NEET Biology Notes, Topic Wise Class 11, 12 Important Notes

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May 01, 2024

NEET Biology Notes: The Biology Notes for NEET PDFs are short and to the point. They cover the main ideas of each topic and include important details to help you understand better. These notes from Physics Wallah are great for students who find it hard to remember things. Just keep them nearby for daily review to stay on top of your studying. Scroll down for NEET Biology Notes, Topic Wise Class 11, 12 Important Notes below.

NEET Biology Notes

The NEET Biology notes provided here are a valuable resource for students preparing for the upcoming NEET exam. These expert-curated notes offer clear explanations of key concepts, supported by diagrams, examples, and practice questions. By using these notes, aspirants can easily grasp topics like Plant Diversity, Human Physiology, Origin, and Evolution, which will enhance their performance in the NEET Biology exam.

The PW Biology NEET Notes are structured according to the syllabi for both classes 11 and 12. They cover essential topics such as Plant Reproduction, Plant Physiology, Cell Biology and Cell Division, and Biomolecules. If you need specific NEET Biology notes arranged by topic, you can find them through the links provided below.

NEET Biology Exam Pattern 2024

In the NEET Biology exam, candidates will face 90 multiple-choice questions. They're split into two parts: Section A and Section B, each worth 45 marks.

  • In Section A, the candidate will find 35 questions covering Botany and Zoology. Each correct answer earns you 4 marks.

  • Section B has 15 questions each for Botany and Zoology. Aspirants need to answer only 10, picking 5 from each. Again, each right answer gives 4 marks.

  • Remember, even if anyone answers more than 10 questions in Section B, only the first 10 will count.

NEET Biology Updated Topics

The NEET Biology Syllabus for 2024 has been revised to include the latest information important for medical students. It now covers new topics and updates to old ones, all aimed at making biology easier to understand. Check out the Updated NEET Biology Syllabus 2024 below:- 

Unit Name

Added Syllabus Topics

Structural Organization in Animals and Plants

  • Family (Malvaceae, Cruciferae, Leguminosae, Compositae, Graminae)

  •  Morphology, anatomy, and functions of different systems (digestive, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and reproductive) of an insect (frog). (Brief account only)

Cell Structure and Function

  • Classification and nomenclature of enzymes

Genetics and Evolution

  • Protein

  •  biosynthesis

Biology and Human Welfare

  • Dengue

  • Chikungunya

NEET Biology Important Notes for Class 11

Our Class 11 Biology Notes are here to help aspirants shine in their NEET exams! These notes cover all the important topics from the Class 11 syllabus in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Whether candidates are just starting their NEET preparation or need some extra help understanding key concepts, these notes are perfect for them. With clear explanations and helpful examples, our NEET Biology Important Notes for Class 11 will guide aspirants through their studies and boost their confidence for the exam.



Connective Tissue

Muscular Tissue

Cell Theory

Cell Envelope



Cell: The Unit of Life

Prokaryotic Cells

Structural Organisation in Animals

Inclusion Bodies



Krebs Cycle


Fibrous Root




Epithelium Tissue

Endomembrane System


Eukaryotic Cells



Biotechnology and Its Applications

Pelvic Girdle



Plant Hormones





Nervous Tissue

Cell Junctions


Benefits of PW Class 11 NEET Biology Notes

  1. Practice Questions for Better Learning: These notes come with practice questions that help you learn better and get ready for the NEET exam.

  2. Easy to Use Every Day: These notes are simple to use in your daily study routine. They help you remember Biology topics well and focus your study time effectively.

  3. Covering Everything in the Syllabus: By following the NEET 2024 syllabus, these notes make sure you learn everything you need for the exam.

  4. Reliable and Updated Information: Written by experts, these notes give you the right information without any mistakes. They're always up-to-date, so you can trust them for your studies.

  5. Finding and Fixing Weak Points: Because the notes are short and clear, you can quickly find where you need help. This lets you focus on improving your Biology skills where you need it most.

