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June 19, 2023

NEET is the most competitive college entrance exam in India. Additionally, it has an exhaustive syllabus. Numerous students who take this exam find it difficult to qualify in the first attempt. Therefore, it is common for class 12 pass-out students to prepare and appear for NEET. In order to make the best of the preparation time, aspirants must select the best NEET preparation books available to them. Further, they must follow a strategic study plan to qualify for NEET on their second attempt. However, both these aspects of preparing for NEET require guidance. Therefore, we have provided a list of NEET study material 2024 that is meticulously designed to ace exam preparation for dropper aspirants.

Table of Content

  • NEET Study Material
  • NEET Biology Books for Droppers
  • NEET Chemistry Books for Droppers
  • NEET Physics Books for Droppers
  • Importance of PW NEET Preparation Books
  • NEET Dropper Offline Course
  • Who Should Buy Dropper Study Materials?
  • NEET Frequently Asked Questions

NEET Study Material

Access to the best NEET study material is crucial for qualifying for the exam. As there are numerous books available in the market for NEET dropper preparation, aspirants must have the knowledge to select the best one. However, doing thorough research and shortlisting the most efficient books can be a time-consuming process, which can possibly hamper NEET preparation. Therefore, we provide NEET dropper aspirants with the set of best books to efficiently improve their preparation for cracking NEET with an excellent score.

NEET Biology Books for Droppers

NCERT Biology is the primary book aspirants must study to cover the NEET syllabus. Since NEET droppers complete this book for their board preparation, they should start preparing with other reference books besides revising crucial concepts from NCERT. Additionally, they must thoroughly cover all the topics of Biology and prepare notes. This way, they can efficiently memorize all the important concepts from where questions may come during the NEET exam.

Furthermore, NEET dropper students must solve the previous year's questions to gain knowledge about the question pattern. By solving PYP, they can comprehend the difficulty level of questions in the upcoming NEET exam. Additionally, these study materials are extremely effective for improving time management and problem-solving skills.

PW Store provides the best NEET preparation books that are specifically developed by considering the learning requirements of dropper students. By referring to these books, students can also access short notes provided by our expert faculties and detailed solutions to exercise questions. Therefore, to enhance NEET Biology preparation, students must choose the books provided by PW for droppers.

Here are the NEET Biology books available on PW Store for dropper candidates:

NEET Biology Books for Droppers

NEET Chemistry Books for Droppers

NEET Chemistry is considered the easiest of all three Science sections. Unlike the other two subjects, Chemistry questions are mostly straightforward and simple. Still, NEET dropper students must thoroughly cover all the chapters of the syllabus to correctly answer all the exam questions.

The chemistry syllabus is divided into three sections, namely, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry. Further, Organic Chemistry covers the major section of the Chemistry syllabus. To answer these questions, students must understand the concept of chemical reactions. Moreover, they should practice exercise questions to improve their accuracy and speed.

Inorganic Chemistry includes memory-based questions. Therefore, to answer questions from this section, students should thoroughly cover syllabus chapters and learn every topic. On the other hand, Physical Chemistry consists of numerical-based questions. To excel in this section, students need to understand the concept well and practice solving exercise questions.

As questions asked from all Chemistry sections require a different approach to answering, students must refer to the best NEET preparation books to enhance their preparation. 

The books provided by Physics Wallah thoroughly explain all the necessary concepts [ts of Chemistry. Moreover, they include multiple exercise questions to help students improve their problem-solving skills.

The following table includes all the Chemistry books available at the PW store to enhance the preparedness of NEET droppers. Students must click these links to get all the details of these books:

NEET Chemistry Books for Droppers

NEET Physics Books for Droppers

NEET Physics is the most difficult section for aspirants. In order to answer questions from this section, students must have a detailed understanding of all the concepts. Additionally, they need to learn the application of physical equations for solving numerical questions. Therefore, NEET dropper students should access the best NEET study material from the beginning of the year and effectively streamline their preparation to crack the exam with a high score. 

While selecting study material for NEET Physics, students must ensure that it includes an in-depth explanation of every topic. Additionally, the books should have short notes, exercise questions, and detailed solutions to each question. Furthermore, dropper students should consider having NEET previous year papers with answer keys and solutions. 

