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January 07, 2024

The field of education has been transforming at a brisk pace. While the students only relied on textbooks earlier, modern-day students seek online materials and reference books. They watch video tutorials and hear motivational speakers to get inspired to study and learn. Also, they make use of different digital gadgets to study, learn, and read. The trend of e-books has kicked in and allows students to access a wide range of books with a few clicks.

Also, some online platforms offer CBSE school textbooks and reference books at discounted rates. Getting books from online platforms is much more practical for the students who do not have the time and resources for getting books from physical stores. In this article, we will learn why buying CBSE books online can be a good decision for both parents and students. 

Why Must We Buy CBSE Schools Books Online?

The factors that highlight the benefits of CBSE books online reading are listed below:

  1. Feasibility 

Getting books from online platforms is much more feasible and convenient than buying books by visiting physical stores. It is also an ideal choice for the students who stay in remote regions and rural areas. Such students do not get the books in their local markets easily. So they can shop online and try to get the books delivered at the closest possible location. 

  1. Cost 

Online books are available at a much lesser cost. The students can also seek e-books at discounted rates from multiple portals. Different vendors sell the CBSE books at different prices in the local shops.

When it comes to online books, you can compare the prices of multiple portals and choose the best deal. Some portals may also provide you with substantial discounts upon purchasing multiple CBSE books. 

  1. Reduces Paper Wastage 

Traditional books are made of cardboard and paper. The cost of manufacturing paper is huge. Also, much of the paper comes from the wood and by using e-books and PDFs we can actually save the trees from getting cut. It is also much more difficult to store and maintain the physical books.

On the contrary, e-books or online books can be stored easily in your laptop, mobile, and other digital devices. You can share the e-books with your friends and relatives with ease.  

  1. No maintenance cost 

There is no need to purchase a cabinet or closet to store the books. Physical books need to be cleaned regularly as dust, mites, and other external factors can deteriorate their quality. If not maintained properly, these books can become useless after a certain amount of time. 

Buying CBSE books online in PDF format can be a great decision as there is no need to clean or maintain these books. Also, the quality of these books remains the same whenever you access them. 

  1. Checking the content 

Checking the content of online books is possible. Most online book stores provide a summary of the books they sell. You can go through this summary and try to understand the content and topics written in them. Also, you can take your time while evaluating the worthiness of online books. You can also check the online reviews and ratings before making a decision to buy the CBSE books online. 

  1. Convenient

When you make CBSE books online for your kids, you get an advantage. Your kids do not have to carry the burden of the books in their bags. They can open their tablet or laptop anytime and access the learning materials and topics without any discomfort. 

Also, carrying multiple books in a digital device is far easier than carrying them in a bag. So, you don’t have to get separate bags while carrying their books during a vacation or trips. 

Reading online books is also far more convenient than reading physical books. You can adjust the font size and align the book in a convenient way for reading. 

When you highlight important topics and sections in physical books, they cannot be erased afterwards. Also, highlighting and marking can damage the paper and make them less appealing for a new user. 

Highlighting important topics and content is much easier in an online book. Also, you can use different colours and tools to highlight the topics carefully. You can also erase the highlighted content afterwards. All these things make purchasing CBSE books online a much better decision than getting physical books. 

Best CBSE Online Books For Class 10 

Class 10 is an important juncture in the educational journey of students. So, they must be careful while purchasing CBSE books online. These are the best CBSE online books for class 10:

Book Name



CBSE Class 10th Science + Math + English + Social Science and Hindi Combo Set of 5 Books

Physics Wallah

This book contains chapter wise topics along with a question bank and solved papers. 

CBSE Class 10th Mathematics + Science and Social Science Set of 3 Books Question & Concept Bank Chapter Wise & Topic Wise Exam 2023 - 2024

Physics Wallah 

This book is ideal for students seeking insights into the topics on Science, Social Science, and Mathematics. It also contains previous years papers. 