  6. Understanding Basics Well: These notes help you understand the basics of Biology easily. They give you all the important info you need to build a strong foundation in Biology. Plus, they're organized by topic, so you can study each area deeply.

NEET Biology Important Notes for Class 12

Class 12 Biology Notes For NEET are super helpful for students getting ready for the NEET exam. These notes are carefully put together to make the syllabus easy to understand. Students need to know the syllabus well to make the most of these notes. Plus, they're free to download, so everyone can get them easily.





Pre-fertilization: Structures and Events


Post-fertilization- Structures and Events in Flowering Plants

Vegetative Propagation


Pollen Grain

Female Gametophyte


Types of Seeds

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Flower – A Fascinating Organ of Angiosperms



Benefits of PW Class 12 NEET Biology Notes

  1. Organized Learning Material: These notes are neatly arranged to cover the entire Class 12 Biology syllabus for NEET. They make sure you learn everything you need in a step-by-step way.

  2. Clear and Easy to Understand: The notes are explained in a simple and easy-to-understand way. This helps students of different skill levels understand even the toughest topics.

  3. Helps You Learn Better: With short explanations and useful examples, these notes make learning Biology easier. They help you understand tough concepts quickly and remember them better.

  4. Matches NEET Syllabus: These Biology Notes cover exactly what you need for the NEET exam. You can focus on studying topics that are likely to come in the exam.

  5. Free to Access: You can download these notes for free. This means everyone can get them without paying, giving all NEET students a fair chance.

  6. Organized by Topic: You can find NEET Biology Notes for Class 12 organized by topic. This helps you focus on specific areas of study and customize your preparation according to your needs.

  7. Better Revision: Regularly revising these biology notes helps you remember what you've learned. This makes it easier to recall important information during the exam.

  8. Memory Aid: The short summaries provided in these Biology notes help you remember key information better. They act as memory boosters, making your study sessions more effective.

  9. Improved Exam Performance: By using these notes, you can do better in the NEET exam. You'll understand Biology better and become better at solving problems, which is important for scoring well on the exam.

How to Prepare NEET Biology Important Notes 

  1. Understanding the Syllabus: Take time to check the NEET Biology syllabus before making your notes. This way, you'll know exactly what topics to include, making sure you cover everything you need for the exam.

  2. Organized Structure: Neatly arrange your notes. Use clear headings and sections for different topics. This makes it easier to find what you need when you're studying.

  3. Keeping it Simple: Keep your notes short and sweet. Focus on the main ideas and use simple language. This helps you understand better without getting overwhelmed by too much information.

  4. Using Pictures: Add pictures, diagrams, or charts to your notes. These visuals help you understand concepts better and make studying more fun.

  5. Highlight Important Stuff: Use different colors or underline important words. This helps you remember key points when you're revising.

  6. Practice Regularly: Review your notes often and try solving questions related to the topics.

NEET Biology Notes FAQs

Q1. Are NEET Biology Notes sufficient for exam preparation?

Ans. NEET Biology Notes are a valuable resource for exam preparation, but they should be supplemented with additional study materials such as textbooks, reference books, and practice papers for thorough preparation.

Q2. How should I use NEET Biology Notes effectively?

Ans. To use NEET Biology Notes effectively, create a study schedule, review the notes regularly, practice questions related to each topic, and use them as a supplement to your textbook and other study materials.

Q3. Are NEET Biology Notes available for free?

Ans. Many educational platforms offer NEET Biology Notes for free, while some may charge a fee. You can also find free downloadable PDFs of Biology notes on various websites.

Q4. What topics are covered in NEET Biology Notes?

Ans. NEET Biology Notes cover a wide range of topics including Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology, Human Physiology, Plant Physiology, Biotechnology, and more, as per the NEET syllabus.

Q5. Can I use NEET Biology Notes for last-minute revision?

Ans. Yes, NEET Biology Notes are handy for last-minute revision. You can quickly review key concepts, formulas, and diagrams from the notes to reinforce your understanding before the exam.

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