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May 07, 2024

JEE Chemistry books- The JEE exam is well known not only because it's the gateway to numerous prestigious engineering institutes but also because of the crowd that follows this exam, thus raising the bar high. Various factors like a wide syllabus, a high level of competition, pressure, and stress can make cracking this exam a hard deal to win. When preparing for this exam, a set of strategies needs to be followed, and the correct editions should also be added. What books an aspirant goes for can impact the overall JEE score. A subject that a lot of students have difficulty grasping is chemistry. The theories, equations, and formulas involved can be quite perplexing.

Therefore, the right pick for JEE Chemistry books is consequential. The right books can come with a plethora of options. The greatest and most important book for IIT JEE is NCERT, which successfully establishes a candidate's core comprehension of the subject. 

It is a fact that NCERTs might be necessary for establishing deeper roots in the topics, but more is needed when dealing with hard-going exams like JEE. Thus the students must add more effort to the preparation by going for the best JEE Chemistry books. However, there are various additional publications available for your reference to get an in-depth understanding

Table of content 

  • JEE Chemistry books- the guide to choosing the right books
  • What are the best JEE chemistry books?
  • JEE Chemistry books-Sprint for JEE
  • JEE chemistry book- Conclusion   
  • JEE chemistry book- Frequently asked questions

JEE Chemistry books- the guide to choosing the right books

Choosing the best chemistry book for JEE exam is critical. But making a choice can be a tiresome task. To make it easy for the applicants, here is everything that should be considered before making a decision: 

1. Consult your teachers or mentors

 Your teachers or mentors can offer helpful insights and recommendations on the appropriate JEE Chemistry books for preparation. They can also make book recommendations depending on your talents and shortcomings.

2. Refer to the JEE syllabus

The first step in selecting the proper JEE Chemistry books is to familiarize yourself with the JEE Chemistry syllabus and ensure that all concepts are covered. This will assist you in locating books that address those topics. 

3. Look for books provided by experts

It is critical to select JEE Chemistry books by well-known authors who are experts in their subjects. This ensures that the information is correct and reliable.

4. Check for updated editions

 Because test patterns and syllabuses vary, it is critical to select books with updated editions. This guarantees that the content is current and relevant. Hence, the updated versions can become the best chemistry book for JEE

5. Read reviews

Before purchasing JEE Chemistry books, read internet reviews to learn about other student's experiences with the book. This can assist you in making an informed selection.

6. Consider the level of difficulty

 Because JEE is recognized for its difficulty, choose books that are appropriate for your level of comprehension. It's vital to push oneself, but not to the point where it becomes overpowering.

What are the best JEE Chemistry Books?

With numerous options available, making the right pick for the best chemistry book for JEE can be a confounding task. To overcome the hustle of choosing the right books, it is recommended that the candidates go for the books offered by Physics Wallah at the PW store

 JEE Chemistry Books-Sprint for JEE

PW Store offers Sprint for JEE- a book that aims to prepare aspirants for the exam in just 60 days. Make chemistry hassle-free with the text curated comprehensively by a team of experts. This book is based on the most recent exam format; the course covers the entire JEE (mains and advanced) for last-minute preparation.

When the race is tough and the dedication is soaring, then just the guidance and assistance of the right books is all a candidate needs to add to their preparation. 

JEE Chemistry Book- Conclusion      

Choosing the correct books for JEE preparation is critical. It assists you in covering the course, gaining conceptual clarity, and ensuring the material's accuracy. It also includes practice problems and activities that aid with time management and confidence building. So, what are you waiting for? Go for the best books and ace the exam with ease. 

JEE Chemistry Book- Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Is NCERT sufficient for JEE Chemistry?  

Ans: The NCERTs are important to build a strong foundation in the fundamentals, but it can be stated that these books are not enough. As these cannot meet the difficulty level of the questions asked in the exams, and hence the candidates have to opt for reference books. 

Q.1: Are 200 marks sufficient in JEE Mains?

Ans: A JEE Main score of 250 or more is considered good, and a JEE Mains score of 85-95 percentile is desirable for gaining admission to NITs and IITs via the exam.

Q.3: Which is the best chemistry book for JEE?

Ans: The most reliable source for the best chemistry book for JEE is Sprint for JEE, which the candidates can easily find on the PW store. 

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