CBSE Class 10th Mathematics and Science Combo Set of 2 Books Question & Concept Bank Chapter Wise & Topic Wise Exam 2023 - 2024 

Physics Wallah 

This book contains detailed topics along with chapter-wise and topic-wise question banks. The board questions of the past five years are also included in this book. 

CBSE Class 10th - Past 10 Years' Solved Papers (2023-2014) - Delhi & Outside Delhi, Term 1 and Term 2, Science, Mathematics (Standard), Social Science, English Language & Literature with CBSE step-wise marking

Physics Wallah

It contains the solved papers of the past ten years. 

CBSE 15 Sample Question Papers Class 10 Science, Mathematics, Social Studies for 2024 Exam | Competency-Based Learning | PYQ 2023 Paper with Topper's Explanations, CBSE SQP & CBSE Additional Practice Questions with Marking Scheme

Physics Wallah

This book contains sample question papers of Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. It is the ideal book to prepare for the CBSE 2024 10th board exam. 

Best Online Books For Class 9

In many ways, class 9 is considered as the foundation year that prepares the students for the 10th board exams. So, the students must be careful while choosing the best CBSE online books for class 9. These are the best CBSE class 9 books:

Book Name



Neev for Class 9th Study Material (2023 Edition)

Physics Wallah

This book explains complex concepts in simple and easy language. 

NEEV for Class 9th English

Physics Wallah

The basics of English along with grammar, parts of speech, etc. is covered in this book. 

NEEV for Class 9th Social Science

Physics Wallah

It contains both short and long-answer questions with detailed concepts. It also develops the critical thinking skills of the students through its diverse set of questions. 

Best CBSE Books For Class 12 

Class 12 is crucial in any student’s life as it determines their future career goals and aspirations. Some of the best CBSE books for Class 12 students are given in the below table:

Book Name 



CBSE 15 Sample Question Papers Class 12 Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, English, Applied Mathematics for 2024 Exam - Set of 5 Books (Mock Test Paper)

Physics Wallah 

Class 12th commerce students can refer to this to practise previous years papers and mock tests. 

NCERT Mathematics Part 1 and Part 2


It contains all the key topics covered in Mathematics subject in class 12. 

NCERT Punch Physics, Chemistry & Biology (2023 Edition) Kickstart Combo

Physics Wallah 

The students seeking to clear their concepts related to PCM group can refer to this book. 

Commerce Class 12th Combo 3 books

Physics Wallah 

It is an ideal combo set of books for the commerce students as it contains detailed books on Business Studies, Bookkeeping, and Economics. 

Lakshya for 12th NEET Study Material (2023 Edition)

Physics Wallah 

The students preparing for the NEET can refer to this book. 

Physical Chemistry 

O.P. Tandon

It is especially recommended for students who are willing to crack JEE. 

Concepts of Physics 

H.C. Verma

This book contains key details of the fundamentals covered in various topics. 


We hope you now get why buying CBSE books online is a great decision. You can always get CBSE books online for free in PDF format. Getting 10th CBSE books online is also quite easy nowadays as multiple platforms offer them at discounted rates. You can also get reference books for CBSE subjects to expand your knowledge of basic concepts of different subjects. 

FAQs For CBSE Books Online

  1. Should I buy NCERT textbooks or read online?

Reading online through CBSE books online has become a trend nowadays. This trend will continue to grow in the future as well. While buying NCERT textbooks might be compulsory to study in classroom settings, reading online is always an option, especially when you are on a vacation or trip where you have not carried your textbooks. 

  1. Can I get NCERT books online?

Ans. Yes, NCERT books are available online at competitive rates. You can also get reference books for various CBSE subjects online. You can also purchase NCERT textbooks in ebook format from the official site of NCERT. 

  1. Do all CBSE schools use NCERT books?

Ans. Yes, it is mandatory for the CBSE schools to recommend NCERT books to their students. 

  1. Which apps are best to download NCERT books?

Ans. The official app of NCERT, ePathshala app, and Diksha app are the best apps that provide NCERT books in eBook and PDF format. 

  1. Are NCERT books available offline?

Ans. Yes, NCERT books are also available offline across various bookstores across the nation.

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