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January 30, 2024

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is going to organize the NEET 2024 exam. After the test, NTA will share the NEET UG 2024 answer key and OMR sheets. Candidates can download the answer key from a link provided on the official website. NTA will also send the NEET OMR sheet 2024 to candidates' emails and post it on the website. The answer key shows the correct answers to the exam questions, helping candidates estimate their scores before the official results are out. 

To figure out if candidates passed using the NTA NEET UG answer key, follow the NEET UG marking scheme 2024. The answer key covers correct responses for all NEET question paper codes. It's a handy tool for candidates to assess their performance and see if they qualify for the NEET-UG test. Check out the full article on NTA NEET answer key 2024 for step-by-step download instructions, details on challenging answers, insights into previous years' NEET answer keys, and more. Candidates can use the NEET 2024 answer key to get a better idea of how they did in the exam.

NEET 2024 Answer Key by NTA

Candidates can use the NEET 2024 Rank Predictor to estimate their expected rank based on scores and gain insights into their potential performance. Additionally, candidates can explore the NEET 2024 PW Rank Predictor to discover a tailored list of eligible MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BUMS/BHMS/BSMS colleges in India based on predicted rank. Candidates should also check the NEET Answer Key 2024 Bonus Marks, where they can benefit from additional scoring considerations. If two options are identified as correct, candidates choosing either option will receive 4 marks. Similarly, if all four options are deemed correct, all attempting candidates will earn 4 marks. In cases where none of the options are correct or a question is incorrect/dropped, all candidates will be awarded 4 marks, regardless of their attempt status. For insight into the NEET Official Answer Sheet 2024, candidates can refer to the provided sample.

NEET 2024 Exam Date

Find out when the NEET 2024 Official Answer Key will be available, and check other important dates below.

NEET 2024 Exam Date


Release Date

NEET Official Answer Key 2024 Release Date

Last week of May 2024

NEET 2024 OMR Release Date

Last week of May 2024

NEET 2024 answer key and OMR Sheet challenge

Last week of May 2024

NEET 2024 final answer key release date

Second week of June 2024

NEET 2024 result date

Second week of June 2024

NEET 2024 Answer Key Fees

Candidates aiming to challenge an answer in NEET 2024 will incur a fee of INR 200 per answer. The payment can be made using a Debit/Credit Card or Internet Banking. It's essential for candidates to note that the fee is non-refundable. For a clear understanding candidates can go through the below table:- 

NEET 2024 Answer Key Fees



Amount to be paid

INR 200/- per answer challenged

Mode of payment

Through Debit/Credit Card or Internet Banking


The fee is non-refundable

NEET 2024 Marking Scheme

Understanding how answers are scored in NEET 2024 is crucial for candidates aiming for success in the exam. Thus, candidates can check out the NEET 2024 Marking Scheme from the below table:- 

NEET 2024 Marking Scheme

Answer Type


Correct Response/Answer

+4 Marks

Incorrect Response/Answer

-1 Mark



More than one response


How to Check NEET Answer Key 2024

Candidates can easily download the NEET answer key and question papers by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the official NTA website -

Step 2: Click on the link for downloading or challenging the NEET UG Answer Key, Scanned Image of the OMR Answer Sheet, and Recorded Responses.

Step 3: Log in using their NEET Application number along with either their Date of Birth (DOB) or password.

Step 4: Select the question paper code and download the NEET Answer Key PDF for 2024.

Step 5: Utilize the answer key to calculate their score accurately.

How to Download NEET 2024 Answer Key

Candidates preparing for the NEET 2024 exam can easily access and download the NTA NEET 2024 answer key by following these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Candidates should open the NEET official website, It's where candidates can find all the official info about NEET.

Step 2: Look for the link on the website that says something about the NEET answer key. Usually, it's easy for candidates to spot.

Step 3: Click on that link, and candidates will see a document with all the correct answers to the NEET questions. 

Step 4: Save or download the final version of the NEET 2024 answer key. 

Step 5: Check Question Numbers and Right Answers

Step 6: Use the NEET 2024 answer key to figure out the score. Compare the answers with the correct ones to see how well candidates did in the NEET exam.

How to Calculate a Score Using NEET 2024 Answer Key

Medical candidates can use the NEET 2024 answer keys for all sets to estimate their probable score in the NEET exam. Here's how candidates can do it:

  1. After the NEET answer key is out, candidates can check their answers (like in the NEET OMR sheet PDF) with the official NEET 2024 answer key.

  1. Pay attention to the question paper code and the NEET 2024 answer key code while comparing. Candidates will find them at the top of both the answer key and OMR sheet.

