Class 10 CBSE Past 10 Years' Solved Papers (2023-2014) + CBSE 15 Sample Question Papers Science, Mathematics, English, Social Studies for Exam 2024

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  • 13 Level-wise SQPs as per CBT (with CBSE Marking Scheme): Questions as per the latest CBSE SQPs adhering to Competency-Based Learning . Easy, Medium & Hard Level-wise Sample Papers with proper explanations and step-wise marking.
  • Cheat Sheets & One-Shot Revision Videos: Access concise summaries & videos for quick revision, reinforcing Mnemonics, Real-Life Applications, Important Concepts & Derivations.
  • CBSE Past Year Paper 2023 (In Exams Guru’s Ink): Insightful answers in Exam Guru’s Ink to know and understand the top-level answers.
  • CBSE SQP & Additional Practice Questions (2024) (with Marking Scheme): Official SQP paired with additional practice questions and marking schemes offer a thorough exam preparation.
  • Trend & Comparative Analysis : 5 Year Paper Trend Analysis & Comparative Analysis of CBSE SQPs vs PYP 2023 comprehensive preparation.
  • Comprehensive Insights: "CBSE Class 10th Past Year Solved Papers" offers a deep understanding of exam trends by analyzing 5 years of CBSE papers, chapter by chapter.
  • Extensive Paper Collection: Featuring 19 authentic papers from Delhi and Outside Delhi regions (2014-2023), the book covers syllabus comprehensively and pinpoints out-of-syllabus questions.
  • Clear Conceptual Grasp: Detailed solutions with step-wise marking schemes empower students to grasp concepts thoroughly, ensuring confident exam preparation.
  • Confident Exam Approach: With its valuable insights and meticulous solutions, the book equips students with the confidence to excel in exams, whether aiming for top grades or overall success.
  • Roadmap to Success: As a roadmap to success, this book not only aids in exam readiness but also maximizes scores by offering a holistic understanding of question patterns and marking processes.

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    Publication: Physics Wallah Publication Year: 2023 No of Books: 5 Language: English


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    Sample paper content is good but past ten year book price is high according to the content
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