paramount importance as your ability to answer all the questions within the given duration will determine its outcome.


  • Every learner’s pace of learning varies from others. So, regardless of how good you may be at learning, your pace will most likely vary from other aspirants. You’ll benefit more by preparing for the exam at your own pace.


  • You may have heard that “time is money.” But when it comes to preparing for a competitive exam, such as MPSC, it is as worthy as gold. Effective time management is the aspect that draws a line of separation between toppers and candidates with average performance. You can be one between both these choices, depending on how well you utilize the time that is available to you.


If you remember these points, you can achieve excellent outcomes in the MPSC exam without the need to go for coaching.


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Winning strategies to ace MPSC through self-study



1. Do a SWOT analysis


SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats. A SWOT analysis is a useful tool for business organizations. It is a killer strategy that makes them aware of their strong points and the areas on which they need to work to improve their performance. Embracing this tried and tested strategy will pave your way to success in the MPSC exam. Here’s how you can go about it.


  • Take a look at the syllabus for the MPSC exam and analyze your level of knowledge for each of them.


  • If you come across concepts that are less known to you, consider keeping each of them on the list of concepts that need more attention.


  • While you would want to strengthen your strong points, you would also want to cover those on which you lag. If you strengthen your strengths and plug all the loopholes, you will be invincible on the day of your examination.


2. Follow the MPSC Pomodoro Method


If you find it difficult to study for longer hours, you can study comfortably by following this method.


  • The MPSC Pomodoro method involves taking multiple breaks in between when doing a piece of work.


  • If you study for half an hour without any interruption, you can take a break for about 5 minutes to recollect yourself.


  • This method revolves around the idea that taking a break while performing a task improves productivity by boosting concentration.


  • The best part about this method is that it allows you to begin a piece of work with a fresh mind.


  • Due to the vast syllabus of the MPSC examination, studying for longer hours may be necessary for your MPSC preparation. By following the Pomodoro method, you can study for longer hours with better concentration without compromising your productivity.


3. Prepare yourself with the exam pattern and syllabus in mind


  • You are likely to do well if you prepare keeping in mind the subjects and the type of questions you will get from them.


  • As different elements of your syllabus would need different durations of time, you’d be better off studying with a proper timetable. Remember that the ones in which you are weak will need more time.


  • Try devoting 8-10 hours at least to your studies out of 24 hours in a day. Adhering to this duration for your studies with honesty and discipline will pave your way to success in the exam.


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4. Study a variety of reference books and solve mock tests – expand your knowledge base with ample practice


One of the key requirements of self-study is to expand your knowledge base on your own. It may sound challenging at the outset, but there to do it perfectly. 



  • Dedicated Rajyaseva books for different subjects are available in the market. You can choose NCERT textbooks plus other books for different subjects to prepare yourself for the examination.


  • At present, the Internet is your best friend for preparing for any competitive examination. You can get reference materials online for free for your MPSC preparation. But you might want to rely more on printed resources such as books and sample papers instead of online resources as they are more reliable.


  • In line with the saying “practice makes one perfect,” the more you practice the sample papers, the better will be your outcome. It will help you to get used to answering all the questions in the question paper within the allotted time.



5. Monitor your MPSC preparation and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest information on different events


Evaluating your performance from time to time will play a decisive role in determining your outcomes in the examination conducted by the MPSC.


  • You can find out how prepared you are to take the MPSC exam by assessing your performance on the mock tests. Don’t lose heart even if you are not able to do well initially in the tests. You will only keep improving with more practice.


  • If you wish to perform up to your expectations in the MPSC exam, you must also check if you can answer all the questions within the allotted time duration.


  • Some concepts can be vast. When you study them for the first time, you may not remember everything about them. Don’t worry, though, as you can commit the important points related to it to your memory by taking short notes that are easy to understand and remember.


  • Current Affairs is a part and parcel of the MPSC competitive examination. The data related to it keeps changing with time, so you need to refresh your knowledge base on it daily. Studying current affairs is your best way to do it.





Careful planning and consideration are necessary to crack any competitive exam. The same rule is also applicable to MPSC prelims and main examinations. If you have made up your mind to prepare for these exams without coaching, you have made a vital decision. By following the above tips, you can excel and clear both exams with finesse. All the best!




Q1. Can candidates make changes to the application form once they have submitted it?


A1. Yes, making changes is possible as per the date mentioned by the MPSC examination board.


Q2. Who can appear for the MPSC exam?


A2. All graduates who have attained their graduation degree from a government-recognized organization, plus those who are appearing for their final year, can apply for the exam.


Q3. What are the minimum and maximum age criteria for applying for this exam?


A3. The minimum age to be attained to apply for this exam is 18 years, and the maximum is capped at 33 for people applying in the general category. However, there is age relaxation for OBC and SC/St candidates, which is reportedly to be 35 and 38, respectively.


Q4. How many times can a candidate appear for the MPSC exam?


A4. There are no limitations for the same, but one has to clear their preliminary exam to stand eligible for giving the mains. Plus, they can apply till they reach their maximum age limit as set by the board.


Q5. Is there a negative marking scheme in the MPSC exam?


A5. Yes, for every wrong answer you give, ¼th of the allotted marks to the question is deducted.

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