  1. Candidates should then count how many answers they got right and wrong to figure out their NEET score. If they marked more than one answer for a question, don't count it. The marking scheme below will help candidates calculate their scores.

Significance of NEET Answer Key 2024

Candidates can access the NTA NEET answer key on the official website, With this tool, candidates can estimate their likely NEET scores.

  1. The NEET answer key PDF 2024 includes correct responses to the questions asked in the exam.

  1. Using the NEET 2024 answer key and the official marking scheme, candidates can calculate their probable score.

  1. Having the score before the result is declared, thanks to the NEET NTA NIC in 2024 answer key makes it easier for candidates to make decisions about the further admission process.

  1. Once the NTA NEET official answer key 2024 is released, candidates can challenge any answer they disagree with within the specified date.

How to Challenge NEET 2024 Answer Key

If candidates notice any mistake in the provisional NEET official answer key, they can challenge it by paying a fee of INR 200. It's important to remember that the fee paid for challenging the official answer key won't be given back. Additionally, individual candidates won't get specific notifications about whether their challenge is accepted or not.

Here are the steps for candidates to challenge the NEET Answer Key 2024:

  1. Click on the link provided on the NTA NEET website or use the direct link mentioned in the article.

  2. Login using your NEET credentials, like your application number and date of birth.

  3. Click on the ‘Answer Key Challenge’ tab and select the ‘Test Booklet Code’ for the NEET UG answer key you want to challenge.

  4. Choose the question you want to raise objections against.

  5. Pick what you believe is the correct answer from the dropdown options.

  6. When submitting objections, include a justification or upload a document proving that the challenge to the NEET Answer Key is correct.

  7. Click on the ‘Save my claim’ button. You'll then see a screen showing all the claims you've made.

  8. Click on “Save my claim and finally pay fees” to pay the NEET 2024 answer key challenge fee using a debit/credit card or net banking.

  9. Download the answer key challenge receipt.

How to challenge the NEET OMR response sheet 2024

NTA will put up pictures of candidates' OMR Sheets and responses on the official NEET website - Candidates should check their NEET OMR sheets and figure out their scores by comparing them against the official answer keys for NEET 2024. Here are some important things candidates should know about challenging their NEET OMR Sheet:

  1. No Challenge Without Paying: If candidates want to question something in their NEET OMR Sheet, they need to pay a fee online. The challenge won't be considered if the fee isn't paid.

  1. Experts Check Your Objections: People who know a lot about the subject will check candidates' objections. If they find candidates are right, they'll change the answer key.

  1. Final Answer Key: Once the experts decide on the changes, that's the final answer key.

  1. Result Depends on Revised Key: The result will be made based on the final NEET Answer Keys that are revised after all the challenges.

NEET Cutoff 2024

The NEET 2024 cutoff is the minimum score needed for candidates to qualify for the national-level entrance exam. This cutoff for NEET in each category is provided in the information brochure. The NEET cut-off scores, along with corresponding scores, are announced when the NEET results are out. Candidates can check the table below for the cutoff from the previous years.

NEET Cutoff 2024


NEET Cutoff Percentile

NEET 2023 Cutoff

NEET 2022

NEET 2021

NEET 2020 Cut Off Scores

NEET 2019 Cutoff Scores


50th percentile







40th percentile







45th percentile







40th percentile






Best NEET Books

As mentioned before, there are many books in the market, making it hard for NEET candidates to decide which ones to pick. Buying separate books for each subject can be expensive. To address this, the Physics Wala team, keeping NEET in mind, has put together a combo of the Best Books for NEET 2024 in both English. This combo is made to be budget-friendly for all NEET candidates. To buy directly from the PW Store, click the link below. 

NEET 2024 Answer Key FAQs:

Q1. How can candidates download the NEET 2024 Answer Key and question papers?

Ans. Candidates can download the NEET Answer Key and question papers by visiting the official NTA website ( and following the provided steps, including logging in with their NEET Application number and choosing the question paper code.

Q2. Is there a fee for challenging the NEET Answer Key?

Ans. Yes, candidates need to pay a fee of INR 200 for challenging the NEET Answer Key. This fee is non-refundable.

Q3. How are scores calculated using the NEET Answer Key?

Ans. Candidates can calculate their scores by following the marking scheme: +4 marks for correct responses, -1 marks for incorrect responses, and 0 marks for unanswered questions with more than one response.

Q4. Are there any bonus marks in the NEET Answer Key?

Ans. Yes, bonus marks are provided in certain situations, such as if two options are found correct, or if all four options are deemed correct.

Q5. Where can candidates find the NEET 2024 Answer Key after its release?

Ans. The NEET 2024 Answer Key will be available on the official NTA website, and a link to download it will be provided.

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