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Summary of NCERT Book (Polity) | Thinking points in and as 'Points to Ponder' | Intensive Use of Maps, Diagrams, and Flowcharts | Subject-Specific Workbooks for Practice

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Unlock the doors to India's political realm and sharpen your understanding with 'NCERT Summary Book Polity’.

Who can benefit?

  • Aspirants preparing for competitive exams, simplifying complex political concepts.
  • Educators seeking a quick reference.
  • Civil service aspirants.
  • Anyone eager to grasp the fundamentals of Indian polity.

  • What sets this book apart?

  • Comprehensive Summaries: Summarizes key concepts from all Polity NCERT books (6th Standard to 12th Standard), providing a concise yet thorough understanding of Indian polity.
  • Thought-Provoking Questions: It provides 'Points to Ponder' that make you think deeply and help you understand things better.
  • It includes maps, diagrams, and flowcharts to explain things clearly, making learning easier.

  • Book Description:

    'NCERT Summary Book Polity' is your gateway to mastering Indian political and governance systems. It condenses the wisdom of all Polity NCERT books (6th Standard to 12th Standard) into an easily accessible book, complemented by 'Points to Ponder' for critical analysis and enriched with maps, diagrams, and flowcharts. Whether you're an aspirant for competitive exams or a curious citizen, this book empowers you with a comprehensive understanding of India's political landscape.

    What will you learn?

  • Save your time by accessing concise summaries and comprehensive knowledge of NCERT Books. These resources ensure that aspirants do not miss any crucial information.
  • Improve your analytical thinking by utilizing critical analysis. These thought-provoking questions enhance aspirants' understanding of political concepts and prepare them to tackle analytical questions commonly encountered in competitive exams.
  • Enhance your concept clarity by using Maps, Diagrams, and Flowcharts to understand intricate political structures and processes, ensuring aspirants have a strong grasp of the subject.

  • Discover the essence of NCERT Polity effortlessly!

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    Publication: Physics Wallah Publication Year: 2023 No of Books: 1 Language: English


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