JEE Main Chapter Wise PYQ: Questions with Detailed Solutions for Top Results

Physics Wallah Academic Expert
September 20, 2023

The JEE Main exam is one of the most competitive engineering entrance exams in India and tests students on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as per the 11th and 12th grade syllabi. With over 10 lakh students appearing for this exam every year, proper preparation strategy and high-quality study resources are imperative for students to maximize their scores.

One of the most effective ways to prepare for JEE Main is by solving chapter-wise previous year questions (PYQs) thoroughly. This blog post will guide you on leveraging PW's chapter-wise PYQs and solutions to bolster your JEE Main preparation.

Importance of Chapter-wise Preparation

The JEE Main syllabus covers the entire 11th and 12th grade Physics, Chemistry and Maths curriculum prescribed by NCERT. This is a vast syllabus comprising numerous topics and chapters.

Simply reading through all the study material without a focused approach can be quite overwhelming for students. Breaking the syllabus down into chapters and preparing one chapter at a time is thus an effective strategy.

Chapter-wise preparation for JEE Main helps in:

  • Understanding the portion to be covered topic and chapter-wise - Students get clarity on which chapter needs to be prepared first.
  • Dividing preparation into smaller, achievable targets - Completing one chapter feels like achieving a milestone, which motivates students to study further.
  • Identifying your strong and weak areas by chapter - Students can assess which topics they have good command over and which require more effort.
  • Allocating time and effort as per the weightage of each chapter - More time can be devoted to high-weightage chapters that have a greater number of questions.

However, chapter-wise preparation remains incomplete without actually solving a good amount of chapter-wise questions for practice. This helps students get familiar with the types of questions asked from each chapter and trains them to apply theoretical concepts to answer exam-style questions accurately within the time limit.

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Benefits of Solving Previous Year Papers

Solving chapter-wise previous year questions (PYQs) from JEE Main has the following advantages for exam preparation:

  • Get familiar with the exam pattern and difficulty level - Each chapter has a different weightage in the exam, hence the number and style of questions asked can vary across chapters. Analyzing chapter-wise PYQs will reveal important insights into the type of questions asked from each chapter, their level of difficulty and the exam pattern.
  • Know which topics are more important - Certain chapters have higher weightage than others and more questions are asked from them in the actual exam. Solving chapter-wise PYQs helps identify such high-yield chapters that require maximum focus.
  • Develop time management and problem-solving skills - PYQs expose students to a diverse mix of questions - some direct formula-based while others are tricky and concept-application based. Regular practice helps improve speed, accuracy and develops the ability to solve questions correctly within the stipulated 180 minutes.
  • Assess your preparation level - After finishing a chapter's PYQs, students can take a chapter-test and analyze their score to gauge their conceptual understanding, recall and retention ability for key topics. This helps assess preparation levels.
  • Learn to implement strategies to solve questions faster - Pattern recognition while solving PYQs equips students to quickly apply the most optimal strategy to solve questions from a particular chapter, thus helping improve their speed and efficiency.

In a nutshell, chapter-wise PYQs are invaluable for gaining exam insights, strengthening one's problem-solving skills, understanding the relevance of each topic and boosting confidence through rigorous practice.

How to Utilize PW Resources for JEE Main Preparation?

Physics Wallah (PW) provides the following resources to supplement your chapter-wise JEE Main preparation:

  • Chapter-wise PYQ PDFs - Contain chapter-wise questions segregated by subject from previous years' JEE Main papers along with answers.
  • Video solutions - PW's expert faculty solve PYQs from each chapter in detailed video solutions, explaining the step-by-step solving methodology.
  • Live All India Mock Tests - These tests simulate the real JEE Main exam day experience and provide an All India rank so you can benchmark your performance.
  • Live doubt solving - You can get your doubts instantly cleared in real-time by PW's master teachers via the chat option during live classes.

Follow these steps to optimize your usage of PW's vast repository of chapter-wise PYQs and video solutions:

  1. Refer to the JEE Main syllabus and make a list of important chapters you need to focus on.
  2. Thoroughly go through PYQ PDFs and highlight questions you were unable to solve or took longer to solve.
  3. Watch the video solutions to understand the best way to solve the questions you found difficult.
  4. Make notes of key formulae, theoretical concepts and problem-solving methods for each chapter.
  5. Revise these important questions and formulae periodically.
  6. Take mock tests to implement the concepts and techniques you have learned from PYQs.
  7. This well-planned approach will maximize the value derived from solving PW's chapter-wise PYQs for JEE Main.

