A Comprehensive Guide to Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology

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January 07, 2024

Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology is a book series authored by renowned experts designed to complement NCERT textbooks. Buy this book now and start your preparation!


Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology: The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) entrance exam are two of the most esteemed and competitive medical entrance examinations in India. NEET is the gateway for admission to undergraduate medical and dental programs nationwide, while the AIIMS entrance exam grants access to the prestigious All India Institutes of Medical Sciences. Aspiring medical professionals invest immense effort and dedication to succeed in these exams, given their critical role in shaping a student's medical career. In both NEET and AIIMS exams, Biology holds a paramount position. Biology is divided into two sections: Botany and Zoology. Understanding and excelling in Biology is crucial for aspirants as it constitutes a significant portion of the exam syllabus. A solid grasp of biological concepts, theories, and applications is essential to secure a competitive rank in these exams. Moreover, a deep comprehension of Biology enhances scores and lays a strong foundation for future medical studies and practice.


"Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology" is invaluable for NEET and AIIMS Biology preparation. It provides a comprehensive and meticulous approach to mastering the NCERT syllabus, the basis for these exams. The book is designed to help students in comprehending and practicing the vast syllabus of Biology in an objective-driven manner. The book aims to be a reliable companion for aspiring medical professionals, ensuring that they grasp the NCERT concepts thoroughly and excel in the Biology section of the NEET and AIIMS exams.


Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology Overview


The book "Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology" is a highly regarded and widely used resource for aspirants preparing for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) and AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) exams, explicitly focusing on the Biology section. 


It is a comprehensive guide designed to facilitate effective and efficient preparation by condensing the extensive NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) syllabus into a student-friendly format.


"Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology" is an indispensable resource for students aspiring to pursue a career in the medical field. It guides students through a structured and focused approach, helping them thoroughly understand the NCERT syllabus and perform optimally in the Biology section of these highly competitive medical entrance exams.


This book is an unparalleled study aid meticulously crafted to facilitate an in-depth understanding of NCERT Biology. Recognizing that a significant portion of PMT questions stems from Biology NCERT textbooks (11th and 12th grade), this book is designed to empower aspirants for medical exams. Key features of the book include:


  1. Chapter-Wise Summaries: Student-friendly synopses of each chapter for quick and efficient revision of crucial concepts.
  2. Topic-Wise MCQs: MCQs aligned with NCERT content for evaluating progress and understanding.
  3. Diverse MCQ Variety: To strengthen understanding, a broad range of MCQs is sourced and derived from NCERT textbooks, including HOTS MCQs and figure-based MCQs.
  4. Exemplar and Assertion-Reason Questions: Incorporation of NCERT exemplar MCQs and Assertion-Reason questions for an edge in AIIMS preparation.
  5. Comprehensive Coverage: Thoroughly covers the NCERT Biology syllabus for Class XI and XII.
  6. Practice Papers: Includes 6 Practice Papers for self-assessment and practice.
  7. Progress Gauge - Preparation Meter: A tool to gauge progress and performance during preparation.
  8. Enhanced Features in Revised Edition (2019): HD Quality Multi-colored pages, Fingertips with exclusive access to 5 Online Mock Tests, and updates in alignment with the new NCERT Syllabus.


Class XI Chapters Covered

  • The Living World
  • Biological Classification
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Morphology of Flowering Plants
  • Anatomy of Flowering Plants
  • Structural Organization in Animals
  • Cell: The Unit of Life
  • Biomolecules
  • Cell Cycle and Cell Division
  • Transport in Plants
  • Mineral Nutrition
  • Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
  • Respiration in Plants
  • Plant Growth and Development
  • Digestion and Absorption
  • Breathing and Exchange of Gases
  • Body Fluids and Circulation
  • Excretory Products and their Elimination
  • Locomotion and Movement
  • Neural Control and Coordination
  • Chemical Coordination and Integration


Class XII Chapters Covered

  • Reproduction in Organisms
  • Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
  • Human Reproduction
  • Reproductive Health
  • Principles of Inheritance and Variation
  • Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  • Evolution
  • Human Health and Disease
  • Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
  • Microbes in Human Welfare
  • Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
  • Biotechnology and Its Applications
  • Organisms and Populations
  • Ecosystem
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Environmental Issues


With its exhaustive and structured approach, this book equips aspirants with the necessary tools to master NCERT Biology and excel in their medical entrance exams.



Understanding the NEET & AIIMS Biology Syllabus


NEET Biology Syllabus

Understanding the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) and AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) Biology syllabus is crucial for adequate exam preparation. Both exams have a similar syllabus, focusing on fundamental concepts of Biology. Here's a comprehensive overview of the Biology syllabus for NEET and AIIMS!


NEET Biology Syllabus Class 11th

The Class 11 Biology syllabus is a fundamental aspect of NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) preparation. It provides a structured outline of the topics and subtopics crucial for excelling in the Biology section of the NEET exam. Below is an overview of the NEET Biology syllabus for Class 11, emphasizing the essential topics and subtopics that warrant focused attention during students' preparation.



