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CBSE 11 Sample Question Papers Class 12 Political Science for 2024 Exam (Mock Test Paper) Adhering to Competency - Based Learning | Embedded Videos and Cheat Sheet for Revision | PYQ 2023 Solved Paper

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Embark on a journey through political landscapes with 'CBSE 11 Sample Question Papers Class 12 Political Science,' your gateway to understanding the core principles of government and democracy.


Get ready to excel in your Class 12 Political Science Board Exams with our comprehensive guide, 'CBSE 11 Sample Question Papers Class 12 Political Science’. Aligned with the CBSE Latest Syllabus 2023-24, the book offers valuable insights through Tips and Tricks in 'How to Rock your Board Exams?' It features a Comparative Analysis between CBSE SQPs (Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper) and the CBSE Paper 2023, providing strategic guidance. With Cheat Sheets for effective revision, CBSE Previous Year Paper 2023 with Exams Guru’s Ink with CBSE Marking Schemes, this resource ensures thorough preparation. The book includes 5 Sample Papers (Sample Paper Class 12th Political Science), and 5 Competency-Based Learning papers (Easy, Medium, & Hard) with detailed explanations and QR code-accessible handwritten solutions. Tailor your practice with Level-wise Sample Papers (Class 12 Political Science Sample Paper 2023), ranging from Easy to Hard, and unravel the strategy of scoring through our Step-wise Marking Scheme. Evaluate your progress using the included Self-Assessment Sheet, ensuring you are fully prepared to excel in your board exams.


  • Cheat Sheets and One-Shot Revision Videos
  • CBSE Solved Paper 2023
  • CBSE SQP and Additional Practice Questions
  • 13 Sample Question Papers
  • Explanations with step-wise marking (including Handwritten Explanations)


  • Designed as per CBSE Latest Syllabus 2023-24
  • Includes Tips and Tricks under ‘How to Rock your Board Exams?’
  • Comparative Analysis between CBSE SQPs and the CBSE Paper 2023 for strategic insights.
  • Provides Cheat Sheets and One-shot revision videos to help you ace your revision.
  • Includes the CBSE Previous Year Paper 2023, with answers printed in Exams Guru’s Ink.
  • Elevate your preparation with CBSE SQP (2023-24), integrated with the CBSE Marking Scheme for accurate assessment.
  • CBSE Additional Practice Questions (2023-24), complete with the CBSE Marking Scheme for thorough practice.
  • Offers 8 Sample Papers adhering to Competency-Based Learning with detailed explanations to enhance your understanding and practice.
  • Provides 5 Sample Papers adhering to Competency-Based Learning with handwritten explanations accessible through QR code for convenient reference.
  • Organized Sample Papers in a Level-wise format. (Easy, Medium, & Hard)
  • Includes a Step-wise Marking Scheme for precise evaluation and feedback.
  • Provides a Self-Assessment Sheet to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.


  • 13 Level-wise SQPs as per CBT (with CBSE Marking Scheme): Questions as per the latest CBSE SQPs adhering to Competency-Based Learning. Easy, Medium & Hard Level-wise Sample Papers with proper explanations and step-wise marking.
  • Cheat Sheets & One-Shot Revision Videos: Access concise summaries & videos for quick revision, reinforcing important concepts.
  • CBSE Past Year Paper 2023 (In Exams Guru’s Ink): Insightful answers in Exam Guru’s Ink to know and understand the top-level answers.
  • CBSE SQP & Additional Practice Questions (2024) (with Marking Scheme): Official SQP paired with additional practice questions and marking schemes offer a thorough exam preparation.
  • Comparative Analysis: Comparative Analysis of CBSE SQPs vs PYP 2023 for comprehensive preparation.

  • Unravel the complexities of politics effortlessly with 'CBSE 11 Sample Question Papers Class 12 Political Science’.

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