Importance of Newspaper Reading for UPSC Preparation

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October 31, 2023

Reading newspapers is important for UPSC aspirants to understand current affairs. Moreover, having a good knowledge of current affairs is important to crack the UPSC exam. Therefore, reading newspapers plays an important role in UPSC preparation. 

Hence, we have listed the importance of reading newspapers for UPSC preparation and the steps to make notes from newspapers. Follow this blog to learn more about the importance of newspapers. 

How to Read Newspapers for UPSC?

Reading newspapers for UPSC requires note-taking. Because reading the newspaper alone won't help the candidates to remember them forever. By referring to the notes, candidates can quickly revise them. Therefore, handwritten notes are very important for UPSC preparation.

Moreover, these handwritten notes should be organized correctly in order to make it easier for candidates to refer to them. If the candidate finds it difficult to take handwritten notes, they can also take digital notes and save them as a PDF file. 

Subject Wise Newspaper Reading for UPSC

Aspirants should note that they should not dedicate more than 60 minutes to newspaper reading. The following provides what should be read in each subject. 

National News

  • National wise schemes or initiatives launched by the government. 
  • ISRO or any scientific development news.
  • Events related to national importance. For instance, any accidents, man-made calamities, or natural calamities could be prevented using the disaster management action plan.

International News

  • Cover the international events and conferences attended by the Prime Minister and President. 
  • The agreements and treaties signed by them in those events and conferences. 
  • Reports that are published by international organizations such as WHO, ASEAN, UN, and UNICEF. 
  • Cover the major political events in other countries, such as uprisings, political coups, etc. 


  • Press releases from RBI, NASSCOM, SEBI, NITI Aayog, ASSOCHAM, etc.
  • Cover the reforms and measures introduced by the Finance Ministry. 
  • For instance, indicators like GDP, IIP, CPI, etc. 


  • Cover the Parliamentary bills and acts. For instance, Citizenship Amendment Act.
  • Recent schemes announced by the government.
  • Parliamentary debates 
  • Supreme court and high court verdict (cover only the essential matters).
  • Include the ministry-wise schemes and reports.

General Knowledge

  • Cover the news related to the environment and biodiversity.
  • News about the endangered species, extinct species, science & technology. 
  • Culture and heritage news conducted in the national programs and events. 

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UPSC Exam Preparation

Newspapers provide valuable information about national and international events, socio-economic issues, government policies, etc. Hence, UPSC aspirants can gather more information on various topics such as politics, environment, international relations, economics, science & technology, and many more. 

Moreover, it helps the candidates to improve their comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills. Also, case studies, quotations, and examples will be provided in the newspaper, which candidates can use for the UPSC examinations. 

Reading newspapers helps the candidates to get different perspectives and views regarding the views and events. This helps them to get an unbiased view of that topic. In addition to this, it helps them in the UPSC interviews, where the interviewers will ask questions related to current events and government policies. 

This helps them to stay updated with the latest happenings in the society. Therefore, they can easily crack the UPSC interviews. Hence, candidates should include newspaper reading in their UPSC exam preparation. 

Candidates can also read current affairs from the books and make themselves stay updated. Hence, we have listed the best books for UPSC preparation. Candidates can find these books in the PW store. To learn more about these UPSC books, click the link below. 

Science & Technology

  1. UPSC Sampoorna Science & Technology Book | UPSC | Civil Services Exam (OnlyIAS Book) (2023 Edition)
  2. UPSC Sampoorna Indian Economy | Civil Services Exam (OnlyIAS Book) (2023 Edition)

Indian Economy

  1. UPSC Sampoorna Indian Society | Civil Services Exam (OnlyIAS Book) (2023 Edition)
  2. UPSC सम्पूर्ण विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी | Civil Services Exam (OnlyIAS Book) (2023 Edition)

Indian Society

  1. UPSC सम्पूर्ण भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था | Civil Services Exam (OnlyIAS Book) (2023 Edition)
  2. UPSC सम्पूर्ण भारतीय समाज | Civil Services Exam (OnlyIAS Book) (2023 Edition)

Steps to Make Notes from Newspaper

The following are the steps to make notes from the newspaper. 

  • Candidates should primarily focus on the editorials, economy, environment, international affairs, social issues, court rulings, constitutional amendments, defense news, etc.
  • Candidates should ignore the news related to hyperlocal, political, celebrity, and most sports news. 
  • Highlight the important keywords and information from trusted sources using a highlighting pen. 
  • The notes should be prepared crisply. Because less is always more when it comes to UPSC preparation. 
  • Note the social issues and what are all the challenges the society is facing. 
  • After writing this, candidates should write about the facts, pros, and cons and note the recent incidents related to that issue. 
  • Candidates should check the topics related to rivers, water disputes, and water conservation. Because these topics can be asked in the Prelims, multiple GS papers in Mains, and the interview. 
  • The editorial section is very important as it contains opinions and analyses on various subjects. However, candidates should have their own perspectives on these topics. 
  • Eventually, the notes should be sorted so that it will be easier for the UPSC preparation. 
  • In addition to this, don't procrastinate in adding any important news to the notes.
  • Don’t forget to revise the newspaper notes. 

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How to Read Newspaper for UPSC FAQs

Q1. Why are newspaper notes important for UPSC exams?

Ans. Newspapers contain current affairs, which will be asked in the Prelims, Mains, and Interviews. 

Q2. Is the newspaper notes alone enough to crack the UPSC interview?

Ans. Newspaper notes alone are not enough to crack the UPSC interview as the candidate should also work on other things, like communication skills and more. 

Q3. What are the best newspapers for UPSC?

Ans. The Hindu and The Indian Express are the best newspapers for UPSC.  

Q4. Which is better, handwritten notes or digital notes?

Ans. Both note-making methods are good. Candidates can use the method that they are more comfortable with. 

Q5. What are the important sections to be focused on in the newspaper? 

Ans. Candidates should primarily focus on the editorials, economy, environment, international affairs, social issues, court rulings, defense news, etc.

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