NDA Shaurya: Unveiling The Best Book To Study For NDA Exam

Physics Wallah Academic Expert
July 20, 2023

NDA exam books play an important role in candidates' preparation. Hence, we have listed the best NDA books for candidates to help prepare. These NDA exam books are available in the PW store. 

Moreover, these NDA books contain previous year's NDA exam papers for candidates to understand the exam pattern, question type, and more. Besides investing in these NDA books, candidates should also prepare some strategies to crack the NDA exam. 

Table of Content

  • NDA Exam Books
  • Best NDA Exam Books
  • Benefits of NDA Exam Books
  • NDA FAQs

NDA Exam Books

Selecting the NDA exam books is very important to increase the candidate's success. Hence, candidates should refer to the ratings and reviews other fellow aspirants posted before choosing the NDA exam book.

But it would be difficult if they do this alone as it will take longer. Therefore, we have listed the best NDA books for candidates. The best part about these NDA books is they are available in combo and separate books. Hence, candidates can choose these books and start the NDA exam preparation. 

Best NDA Exam Books

Since the NDA exam recruits candidates for Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, the competition among the candidates would be higher. Hence, candidates have to select the best NDA study materials to crack the exam. 

Candidates can use these NDA books for both theory and revision. Moreover, it has previous year's NDA question papers which will be useful for candidates to know more about the questions. Candidates can find these NDA books in the PW store. To learn more about these NDA books, click the link below. 

  1. Shaurya NDA/NA General Ability English, General Knowledge, General Ability Science & Mathematics Combo Set of 4 Books
  2. Shaurya NDA/NA General Ability English Book | National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Entrance Examination (2023 Edition)
  3. Shaurya NDA/NA General Ability Science Book | National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Entrance Examination (2023 Edition)
  4. Shaurya NDA/NA Mathematics Book | National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Entrance Examination (2023 Edition)
  5. Shaurya NDA/NA General Knowledge Book | National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Entrance Examination (2023 Edition)

Benefits of NDA Exam Books

The following are some of the benefits of NDA books. 

Previous Year NDA Papers

All these NDA books come with the previous year's NDA papers and are up to date. Moreover, detailed solutions for this previous year's NDA papers are also available. Hence, candidates don't need to search somewhere else for their practice. 

Solved Examples

Each concept in this NDA book contains solved examples so candidates can understand them quicker. This helps them to save more time and increases their productivity. Also, they can take notes from this for quick revision. 

Exercises With Solutions

Each exercise in this NDA book contains an exercise part with solutions. Moreover, expert faculty members in that field prepare these questions and solutions. Therefore, candidates can understand them faster. 

Improves their Reasoning Skills

By practicing the questions from these NDA books, candidates can increase their problem-solving and reasoning ability skills. Since these sections require time management, candidates should know the tricks to solve them faster. This can be achieved by practicing more questions from these NDA books. 


Q1. Where can I find NDA exam combo books?

Ans. Candidates can find the NDA exam combo books in the PW store. 

Q2. Do these NDA exam books have previous year papers?

Ans. These NDA books contain previous year's papers with detailed solutions. 

Q3. How many hours daily should a candidate prepare for the NDA exam?

Ans. Aspirants should dedicate 6 to 8 hours daily to NDA exam preparation. 

Q4. Is the NDA exam easy?

Ans. The NDA exam could be challenging because of the comprehensive syllabus and rigorous selection process. However, candidates can crack the exam with a good strategy. 

Q5. Who conducts the NDA exam?

Ans. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the NDA exam. 

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