Sample Paper Class 12 CBSE 2023-24-Solutions and Additional Practice Questions

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December 05, 2023

Sample papers for class 12 and marking schemes have been released by CBSE on their website and can be downloaded from Physicswallah. In addition, CBSE has made more practice questions available for the 2024 board examinations, providing students with helpful study materials as they prepare for the test. 

Sample papers Class 12: Students in Class 12 can help themselves study for the board exams 2024 by using the sample question paper and marking scheme published by the CBSE for all subjects and streams for 2023–2024. Every year, the purpose of these sample papers is to assist students in understanding the evaluation procedure and achieving high exam scores. There are model papers for every topic that include the CBSE Board's solutions. The contents in this list contain additional practice questions for the CBSE Class 12 Board Examinations in 2023–2024 as well as sample papers from Class 12 in CBSE for 2023–2024 with solutions.

Sample Papers Class 12 2024: Overview

The official CBSE website now has the Class 12 Sample Papers for the 2023–24 academic year. These sample class 12 papers may be beneficial to students as they get ready for the CBSE Class 12 Board Exam in 2024. They offer crucial details on the sorts of questions, exam formats, and scoring schemes that students may expect on their upcoming examinations. If students download and complete these practice papers, they will be much more prepared for the board test. They get an excellent opportunity to hone their exam strategies and get a feel for the format of the actual test.

Recommended CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12th:

Sample Papers Class 12-CBSE Additional Practice Questions - A Valuable Exam Prep Resource

Class 12 students will receive more practice questions from CBSE and grading schemes for the 2023–2024 academic year. This is to ensure that students are aware of how the next CBSE Board Exam will operate. By providing a solid understanding of the sorts of questions, marking schemes, and general style of the test, these practice papers aim to help students prepare for their exams. These sample paper class 12 economics 2023-24 resources are available via the CBSE website or other platforms like Physicswallah. A term-wise system is not available this academic year. Therefore, it's a fantastic option for students to prepare for their Class 12 board examinations.

Sample papers Class 12-Step-by-Step Guide to Download Additional Sample Paper 2023-24

To download the Class 12 Additional Sample Paper 2023–24 for CBSE follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Check out the official CBSE website at

  • Locate the announcement labelled "CBSE Additional Sample Question Paper of Classes X and XII Exams 2023-24" under the academic area.

  • Choose "CBSE Class XII Additional Sample Papers 2023-24.

  • The subject list will include "CBSE Class XII Additional Sample Question Paper & Marking Scheme for Board Exam 2023-24.

  • To download the sample paper in PDF format, click "SQP" for the topic you want to study.

  • After completing the CBSE Class XII Additional practice questions, students may also get the grading system for revision.

Sample papers Class 12-CBSE Subject-Wise Additional Practice Papers for 2024

Students can utilize the CBSE Additional Sample Questions 2023-24 for Class 12 released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to help them prepare for their Class 12 board exams. The following is a list of the subjects for which CBSE has supplied these additional sample papers:

Subject-wise Additional Practice Papers 2024

Additional Questions Paper 2023-24- CBSE Class 12 Accountancy
Additional Paper 2023-24-CBSE Class 12 Business Studies
Additional Paper 2023-24- CBSE Class 12 Biology
Additional Paper 2023-24- CBSE Class 12 Geography
Additional Paper 2023-24- CBSE Class 12 Chemistry
Additional Questions Paper 2023-24-CBSE Class 12 History
Additional Questions Paper 2023-24-CBSE Class 12 Mathematics
Additional Questions Paper 2023-24- CBSE Class 12 Physics
Additional Questions Paper 2023-24- CBSE Class 12 Economics
Additional Questions Paper 2023 24-CBSE Class 12 English Core

Sample Paper Class 12 2024 -Subject-Wise Sample Papers and Solutions for 2024

It's a fantastic idea to practice with sample paper Class 12 accountancy 2022-23 with solutions if you're preparing for your Class 12 board examinations. They can be of great assistance to students who want to do well on their final examinations. These sample papers class 12 political science 2023-24 are structured to resemble the actual CBSE board examinations, particularly the Physics Wallah ones.

