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Arjuna for 11th NEET Study Material (2023 Edition)

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Embark on a journey to NEET success right from your class 11 with 'Arjuna for NEET.'

Who can benefit?

  • Class 11 students preparing for NEET
  • Medical Aspirants
  • Parents seeking a comprehensive guide for their NEET aspirants
  • Educators looking for a reliable resource to aid their students
  • Self-learners determined to excel in NEET

  • What sets these books apart?

  • In-Depth Learning: It offers over 3000+ detailed theory explanations with Train Your Brain and Concept Application Questions engage your mind and enhance your problem-solving skills.
  • Concise Summaries: Short Notes< provide quick and easy-to-understand summaries for effective revision.
  • Extensive Practice: With over 3000+ Topic-wise, 2700+ Learning Plus, and 2000+ Advance Level MCQs, you get ample practice opportunities.
  • Varied Question Types: These study materials cover 300+ Match the Column, 120+ "Comprehension Based, 600+ "Numerical Type, and 600+ Multi Correct Questions, ensuring you are well-prepared for any challenge.
  • Practical Learning: Benefit from 1000+ Solved examples that offer step-by-step solutions for better understanding and application.

  • Book Description:

    Arjuna for NEET - Class 11th Physics, Chemistry & Biology is your ultimate NEET Preparation study material. With 3000+ detailed theory explanations, Train Your Brain exercises, and Short Notes, it offers comprehensive learning. Practice extensively with 3000+ topic-wise MCQs, including Learning Plus and Advance Level questions, as well as 300+ Match the Column, 120+ Comprehension Based, 600+ Numerical Type, and 600+ Multi Correct Questions. Boost your skills with 1000+ solved examples. These materials are your key to NEET success.

    What will you learn?

  • Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills by the inclusion of Train Your Brain and Concept Application Questions allows students to deepen their understanding of concepts and develop strong problem-solving skills.
  • Quick and efficient way to revise through the Short Notes. These concise, well-organized notes provide a rapid review and reinforcement of crucial topics; saving time and helping students retain essential information.
  • Boost your ability to think critically by solving questions of Topic-wise, Learning Plus & Advance Level MCQs
  • Versatile Question Mastery by preparing for all types of questions, including Match the Column, Comprehension Based, Numerical Type and Multi Correct Questions covered for complete Practice.
  • Familiarize yourself with NEETby practicing with NEET Past Year Questions .
  • Gain a deeper understanding of solutions through elaborate explanations.

  • Get ready to embark on your journey towards NEET success with 'Arjuna for NEET for Class 11, Your path to excellence begins here!

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    Publisher: PhysicsWallah Pvt Ltd. Publication Year: 2023 No. of Books: 15 No. of Pages: 2508 Language: English
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    Excellent modules for NEET preparation
    These modules are enough for neet preparation, ( or ) these module also contains 10 years of PYQ's . These modules theory are also enough for school exam.
    best product
    best book for neet
    Books are with good information very useful tq PW
    Good tq PW
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