NEET 2025 Exam Date, Syllabus and Preparation Tips

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June 10, 2024

NEET 2025 Syllabus:- NTA has announced the NEET 2024 Result on 04th June 2024. As per the past trend, NEET 2024 Exam wont be an easy catch for the aspirants as its a profession of doctor. 

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is expected to conduct the NEET 2025 exam in the first week of May 2025. On the below article you can find comprehensive details about theNEET 2025  exam, including key dates, NEET exam pattern, NEET syllabus 2025, and preparation tips.

Aspiring candidates aiming to excel in NEET 2025 should commence their preparation immediately if they haven't done so already. It is common for students to begin their NEET preparation approximately two years in advance, starting from Class 11. In addition to their studies, it is crucial for students to be informed about all aspects of the exam. Scroll down for more information regarding NEET 2025.

NEET 2025 Important Dates

The National Testing Agency (NTA) will announce the important dates and complete schedule for NEET 2025 in due course. Initially, NTA will release the exam date, followed by the application schedule. The table below provides a tentative timeline for NEET 2025.

NEET 2025 Important Dates

NEET 2025 exam date announcement

Fourth week of September 2024

NEET 2025 application form release

Second week of February 2025

NEET 2025 application form last date

Second week of March 2025

NEET 2025 application correction window

Third week of March 2025

NEET 2025 city intimation slip

Fourth week of April 2025

NEET 2025 admit card

First week of May 2025

NEET 2025 exam

First week of May 2025

NEET 2025 provisional answer key release and objection submission

First week of June 2025

NEET 2025 result and final answer key

Second week of June 2025

NEET 2025 Exam Pattern

The NEET exam pattern 2025  follows a paper-pencil-based format (PBT) with a duration of 200 minutes, or 3 hours and 20 minutes. It consists of 200 objective-type multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Each subject is divided into two sections: Section A with 45 questions and Section B with 15 questions. In Section B, candidates are required to answer 10 out of the 15 questions. Each correct answer is awarded four marks, while one mark is deducted for each incorrect answer. The detailed structure of the exam is outlined in the table below.

NEET Exam Pattern 2025



Number of questions

Section-wise marks


Section A



Section B




Section A



Section B




Section A



Section B




Section A



Section B



Total Marks


NEET Syllabus 2025

NEET 2025 syllabus has been given below in details. Also, check out Best Books for NEET 2025 that not only covers the latest NEET syllabus 2025 but also provide NEET PYQs and other important resources.

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NEET Syllabus 2025 Biology

Go through the NEET Syllabus 2025 Biology given below:- 



Diversity and Structural Organisation

  • Diversity in Living World: Classification of living organisms, biodiversity. 

  • Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants: Anatomy and morphology of plants and animals.

Cell Biology and Physiology

  • Cell Structure and Function: Structure and functions of cell organelles.

  •  Plant Physiology: Photosynthesis, respiration, plant hormones, and nutrition. 

  • Human Physiology: Systems in the human body including circulatory, digestive, respiratory, nervous, and excretory systems.

Reproduction and Genetics

  • Reproduction: Modes of reproduction, reproductive health. 

  •  Genetics and Evolution: Mendelian inheritance, molecular basis of inheritance, evolution.

Biology in Human Welfare

  • Biology and Human Welfare: Human health and diseases, improvement in food production.


  • Biotechnology and Its Applications: Principles and processes of biotechnology, applications in health and agriculture.


  • Ecology and Environment: Ecosystem, biodiversity, environmental issues, conservation efforts.

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NEET Syllabus 2025 Physics

Check out the NEET Syllabus 2025 Physics from the below table:- 



Mechanics and Properties of Matter

  • Physics & Measurement: Understanding the fundamentals of measurement and its significance in physics. 

  • Kinematics: Study of motion without considering its causes.

  •  Laws of Motion: Newton's laws and their applications. 

  • Work, Energy & Power: Concepts of work, energy, power, and their interrelations. 

  • Rotational Motion: Dynamics of rotating bodies.

  •  Gravitation: Laws governing the gravitational force and its effects.

  • Properties of Solids and Liquids: Elasticity, viscosity, and fluid dynamics.

Thermal Physics

  • Thermodynamics: Principles governing heat, work, and energy.

  •  Kinetic Theory of Gases: Behavior of gases based on molecular composition.

Waves and Oscillations

  • Oscillations and Waves: Simple harmonic motion and wave properties.

Electrostatics and Magnetism

  • Electrostatics: Electric charges, fields, and potentials. 

  • Current Electricity: Electric current and circuits. 

  •  Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism: Magnetic fields due to currents, and the motion of charged particles in magnetic fields. 

  • Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Currents: Induced EMF and AC circuits.

Electromagnetic Waves and Optics

  • Electromagnetic Waves: Properties and propagation of EM waves.

  •  Optics: Study of light and its interactions with matter, including reflection, refraction, and diffraction.

Modern Physics

  • Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation: Wave-particle duality of matter and light.

  •  Atoms and Nuclei: Atomic models, radioactivity, and nuclear physics.


  • Electronic Devices: Semiconductors, diodes, transistors, and their applications.

Experimental Skills

  • Experimental Skills: Practical knowledge and skills in conducting experiments and interpreting data.

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NEET Syllabus 2025 Chemistry

Check out the NEET Syllabus 2025 Chemistry below:- 



Physical Chemistry

  • Basic Concepts of Chemistry: Fundamental principles and laws of chemistry.

  •  Structure of Atom: Atomic models, electron configurations.

  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure: Types of bonds, VSEPR theory, hybridisation.

