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NCERT Workbook Economy and Science & Technology | Aligned with NCERT Summary Books | Chapter-wise Prelims and Mains Questions for Practice with Solutions | Questions designed on the latest UPSC Pattern

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Embark on a learning adventure filled with Economic insights and Scientific breakthroughs through this easy-to-follow NCERT Workbook.

The ‘NCERT Workbook Economy and Science & Technology’ is a practice workbook for UPSC exams, offering a concise summary aligned with NCERT textbooks. It provides chapter-wise prelims and mains questions for effective practice, making it an ideal economy workbook for UPSC as well as a science and technology workbook for UPSC. This comprehensive workbook aids students in mastering key concepts, ensuring a thorough understanding of both Economy and Science & Technology subjects, and is perfect for exam preparation.

  • Sharpen your knowledge through alignment with NCERT summary books; aspirants can acquire a profound and well-organized understanding of the subject matter.
  • Elevate your critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities by engaging in chapter-specific Prelims and Mains Questions. This workbook empowers aspirants to cultivate their analytical thinking, ultimately paving the way for success in competitive examinations.

  • Alignment with NCERT Summary Books: This workbook stands out by closely aligning with NCERT Summary Books, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.
  • Chapter-wise Prelims and Mains Questions: It offers chapter-wise Prelims and Mains questions for practice, helping you sharpen your historical knowledge and exam skills.

  • The journey of knowledge is endless, and your curiosity is the compass guiding you toward a future filled with discovery, understanding, and endless opportunities in the realms of ‘Economy and Science & Technology.’

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    Publication: Physics Wallah Publication Year: 2023 No of Books: 1 Language: English
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