In order to meet all the learning requirements of aspirants, PW Store offers multiple books that focus on improving students' command of Physics topics. Moreover, our PYPs include question papers from the last 36 years, which familiarise students with the exam pattern. Furthermore, the Sprint for NEET Physics available on PW Store is effectively developed to assist students in mastering the subject within 60 days.

The table below demonstrates NEET preparation books for Physics provided by PW Store to enhance exam preparation within a year:

NEET Physics Books for Droppers

Importance of PW NEET Preparation Books

The NEET syllabus is highly extensive and includes nearly 97 chapters from the NCERT syllabus of classes 11 and 12. Therefore, it is crucial to allocate time wisely to study the appropriate materials and NEET books. Additionally, students must avoid referring to study materials that provide inaccurate or unclear information, as it results in hampering exam preparation.

The following points explain the importance of using the best study materials for NEET preparation:

  • Studying recommended materials allows NEET dropper students to create notes properly. All the books are available in the PW store are specifically tailored to the NEET exam pattern and are more accessible for students to use for reference and question-solving.
  • Additionally, our books include short notes developed by the best NEET faculties in India. This way, students can get the benefit of preparing under the guidance of our teachers for cracking NEET with flying colors.
  • By solving previous year's questions provided by PW, students can perform self-evaluation and determine the sections where they need to pay extra attention. This strategy is crucial for improving preparedness and gaining strong command of every concept.
  • By referring to our study materials for NEET preparation, aspirants can smartly cover the entire syllabus within 60 days. This way, NEET dropper aspirants can efficiently utilize their precious time and cover all the concepts quickly. 

NEET Dropper Offline Course

Besides studying with NEET preparation books, dropper students must also consider purchasing offline courses provided by PW. These courses are carefully created to explain every NEET syllabus topic through video lectures. Furthermore, these courses are highly accessible as students don't need an internet connection to start their preparation.

Our NEET dropper courses also include regular evaluations, which help students determine their strong and weak topics. This way, they can take the necessary steps to further enhance their preparedness. In addition, our pendrive courses include animation, diagrams, and other visual examples for concept explanation. This way, we ensure to engage the students throughout the course duration.

The following table includes pendrive courses available on PW Store for NEET dropper aspirants:

NEET Dropper Offline Course

Who Should Buy Dropper Study Materials?

PW NEET dropper study materials are specifically designed for those aspirants who want to dedicate an extra year to qualifying for NEET with a high score and rank. Therefore, the following students should refer to these study materials to enhance their preparation and pass the exam with a good score:

  • Students who are class 12 passports and have taken the NEET exam but didn’t crack it.
  • Additionally, students who qualify NEET in the previous attempt but didn't score well or get a high rank.
  • Furthermore, our NEET dropper courses or study materials are also suitable for students who didn't take the exam in the past academic year due to board exams or other personal reasons.

NEET Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is relying solely on NCERT sufficient for NEET preparation? 

Ans. NCERT serves as the foundation for NEET preparation. Additionally, the majority of questions in the NEET exam are based on the topics included in class 11 and 12 NCERT books. However, to improve their problem-solving skills, aspirants must study with reliable reference books. This way, they can quickly solve all the questions within the exam duration.

Q2. Which books are best suited for NEET dropper aspirants? 

Ans. This article discusses all the essential NEET books recommended for NEET dropper students. Therefore, 12 pass-out students must click the links provided above to get the details of the best NEET preparation books. Besides this, students must also refer to pen drive courses to prepare effectively for the exam.

Q3. How important are reference books for cracking NEET 2023? 

Ans. Though NCERT textbooks are essential for understanding the fundamentals of every topic. Reference books are crucial for mastering the application of the concepts to solve exam-based questions. Additionally, the reference books help enhance students' preparation to crack NEET with a high score and rank.

Q4. What are some criteria to consider when choosing the best book for NEET droppers? 

Ans. NEET dropper aspirants should carefully evaluate study materials based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the NEET syllabus
  • Quality of information
  • Edition of the book
  • Clarity of explanations
  • Comprehensive coverage of concepts
  • Inclusion of exercises, practice questions, and previous year's questions

Q5. What percentage of questions in NEET is based on NCERT? 

Ans. The number of questions based on NCERT books varies every year. However, an average of 80-85% of the questions are taken from NCERT textbooks.

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