NEET Biology Syllabus Class 12th


The NEET Biology syllabus for Class 12 progresses from the foundational concepts learned in Class 11, delving deeper into advanced principles and topics of Biology. For 2024, the NEET Biology syllabus for Class 12 underlines critical topics and subtopics that necessitate focused attention and thorough preparation.



NEET Biology Syllabus 2024 For Botany

Here is syllabus for Botany:



NEET Biology Syllabus 2024 For Zoology

The NEET Zoology Syllabus assesses candidates' comprehension of diverse aspects of zoology, encompassing animal classification, structural organization, cellular structure and function, and human physiology. By containing these critical domains, the NEET Zoology syllabus offers a comprehensive structure to evaluate candidates' expertise and proficiency in zoology.



AIIMS Biology Syllabus

Refer to the table provided below to gain insights into the AIIMS syllabus 2023 for Biology:



Tips for Effectively Using the Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology Preparation


"Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology" is structured meticulously, aligning with the NCERT syllabus. It's divided into chapters mirroring the NCERT books for Class 11 and 12. The format includes MCQs, a popular exam style, aiding students in mastering the concepts. The content is thorough, covering all essential NEET and AIIMS syllabus topics. 


Each chapter provides a synopsis of the key concepts, followed by many MCQs catering to different difficulty levels. The questions are strategically categorized under 'Assertion and Reason,' 'Match the Following,' 'Comprehension-Based Questions,' and more, enhancing comprehension and analytical skills.

  1. Understand the Syllabus: Align your study with the NEET and AIIMS syllabi, ensuring every crucial topic is prepared.
  2. Regular Practice: Regularly attempt the MCQs provided. It helps in understanding the question patterns and aids in time management.
  3. Topic-wise Approach: Divide your study sessions topic-wise, utilizing the book's structure. Master one topic before moving on to the next.
  4. Concept Clarity: Use the book to solidify your concepts. Refer to the explanations provided for each MCQ to understand the logic and reasoning behind the correct answer.
  5. Simulated Testing: Use the book to simulate exam conditions. Set a timer and attempt a set of questions to get a feel of the actual exam.


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Benefits of Using Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology


Using "Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology" offers several benefits to NEET and AIIMS aspirants:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The book comprehensively covers the NEET and AIIMS syllabi, ensuring students get all essential topics.
  2. Structured Approach: The book follows a structured approach by organizing content aligned with NCERT books, making it easier to study and revise.
  3. MCQs for Practice: It provides a vast array of MCQs, allowing students to practice and assess their understanding of each topic.
  4. Varied Difficulty Levels: Questions are categorized by difficulty, aiding gradual progression from essential to advanced levels preparing students for different exam complexities.
  5. Assessment of Understanding: The MCQs help students evaluate their understanding of concepts, providing a clearer view of their strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Exam Simulation: Regular practice with MCQs in a timed environment simulates the exam scenario, boosting confidence and reducing anxiety.
  7. In-depth Explanations: Detailed explanations for MCQs elucidate concepts, enhancing conceptual clarity and addressing doubts.
  8. Focus on Important Topics: The book highlights high-yield topics, helping students prioritize their studies and maximize their exam performance.
  9. Convenient and Portable: The book's format makes it easily portable, allowing students to study and practice questions wherever and whenever they want.
  10. Complements NCERT Books: It is a supplementary guide to NCERT textbooks, aiding deeper understanding and broader syllabus coverage.
  11. Revision and Quick Recap: Students can use it to revise and recapitulate essential topics before exams quickly.
  12. Time Management: The book helps improve time management skills by encouraging regular practice within a specified timeframe.


"Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology" is a valuable resource that enhances preparation, boosts confidence, and contributes to higher scores in NEET and AIIMS exams.


Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology: FAQ's


1. What is "Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips" for NEET AIIMS Biology?

"Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology'' is a comprehensive study guide designed for NEET and AIIMS Biology preparation. It provides chapter-wise synopsis, topic-wise MCQs aligned with NCERT content, and various MCQs to aid concept understanding and revision.


2. How does "Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology" aid exam preparation?

The book offers concise chapter summaries and a wide range of MCQs, including NCERT examples, HOTS questions, and practice papers. This helps in quick revision, self-assessment, and gauging exam readiness.


3. How is "Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET AIIMS Biology" beneficial for NEET and AIIMS aspirants?

The book ensures a thorough revision of NCERT Biology with 100 MCQs per chapter on average, enhancing preparation. It includes features like a Preparation Meter to track progress and online mock tests for added practice, providing a competitive edge.


4. What are the key features of the latest "Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips" edition?

The latest edition includes HD Quality Multi-colored pages, access to online mock tests, and aligns with the updated NCERT syllabus. 


5. Is "Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips" suitable for NEET and AIIMS Biology preparation?

Yes, the book is designed to cater to the syllabus and question patterns of both NEET and AIIMS.

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