Masterplan to Conquer NEET 2024: Expert Techniques to Maximize Your Score

Physics Wallah Academic Expert
August 28, 2023

NEET 2024 would soon be the center of discussion among NEET aspirants. NEET-UG, is one of the most prestigious and difficult undergraduate medical entrance exams in India. Conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), it is the gateway for admission into premier MBBS and BDS programs offered by government and private institutions across the country.

The competition is fierce, with over 16 lakh aspirants appearing for NEET annually. Moreover, the exam NEET syllabus 2024 is vast, spanning biology, chemistry, and physics subjects from classes 11 and 12 of the CBSE curriculum. Therefore, thorough preparation with a strategic approach is crucial for students to maximize their scores in NEET and realize their dream of a rewarding medical career.

Table of Content

  • Starting NEET 2024 Preparation
  • Study Plan for NEET 2024
  • Timetable for NEET 2024
  • Recommended Books for NEET 2024
  • Subject-wise Study Tips
  • NEET 2024 Syllabus
  • Common Queries
  • Online Coaching for NEET 2024
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ’s

While Class 12 students have the advantage of starting early, even if one is in the first year of college or taking a drop year, cracking NEET is still achievable with diligent efforts. By learning from the proven tips and methods of NEET topper 2024 and experts, any student can excel in NEET 2024, irrespective of their academic background.

This comprehensive guide covers all key aspects of NEET preparation - effective strategies, structured study plans, book recommendations, subject-wise tips, coaching options, and more. By understanding the detailed roadmap and avoiding common errors, students can effectively optimize their NEET topper 2024 preparation, even if they start late.

Starting NEET 2024 Preparation

Starting NEET 2024 preparation at least 1.5-2 years in advance is advisable. For 12th-grade students, the ideal time is April-May of 11th standard onwards. Some key tips are:

  • Thoroughly understand the detailed NEET 2024 syllabus set by NTA. Segregate topics already covered in school and plan for new ones.
  • Choose the right study materials like NCERT textbooks, reference books, online tests, etc. NCERT books form the foundation, while reference books help gain deeper insights.
  • Join a coaching institute with expert faculty and a structured curriculum. Alternatively, online coaching offers recorded classes, doubt-solving, and personalized monitoring.
  • Make a realistic daily timetable factoring in coaching, self-study, breaks, etc. A minimum of 10-12 dedicated hours are needed daily.
  • Read NCERT line-by-line, underline key points, make notes, draw diagrams, etc. This builds strong conceptual understanding.
  • Practice MCQs from books and online test series covering all topic varieties. This reinforces concepts application.
  • Revise periodically through concise notes, flashcards, flowcharts, etc. Periodic revision is key for retaining knowledge.

Study Plan for NEET 2024

  • Recognize your peak study hours when concentration levels are optimal - early morning or late night. Plan key tasks accordingly.
  • During study hours, avoid digital distractions like social media, mobile, etc., through apps like Flora and Forest.
  • Break long study hours into 45-minute sessions with 10-15-minute breaks to avoid exhausting your mind.
  • Set specific daily goals (completing a chapter, 30 MCQs, etc.) and weekly goals (one mock test, revision, etc.)
  • Regularly attempt mock tests on scheduled days. Analyze to find topic weaknesses and improve.
  • Make short notes after each topic for key facts, formulas, diagrams, etc. Revise them often.

Timetable for NEET 2024

Timetable for NEET 2024

  • Minimum 10-12 productive study hours including coaching classes
  • Fixed times for meals, breaks, sleep etc. Time management is critical.
  • Take weekly offs for relaxation and socializing. Monitor progress weekly.

Recommended Books for NEET 2024


  • NCERT Textbooks - Class 11, 12
  • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma
  • Understanding Physics by DC Pandey


  • NCERT Textbooks - Class 11, 12
  • Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd
  • Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee


  • NCERT Textbooks - Class 11, 12
  • Objective Biology by Dinesh
  • Pradeep's Biology Guide

Subject-wise Study Tips:


  • Thoroughly understand diagrams, flowcharts, and cycles from NCERT line-by-line
  • Memorize scientific names, classifications, and terminologies accurately
  • Recall key facts and processes by envisioning the diagrams
  • Practice a wide variety of MCQs from books, online tests


  • Gain conceptual clarity from NCERTs on fundamental principles
  • Refer to reference books for derivations and problem-solving techniques
  • Practice numerical problems of all varieties regularly
  • Develop skills to identify appropriate formulas and concepts


  • Focus on understanding reactions, visualizing electron movements
  • Memorize periodic table trends, chemical formulae, conversion factors
  • Practice MCQs to apply concepts and balance chemical equations
  • Make organized notes of named reactions, reagents, mechanisms, etc.

