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Mathematics Olympiad Workbook for Grade 8, Useful for IMO, UIMO, Hindustan Olympiad, and other Olympiads(for 2023-24 exams)

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Mastering Mathematics Olympiads

A comprehensive workbook meticulously crafted to empower students in Grades 8 and beyond.

Who can benefit?

  • Grade 8 Students
  • IMO Aspirants
  • UIMO Aspirants
  • Enthusiastic Olympiad learners for Mathematics

  • What sets this book apart?

  • Chapter-wise Concept Maps: This book stands out by offering clear and organized chapter-wise concept maps. It provides readers with a visual roadmap of the key ideas and topics covered in each chapter. This helps learners to grasp the structure and flow of the content, making it easier to navigate and comprehend complex subject matter.
  • Achievers Section: Gain inspiration from the Achievers Section, discovering the strategies of past champions. Elevate your math prowess and conquer Olympiads!
  • Detachable OMR Sheets: To assist students in their exam preparation, this book includes Detachable OMR Sheets. These sheets can be utilized for practicing multiple-choice questions, enabling students to replicate exam scenarios and evaluate their performance effortlessly.

  • Book Description:

    In this Olympiad Workbook, "Mastering Mathematics Olympiads," students are equipped with the tools necessary to navigate and excel in challenging mathematical competitions. With a systematic approach, the book presents 17 comprehensive chapter-wise concept maps, ensuring a strong foundation in each topic. More than just a collection of questions, it offers over 550+ MCQs, for rigorous practice, allowing students to fine-tune their problem-solving abilities. The inclusion of previous year papers from 2022-2023 and 2021-2022 offers a strategic advantage, as students familiarize themselves with the question patterns. To simulate the examination environment, the book features detachable OMR sheets, providing hands-on experience.

    What will you learn?

  • Enhance your critical thinking and the ability to organize information systematically by learning chapter-wise concept maps that illuminate complex mathematical concepts.
  • Strengthen your skills with thoughtfully curated multiple-choice questions (MCQs), Concept maps, and an achiever section to hone your problem-solving skills.
  • Boost your Analytical skills and the thrill of conquering the previous year's, which helps them develop the management, problem-solving, and subject knowledge, leading to better preparation and greater success in the competition.
  • Enhance your exam readiness with detachable OMR sheets for an authentic practice environment.

  • Conquer Maths Olympiads with confidence!

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    Publisher : PhysicsWallah Pvt Ltd Publication Year : 2023 No of Books : 1 Language : English


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