NCERT Summary Books | Workbook and Theory book | Chapter-wise Prelims and Mains Questions for Practice Set of 12 Books

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Dive into the intricate world 'NCERT Summary Books & NCERT workbooks,' an indispensable book-set illuminating the complexities of theories and practices.


Discover a comprehensive guide in the 'NCERT Summary Books' offering holistic coverage of 50+ NCERT books. Dive into insightful 'Points to Ponder,' enhancing critical thinking. Visual learners will appreciate the intensive use of maps, diagrams, and flowcharts in the 'NCERT Summary Books.'

The ‘NCERT Workbooks’ is a practice workbook for UPSC exams, offering a concise summary aligned with NCERT textbooks. It provides chapter-wise prelims and mains questions for effective practice, making it an ideal workbook for UPSC. This comprehensive workbook aids students in mastering key concepts, ensuring a thorough understanding of concepts, and is perfect for exam preparation.


  • Gain a deep & comprehensive understanding of concepts through meticulously crafted, concise summaries of all History NCERT books (6th Standard to 12th Standard).
  • Sharpen your analytical skills and strengthen your critical thinking with our thought-provoking 'Points to Ponder,' which will encourage you to delve deeper into historical concepts and their implications.
  • Effortlessly visualize and grasp complex events effortlessly using our maps, diagrams, and flowcharts.
  • Sharpen your knowledge through alignment with NCERT summary books; aspirants can acquire a profound and well-organized understanding of the subject matter.
  • Elevate your critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities by engaging in chapter-specific Prelims and Mains Questions. This workbook empowers aspirants to cultivate their analytical thinking, ultimately paving the way for success in competitive examinations.


  • Comprehensive Summaries: Summarizes content from all NCERT books (6th Standard to 12th Standard), ensuring a thorough coverage of the subject.
  • Thought-Provoking Questions: Enhances comprehension with "Points to Ponder" that stimulate critical thinking and analysis.
  • Alignment with NCERT Summary Books: This workbook stands out by closely aligning with NCERT Summary Books, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.
  • Chapter-wise Prelims and Mains Questions: It offers chapter-wise Prelims and Mains questions for practice, helping you sharpen your historical knowledge and exam skills.

  • The journey of knowledge is endless, and your curiosity is the compass guiding you toward a future filled with discovery, understanding, and endless opportunities.
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    Publication: PhysicsWallah Pvt Ltd Publication Year: 2023 No of Books: 12 Language: English


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