Best Books to Crack JEE Advanced 2024, Syllabus, Exam Pattern

NEET 2024 Syllabus

The NEET syllabus 2024 comprises key topics from NCERT textbooks of Classes 11 and 12 as highlighted below:


Mechanics, Fluids, Thermodynamics, Oscillations, Optics, Electrostatics etc.


Solid State, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry etc.


Cell Structure, Genetics, Human Physiology, Plant Morphology, Ecology, Biotechnology etc.

Refer to the detailed subject-wise syllabus on NTA's NEET information brochure.

Common Queries of NEET Aspirants

A common concern among NEET aspirants is whether an average student can crack such a competitive exam. The answer is yes - several students from non-science backgrounds and state boards have cleared NEET by working diligently. The key is avoiding common errors and having a strategic plan. Here are some tips:

  • Refrain from getting intimidated, thinking you are weak in science, or lacking aptitude. With consistent practice and guidance, you can build the required skills.
  • Solve previous years' NEET papers to understand the level and analyze your current preparedness. Work on identified weak areas.
  • Follow the NCERT curriculum thoroughly, even if state board, since NEET questions are predominately based on that.
  • Make concise notes from NCERTs for important facts, figures, formulae, diagrams, etc. Revise them frequently.
  • Have clear short-term goals per week and long-term goals for portion completion. Monitor your progress.
  • Do not succumb to peer pressure or comparisons. Focus on your preparation path. Stay motivated with the end goal in mind.
  • Practice numerous MCQs covering all topics, subjects, and difficulty levels. This is the key to reinforcing concepts.
  • Make effective timetables balancing studies with breaks, sleep, exercise, leisure activities, etc. Proper planning is critical.

While managing boards and NEET preparation together causes anxiety for students, with smart time management and commitment, it is very much achievable. 

Solve sample papers to practice writing long answers for boards besides attempting NEET-level MCQs. Avoid burnout through adequate rest. Believing in your efforts will ease the pressure and help you excel in both exams.

Online Coaching for NEET 2024

With social distancing norms, online coaching has emerged as a convenient and effective option for NEET 2024 preparation. Some benefits of online platforms like PhysicsWallah is:

  • Recorded video lectures allow for revising complex topics multiple times. Students can pause, take notes, and space out learning.
  • Live classes provide interaction with expert teachers to clarify doubts instantly through chat or voice.
  • Structured curriculum designed specifically for NEET by experienced faculty.
  • Mock tests and sample papers to assess progress and get an exam feel. Detailed analysis of mistakes.
  • Small batch sizes ensure individual attention and feedback from mentors.
  • Revision notes for important formulae, diagrams, charts, etc., are provided for quick reference.
  • Affordable pricing models and scholarship programs for financially weak students.

PhysicsWallah, founded by Alakh Pandey, offers comprehensive NEET preparation through video lectures, notes, free tests, and interactive doubt sessions. Their structured curriculum and adaptive learning model focus on strengthening conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills. With limited batch strength, even in recorded courses, students receive personalized mentorship. Their preparatory materials simplify complex NEET syllabus 2024 topics using relatable examples and real-world applications.


NEET 2024 calls for diligence, rigorous practice, strategic planning, and avoiding common mistakes. While self-study is possible with grit and dedication, expert guidance through coaching institutes and online platforms accelerates understanding of concepts and exam temperament.

Starting preparations early with the right study materials provides an edge. But even if time is limited, following a disciplined schedule per the guidance of NEET achievers and monitoring progress through mock tests will enhance scores significantly. Ultimately, it boils down to unwavering commitment throughout the preparation journey.

Regular practice, revision, and analysis of strengths and weaknesses will unleash one's true potential. Believe in your efforts, and don't lose heart by initial hiccups. Visualize success and make prudent use of time available. Embark on your NEET 2024 journey with passion and positivity to fulfill your doctor's dreams.


How many hours should one study daily for NEET 2024?

One should devote 10-12 focused hours daily for NEET 2024 preparation, including coaching classes, self-study, practice, and revision.

Which books are most important for NEET preparation?

NCERT textbooks and reference books by MTG and Arihant form the core books for NEET 2024 preparation.

How should state board students prepare for NEET?

State board students should study the NCERT curriculum thoroughly, as NEET questions are primarily based on it.

How to make an effective NEET 2024 timetable?

An effective NEET 2024 timetable must include fixed study, sleep, meals, break hours, and weekly goals to complete portions.

What mistakes should one avoid for NEET preparation?

One should pay attention to NCERT, not clearing doubts immediately, taking long gaps in studies, and leaving out any topics.

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