NEET Yakeen Books: Best Resources for Effective NEET Preparation

Physics Wallah Academic Expert
May 01, 2024

Selecting the NEET exam books is important to prepare well for the NEET exam. Hence, we have listed the best NEET Yakeen dropper books to help candidates prepare for the NEET exam. These NEET Yakeen dropper books are available in the PW store

Also, these NEET Yakeen books contain the past 10 years of NEET exam papers. Besides these NEET books, candidates should have a unique strategy to crack the exam.

NEET Yakeen New Module

Selecting the NEET exam books helps the candidates to perform well in the NEET exam. Therefore, they should consider many factors, such as reviews and ratings posted by fellow NEET aspirants, before they invest in the NEET books. 

Hence, we have listed the best NEET Yakeen module books for candidates. These NEET Yakeen module books are available in combos and separate books. It consists of all three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Moreover, it consists of 10 past-year NEET questions for candidates' practice. 

Best NEET Yakeen New Module Books

Since the NEET exam is difficult and competitive, selecting the best books will help the candidates crack the exam easier. Candidates can go for combo books containing all the subjects or separate books. 

Since these books come with the past 10 years of NEET papers, candidates will get more familiar with the question types. Moreover, detailed solutions are given for this previous year's NEET papers. Hence, candidates need not search for solutions elsewhere.

Candidates can find these NEET Yakeen dropper books in the PW store. To learn more about these NEET books, click the link below.  

  1. Yakeen for Dropper NEET Study Material (2023 Edition)
  2. Yakeen Gujarati for Dropper NEET Explorer (Edition 2023)

Benefits of NEET Yakeen New Module Books

The following are some benefits of NEET Yakeen's new module books. 

Short Notes

The concepts in these NEET Yakeen books contain short notes with miscellaneous examples. Hence, concepts can be understood more easily. Moreover, candidates don't have to prepare notes by themselves. They can simply refer to these short notes. 

All Question Types Covered

These NEET Yakeen books contain different question types such as match the column, statement-based questions, assertion & reason, and correct-incorrect pair MCQs. Hence, practicing these different types helps them to get familiar. 

Detailed Theory

All the need-to-know and concept application questions are explained in these NEET Yakeen books. Hence, understanding the topics becomes easier as a detailed theory is given. Also, solved examples are available after each topic to better understand the concept. 

Past 10 Years Questions

All the past 10-year NEET question papers are attached to this book. Moreover, an elaborate solution for each question is given with a detailed explanation. Also, previous years' NEET question papers help the candidates understand the exam trend.  

NEET Yakeen New Module FAQs

Q1. Where can I find the NEET Yakeen combo books?

Ans. Candidates can find the NEET Yakeen combo books in the PW store.  

Q2. Do these NEET Yakeen books contain previous year's papers?

Ans. Yes, these NEET Yakeen books contain previous year's papers. 

Q3. How are these NEET Yakeen books different? 

Ans. These NEET Yakeen books contain previous year's papers, well-explained theories with the latest pattern, and detailed explanations. 

Q4. How can I prepare for the NEET exam?

Ans. Candidates can prepare for the NEET exam by referring to the NEET and NCERT books. 

Q5. Does the NEET exam have a negative marking?

Ans. Yes, the NEET exam has a negative marking where 0.25 marks are reduced for the wrong answer. 

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