  •  Chemical Thermodynamics: Laws of thermodynamics, enthalpy, entropy, Gibbs free energy. 

  • Solutions: Types of solutions, colligative properties.

  • Equilibrium: Dynamic equilibrium in physical and chemical processes. 

  • Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry: Oxidation-reduction reactions, electrochemical cells. 

  • Chemical Kinetics: Reaction rates, order of reaction, rate laws. 

  • Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties: Periodic table and periodic properties of elements.

Inorganic Chemistry

  • Inorganic Chemistry: Study of inorganic compounds and materials.

  •  p-Block Elements: Properties and reactions of p-block elements. 

  • d- and f- Block Elements: Properties of transition and inner transition metals.

  •  Coordination Compounds: Bonding, structure, and applications of coordination compounds.

Organic Chemistry

  • : Methods of purification and analysis. 

  • Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry: Structure, bonding, and mechanism of organic reactions. 

  •  Hydrocarbons: Alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • Organic Compounds Containing Halogens: Properties and reactions of halogenated compounds.

  •  Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen: Alcohols, phenols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids.

  •  Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen: Amines, nitro compounds, cyanides, and isocyanides.

  •  Biomolecules: Structure and function of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. 

  • Principles Related to Practical Chemistry: Laboratory techniques and safety protocols.

NEET 2025 Preparation Tips

Preparing for NEET 2025 requires a strategic and disciplined approach. Here are some comprehensive tips to help you excel in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology:

  • Start Early: Begin your NEET preparation as soon as possible. Ideally, starting from Class 11 will give you ample time to cover the syllabus and revise thoroughly.

  • Understand the NEET 2025 Syllabus: Get familiar with the complete NEET syllabus 2025. Break it down into manageable sections and create a checklist to track your progress.

  • Create a Study Plan: Develop a realistic and structured study schedule. Allocate dedicated time slots for each subject and stick to your plan. Ensure that you balance your time between learning new concepts and revising older ones.

  • Use Quality Study Materials: Select the right study materials. NCERT books are essential for NEET 2025 preparation, but supplement them with reference books and online resources for a deeper understanding.

  • Regular Practice: Solve NEET 2025 PYQs and take mock tests regularly. This practice will help you get accustomed to the exam pattern, improve your time management skills, and identify areas that need more attention.

  • Consistent Revision: Regular revision is crucial to retaining what you've learned. Make summary notes of important concepts and Revise NEET 2025 syllabus frequently. 

  • Focus on Weak Areas: Identify your weak points and devote extra time to strengthen them. Don't hesitate to seek help from teachers, online forums, or study groups.

  • Stay Updated: Regularly check for any updates or changes in the exam pattern, syllabus, or important dates. Follow official notifications and trusted sources.

NEET 2025 Tips Subject-Wise

Here are the subject wise preparation tips for NEET 2025 aspirants:- 

NEET 2025 Physics Preparation Tips

  • Conceptual Clarity: Focus on understanding the fundamental concepts rather than rote learning. Physics requires a strong grasp of theories and their applications.

  • Numerical Practice: Practice solving numerical problems regularly. Start with basic problems and gradually move to more complex ones.

  • Formulas and Derivations: Memorise important formulas and derivations. Make a separate notebook for formulas for quick revision.

  • Visual Learning: Use diagrams and graphs to understand concepts better. Visual aids can make complex topics more understandable.

NEET 2025 Chemistry Tips

  • NCERT Mastery: Thoroughly read and understand NCERT textbooks for both Physical and Organic Chemistry. Many NEET questions are directly based on NCERT content.

  • Reaction Mechanisms: Pay special attention to reaction mechanisms in Organic Chemistry. Understanding the steps involved can help you solve related questions more effectively.

  • Regular Practice: Practice balancing chemical equations, solving numerical problems in Physical Chemistry, and memorizing periodic table trends and properties of elements.

  • Summarise Concepts: Make concise notes of important reactions, mechanisms, and periodic table trends for quick revision.

NEET 2025 Biology Tips

  • NCERT Books: NCERT textbooks are the main source for NEET 2025 Biology. Ensure you read them thoroughly and understand all the diagrams, concepts, and facts.

  • Detailed Notes: Make detailed notes of each chapter, highlighting key points, definitions, and important diagrams.

  • Diagrams and Labeling: Practice drawing and labeling diagrams as many questions are based on them. Diagrams help in better retention and understanding of concepts.

  • Revision and Memorisation: Biology involves a lot of memorisation. Regular revision and using mnemonics can help in remembering complex terms and processes.

NEET 2025 Syllabus FAQs

Q1. Has the NEET 2025 syllabus changed compared to previous years?

Ans. Yes, there have been some changes in the NEET syllabus recently. Certain topics have been removed, and new topics have been added across all three subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Q2: Where can I find the official NEET 2025 syllabus?

Ans. The official NEET 2025 syllabus can be found on the National Testing Agency (NTA) website. It is recommended to refer to this official source for the most accurate and updated information.

Q3.  Are NCERT books sufficient for NEET 2025 preparation?

Ans. NCERT books are essential and form the base for NEET preparation, especially for Biology and Chemistry. However, for a comprehensive understanding, it's advisable to refer to additional reference books and practice papers.

Q4. What are the key topics to focus on in NEET 2025 Physics?

Ans. Key topics in Physics include Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics. Emphasis should also be placed on numerical problems and conceptual clarity.

Q5. Is there a negative marking in NEET 2025?

Ans. Yes, NEET 2025 follows a negative marking scheme. For each incorrect answer, one mark is deducted. Correct answers carry four marks each.

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