Tips for Effective Preparation

Follow these tips to ensure your chapter-wise JEE Main preparation is productive:

  • Remove distractions and create an optimal study environment - Studying in a quiet place without distractions when your mind is fresh allows for maximum productivity and retention. Avoid multitasking.
  • Set realistic and achievable goals - Set a target to solve a certain number of PYQs from each chapter daily or weekly. Meeting smaller goals keeps you motivated to achieve bigger targets.
  • Analyze and work on weaker areas - Make a note of chapters where your performance in PYQs is below par. Dedicate more time to them, clear your doubts and continuously strengthen those topics.
  • Learn from the exam - Read PW's detailed memory-based paper analysis after each JEE Main session to gain insights into the actual exam pattern, difficulty level, weightage of topics etc.
  • Attempt mock tests regularly - Write weekly mock tests spanning all three subjects to improve your problem-solving speed, accuracy, time management and physical + mental stamina.
  • Stick to a routine - Have a fixed study schedule and follow it diligently. Creating a habit will help you stay consistent.
  • Avoid switching study modes frequently - Don't keep alternating between books, notes, PYQs etc. Stick to solving PYQs from a chapter to develop thorough expertise in it.

Following these tips religiously will help boost your productive study hours and ensure you make the most out of PW's chapter-wise PYQ content.

Get Concept Clarity from Video Solutions

PW's extensive library of video solutions helps strengthen conceptual clarity and problem-solving techniques for each chapter. The teachers clearly explain the theoretical concepts involved in a question before delving into the step-wise solution. For questions involving multiple concepts, they break down the solving process into stages and elucidate each concept thoroughly.

Watching the video solutions repeatedly until you grasp the concepts will ensure maximum retention. Pause the videos and practice solving questions parallelly. Linking theory to problem-solving is key. Stay patient and focused. Over time, you will find yourself becoming faster at solving JEE Main-style questions.

Frequently Ask Doubts in Live Sessions

Apart from video solutions, PW offers live doubt solving sessions. Here you can get your doubts instantly cleared by expert faculties. When you are stuck on a PYQ, immediately ask your doubt in the live chat and get a detailed explanation of the solution.

This enables instant concept clarification. You can also request teachers to solve PYQs live and explain a particular question in more depth. Frequently attending live classes and asking doubts will help reinforce your understanding of JEE Main exam questions.


In a nutshell, meticulous chapter-wise preparation with PYQs forms the bedrock for proficient and holistic JEE Main preparation. PW's chapter-wise PYQ PDFs supplemented with video solutions deliver an unparalleled learning experience to comprehend chapters in-depth. Consistent practice with these expertly solved questions will enable you to conquer the JEE Main exam with flying colours.

JEE Main Chapter Wise PYQ - FAQs

Q1. How can chapter-wise preparation enhance my JEE Main preparation strategy?

Chapter-wise preparation helps to break down the vast syllabus into sections, understand topics thoroughly, identify stronger and weaker areas, and allocate time and effort accordingly. Solving PYQs by chapter also builds confidence and skills to tackle different question types.

Q2. What are the benefits of solving previous year JEE Main papers?

Benefits include understanding the exam pattern and difficulty level, knowing which topics are more important, developing time management and problem-solving skills, and being able to assess preparation levels.

Q3. How can I effectively use the resources available on the PW page for my JEE Main preparation?

Refer to JEE Main syllabus, solve chapter-wise PYQ PDFs, watch video solutions by experts, revise important questions/formulae, take mock tests and implement what you learned.

Q4. Can I find solutions to the latest JEE Main papers on the PW page?

Yes, PW provides memory-based paper analysis and video solutions by top faculties for questions asked in the latest JEE Main exam papers.

Q5. What additional resources does PW offer for JEE Main preparation?

PW also offers live all India mock tests, live doubt solving sessions with teachers, crash courses, previous year question banks and more for comprehensive JEE Main preparation.

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