Objective NCERT Punch Combo for Physics, Chemistry & Biology for Competitive Exams (NEET and CUET) Edition 2023-2024 | Dr. Manish Raj (MR Sir), Pankaj Sijariya, Dr. Vipin Kumar Sharma l Including NEET PYQs | 100% NCERT Based Topic-wise Questions l Highlighted Rationalised Content (RC) from Latest NCERT without booklet

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What's in it for you?
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Set out on your journey towards success with ‘NCERT Objective Punch’ – Your Ultimate NCERT-based Practice & Preparation Companion.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Aspiring Medical and Engineering students
  • CUET & All University Entrance Exams Aspirants
  • NEET, JEE and CUET Educators
  • Parents seeking a comprehensive study aid

  • What Sets These Books Apart?

  • 500+ Colorful Informative Diagrams: These books are packed with more than 500+ colorful diagrams that help you grasp complex ideas easily. These visuals enhance your understanding of concepts.
  • 3500+ Fill-ups & True False: These books are all about practicing, with over 3500+ fill-in-the-blanks and true/false questions. So, you'll have many opportunities to put your skills to the test.
  • 3800+ Various Question Types covered: These books cover all kinds of question styles to get you ready. From Matching types to figuring out Correct and Incorrect Statements, and even dealing with Assertion and Reason Questions,  it's got them all. Plus, there are questions based on images too!
  • NCERT Exemplar MCQs with Explanations: Ever struggled with those NCERT Exemplar questions? Not anymore! These books give you a bunch of multiple-choice questions from there, and the cool part is, you also get explanations for each answer. No more scratching your head!
  • Past 5 Years' Questions (2018-2023): Want to be super prepared? These books have questions from the last five years (2018 to 2023). That means you're in sync with the recent question trends. No surprises on the big day!
  • Highlighted Rationalised Content from Latest NCERTs (RC): Say goodbye to hunting for the important stuff in your textbooks. This book shines a light on the key content from the latest NCERTs. It's like having a spotlight on the important bits!

  • Book Description:

    Immerse yourself in a dynamic study experience with "NCERT Objective Punch" books. Packed with attentively organized content, this book set offers chapter-wise & topic-wise analysis, colorful diagrams, and a wide range of practice questions. From previous year papers to NCERT-based MCQs and beyond, your entire preparation process is covered.

    What Will You Learn?

  • Grasp the NCERT book comprehensively, retaining critical information, and proficiently applying acquired knowledge to excel in the NCERT based exams.
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills and boost your confidence by practicing questions in a format similar to those encountered in NTA NEET, CUET, and JEE Exams.
  • Practice filling in the blanks and answering true/false questions to reinforce your understanding of the subject matter.
  • Upgrade your intellectual accuracy by practicing Multiple-choice questions closely aligned with the NCERT textbooks to ensure you're well-prepared for all variety of questions asked in the exam.
  • Mastering numerical problem-solving techniques for Physics by practicing a comprehensive set of numerical problems similar to those frequently asked in competitive exams.
  • Benefit from colorful and informative diagrams for Biology to make complex concepts easier to understand.
  • Gain a deeper grasp of concepts by tackling questions that require analysis and reasoning, as well as those based on given statements.
  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills by differentiating between correct and incorrect statements through multiple-choice questions.
  • Enhance your ability to connect related ideas and concepts by solving questions where you match items from different columns.
  • Familiarize yourself with the question patterns and types that have appeared in the last 5 years' entrance exams.
  • Focus on the most relevant parts of the latest NCERT textbooks, saving your time and helping you concentrate on the most emphasized topics.

  • Equip yourself with knowledge, practice, and confidence to conquer NEET, JEE-Main, CUET or other University Entrance Exams.

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    Best for questions practice
    NCERT PUNCH is best for practicing questions it has variesty of questions and revision notes . It really helps me in understanding concepts and working on weak topics . My test score have also ...read more
    Bariya product he yaar
    all books are good
    all books are best for question practice and revision
    superb books 📚📚 love the content
    love these books 📚 so helpful and topic wise questions are awesome 😎 really so much respect for teachers
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