Preparation Tips and Strategy to Crack GATE Exam

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May 01, 2024

The Graduate Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the most competitive and rigorous exams in the country. Almost 10,000,00 students appear for this exam every year and only 16-18% of them qualify - this statistic will help you get a true idea of ​​the level of the GATE exam. Participating in such a big competition and appearing in this exam is worth it as it gives you direct entry for PG admissions in the best colleges of the country and entry-level positions in the PSUs of India.

Preparation Tips and Strategy to Crack GATE Exam

You should also know that GATE exam is indeed achievable with a better score, even on your First Attempt - you just need to follow the right strategies consistently. Many mistakes are often made by GATE aspirants especially those appearing for the exam for the first time like delaying their preparation till the last few days, not following proper strategies and approaches etc. But what they don't know. can this little carelessness cost them one precious attempt for GATE exam. Have a look at the Preparation Tips and Strategy to Crack Gate Exam.

Preparation Tips and Strategy for GATE Exam 

Start your preparation as early as possible

There is no perfect time to prepare for GATE 2024. Candidates should start this as early as possible. More time to take the exam is always an advantage. Often, students leave too little time to complete the syllabus and miss one or two topics that may appear in the exam. Starting your GATE 2024 preparation early can also help you spend more time understanding all the concepts leading to a better score.

Know the GATE Syllabus

The first step before starting your preparation is to study the detailed GATE 2024 Syllabus. The course will help you get a clear idea of ​​what you need to learn. GATE syllabus allows students to plan their studies and focus on subjects that require more time and concepts. General Aptitude (GA) is a compulsory section for all GATE papers. Meanwhile, Engineering Mathematics is compulsory for all papers except (GG and XL).

Check GATE 2024 Exam

If you have any idea how to do GATE 2024 exam like questions to ask or mark, the system is very helpful Candidates will find all information related to such exam from GATE 2024 Exam Paper. GATE exam contains multiple-choice questions as well as numerical questions (MCQs and NAT). Different question paper scoring systems are also different.

Make a schedule

It is important to maintain discipline while preparing for the GATE exam. Candidates are advised to prepare a timetable or schedule by day. It should be noted that students should keep a few things in mind when making a schedule, such as categorizing subjects into weak, medium and strong areas. You should also allocate time for each class.

Dedicated Study Hours

As GATE is an important exam with millions of students appearing for it, candidates must give their best. Book your lessons. Don't forget to take breaks in between. Always remember that focus is important.

Make a note habit

Another important tip is to start making notes. Take small notes on important formulas and concepts. Write only formulas that are difficult for you to remember. It has many advantages. First, it can save a lot of time. Yes!! As these notes have concise points, candidates spend less time revising them. Second, short notes are easy to carry and therefore can be consulted at any time. Thirdly, notes help you remember everything fresh.

Focus on solving GATE Mock Tests

A tip from experts and pushers to crack GATE is to solve as many mock tests as possible. Solving Mock Exams is of great help to aspirants who want to achieve high scores. GATE 2024 Mock Tests are designed just like the actual question paper. Hence, solving GATE Mock Tests allows students to familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and difficulty level.

Don't forget to analyze Mock Tests

If solving Mock Tests is an important part of preparation, then analyze it. is equally important. If mock tests remain unanalyzed, there is no point in doing tests. There are many reasons why a candidate should always analyze GATE 2024 mock tests. The main reason is that it helps to understand the level of preparation and also what are the weak and strong points. Candidates are always advised to analyze the mock tests and work on those areas where they lose marks,

Study the Right Study Material

Based on the syllabus, candidates should get the best books to prepare for GATE. Studying from the right book is important because the book should have all the important information properly explained. The content of the book is important. Candidates should check GATE 2024 books recommended by experts and sugar buffs before buying.

Take Care of your Health

Finally, don't forget your health while preparing for the exam in the best way possible. Take small breaks in between and get a good night's sleep. Always remember that you can give your best only when your health is pink. So don't stress, just try your best.

Preparation Tips and Strategy to Crack GATE Exam FAQs

Q1. Where can I get the Preparation Tips and Strategy to crack GATE Exam?

Ans. At PW platform you will get the Best Preparation Tips and Strategies to crack GATE Exam.

Q2. How to start GATE exam preparation?

Ans. Solve GATE tests and previous year questions of GATE up to 5 years. You can also solve sample papers regularly to get an idea of ​​topics that require improvisation. Take a break to stay motivated: This should be at the top of your GATE preparation tips.

Q3. Can I crack GATE without coaching?

Ans. Yes, you can prepare for GATE CSE without coaching. Self-study with good study materials, video lectures and practice tests is an effective and affordable option 

Q4. How to start GATE exam preparation?

Ans. Solve GATE Mock Test and previous year GATE questions for up to 5 years. You can also solve sample papers regularly to get an idea of ​​topics that require improvisation. Take a break and stay motivated: This should be at the top of your GATE preparation tips.

Q5. How many hours should I study for GATE?

Ans. Experts believe that a candidate should study at least 6-8 hours a day if he wants to score well in the exam. Those who wish can change the number of hours according to their needs and convenience.


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