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) were added to the board exam format by CBSE in recent years. This revised structure is consistent with the Class 12 CBSE sample papers accessible on Physics Wallah. This indicates that they comply with the most recent CBSE rules. You may improve your readiness for the actual board examinations and gain an understanding of the kinds of questions you'll face by practicing with these sample papers. 

Sample Papers Class 12 -Subject-wise:

Subject Sample Paper
Chemistry Chemistry Sample Paper
Physics Physics Sample Paper
Mathematics Mathematics Sample Paper
English Core English Core Sample Paper

Sample Papers Class 12 -Subject-wise:

Subject Sample Paper
Chemistry Chemistry Sample Paper
Physics Physics Sample Paper
Biology Biology Sample Paper
English Core English Core Sample Paper

Sample Papers for Class 12 Physics 

Here's a table with CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Physics. These papers are like practice tests to help you prepare for your Class 12 Physics exams.

Sample Paper Links
Physics Sample Paper-1
Physics Sample Paper-2
Physics Sample Paper-3
Physics Sample Paper-4

Sample Papers for Class 12 Chemistry 

In the table below, students may find CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Chemistry. These papers are like practice tests to help you get ready for your CBSE Class 12 Chemistry exams.

Sample Paper Links
Chemistry Sample Paper-1
Chemistry Sample Paper-2
Chemistry Sample Paper-3
Chemistry Sample Paper-4

Sample Papers for Class 12 Mathematics

This table provides access to CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Mathematics. These sample papers are a good help to get students ready Class 12 Mathematics board exams.

Sample Paper Links
Maths Sample Paper-1
Maths Sample Paper-2

Sample Papers Class 12 – Benefits:

  • Pattern & Difficulty: These sample papers of class 12 reveals exam paper pattern and level for adequate preparation. It helps students to get to know the real exam pattern and become familiar with it. 

  • Topic Coverage: CBSE sample papers covers essential topics according to the CBSE syllabus. It helps students to understand different types of questions which aids in higher score. 

  • Weakness Identification: These sample papers helps students to find weak areas for focused improvement on each subject. By practicing and pinpointing the topics that need more attention students can better prepare themselves. 

  • Time Management: Sample papers help students to ace the timing of the real exams. By solving the sample papers with the actual allocated time makes it easier for students to understand how to proceed with each question. 

  • Free & Accessible: Sample papers are accessible to all without any financial constraint. They can be downloaded easily on different platforms like Physicswallah. 


The CBSE Class 12 exams in 2023–2024 require a well-organized preparation strategy. It would help if you started by determining how much time you must devote to each subject and creating a study plan that allocates additional time to complex topics. Read and practice NCERT textbooks because they are pretty beneficial.

You can get a sense of the format of the actual test by solving previous question papers. To gauge your performance, take some practice exams with the available sample papers .

Sample Paper Class 12 FAQs

  1. Is a sample paper scheduled for release in 2023–2024 for Class 12?

Ans. Indeed, the Class 12 Sample Papers for the 2023–2024 academic year are available on the official CBSE website. Students can use these papers to prepare for the 2024 CBSE Class 12 Board Exam.

  1. Do CBSE sample papers have a higher difficulty level than board exams?

Ans. Yes, the CBSE sample papers are frequently thought to be more complex than the actual board exam questions. The board papers emphasize conceptual knowledge and are often thought to be more accessible.

  1. Is CBSE known for its rigorous evaluations?

Ans. Generally, CBSE promotes lenient correction, although it reserves the right to modify grades when the question paper is highly challenging.

  1. Does the CBSE award grace points?

Ans. Yes, students who fail the exam by no more than three marks are given grace marks by the CBSE. These grades may determine whether a student passes or fails.

  1. Does the CBSE Class 12 sample paper 2023-2024 appear on the board exams?

Ans. Indeed, questions from the CBSE Class 12 sample paper 2023–24 can be repeated in the board exams.

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